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  1. Forgot password

    To who ever needed clarification. This character is Johnathan's who has asked for his password in this thread currently logged on in forums as drtydevil. We have sold our guard bot guild map and main characters... Only kept a little one each to come talk on on occasion. And we returned whiterhino to Johnathan. So if you please would help him with his password I would appreciate it.
  2. Eternal Lands PK Event

    Usually when you want help, you ask for it, politely. So yes, no help from me. You are also quite misinformed about what mods do. If you organise an event in a drop map, it is not mods job in any way shape or form to prevent dropped items to go to the winner. That is the point of an event in a drop map. The idea for the event has a lot of merit, but it is way too short to post one day and expect to have support for it the next. Event like this take time to get organised, moderators are not available 24/7 whenever you want to do something. Normally when players want my support for an event, they ask me, in person and way in advance. Thank you for your response, and I do appreciate your comment, but the reason I cancelled it was because when I asked for help I was told off in a certain kinda of manner so I got discouraged, and I did have the hubby ask politely. Sorry for any confusion. Color me a softy. I quit trying
  3. Eternal Lands PK Event

    I guess we can forget it. No Mods want to help and I will not risk everyone's belongings. Sorry You guys. Im disappointed too.
  4. Eternal Lands PK Event

    PANDA in on Blue team Come on guys lets even this out Radu, Would you please participate as far as guarding our players bags and rules please. Aislinn, Sir_odie, and any other moderators are welcome to assist if you please can find the time.
  5. Eternal Lands PK Event

    I gotcha dre
  6. Eternal Lands PK Event

    Come on you guys.... you remember how much fun the mortos events are.... lets go peeps I put you in red to make it even so far
  7. Eternal Lands PK Event

    which team Koddy ? which team smurfy
  8. Eternal Lands PK Event

    Ok so BLUE Team KafaSakaL Boo Dre PANDA RED Team: Koddy Smurf
  9. Eternal Lands PK Event

    Oh and everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be no bot present and the guildies will show you to where you want to go.
  10. Eternal Lands PK Event

    Hey guys and gals of EL. L.A. Would like to hold an event in our map for everyone. This would include two teams... searching out a person in a castle of hidden rooms(this means 1 finds it for his group and collects a prize there) then you go to a ranging zone with both groups A vs. B. Group with last man standing wins a prize. Then Finally we all retreat to the arena where the final battle will incur. This is to include everyone who signed up.... no teams. The winner gets the goods. I Would like to have a moderator participate. And also would like to hold this in the next week or so. So who's in???? Sounds like fun! Rules are: If you die at any time, come back and collect your death bag. You do not need to bring rostos because if anyone is found bag jumping anyone you will be disqualified! I hope the moderators will agree and try to help enforce this! In the first part of the competition (finding the hidden person) if you die, you have to wait til the next event to re enter the competition. Same for the Ranging. The main arena event is for everyone. JUST REMEMBER DO NOT TAKE OTHERS THINGS...THIS IS A FUN EVENT... NO BAG JUMPING!!!!! Prizes so far are binding stones, serpent stones, clothes, essences, and a cutlass. Anyone else who would like to donate post here please. This is looking to be held sunday Feb 5th. I would like to accomidate everyone who would like to participate so time is up in air at the moment, however if possible I would like 3:00pm EST Sunday afternoon Feb 5th.
  11. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    My children are there own men now besides Andrew and though I teach they have to make their own choices. I have not lied for him, only getting tired of the back and forth stupid stuff. I told you all I know about it. I have asked for nothing special for them nor do I approve wrong things they may have done. But I do take offense to you stating what you did. I'm not begging for anyone. It's not my char and i don't have anything to do with it. Just trying to get all this back and forth crap finished! Its utter nonsense! And I haven't done a thing to you for you to come down on me the way you did.
  12. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    He is telling the truth about the program. His brother owns the majority of it and they have been working on the programming for a game for almost two years, but if his brother will not let him show you there is nothing that he can do. You will have to ask Ryze for the graphics and the programming. Sorry Radu that I intruded on this but I am just trying to help. Thanks, Michelle
  13. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    What he meant to say is: Can you see, Radu, it was honestly not my fault. I didn't know my brother didn't want to share the program and graphics until after i talked to you about it and the paypal issue was just and accidental underpayment. So can we fix this paypal issue if there is one now? I was banned on christmas eve which is the 24th. I am sorry for any inconvience and confusion that I may have caused. May I please be allowed to play again. I really meant no trouble... I just thought I loaded the correct amount of money then I found out later that it didn't go thru, and that's when we started having ban. That was from JP, aka drtydevil/kovict1
  14. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    This is the real Mrs_DrtySouth. Trying to clear up where my sons communication skills are lacking. He did have the usb with the program but lil Gerald does not want to let him use it to show you and the computer that it is on went poof! and was given to someone else to try to fix. I have no idea about the lawyer stuff or the paypal stuff. I know he was trying to work something out with you on christmas eve, Radu but evidently he failed to load the correct amount of money to his card. And about the other kids living away from us. Yes my other son lives on 61 45 minutes away and does come home on weekends or like this week he came while I was sick but they do not log on here. They respect the game as do we. Now i change my password since Jp has his own account. Thanks, Michelle
  15. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    how we havent been on same ip all year we dont live together he lives 45 min away i explained this when i came back on this year :<