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  1. IP ban

    Hello all admins i have already IP ban for "hack Adko" (i knew him password) can you unbenned my IP and my Chars Jork and JoE pls.... eternal lands is the best game on the world and i canĀ“t play it i am very SAD, pls UNBANNED ME and write back pls Sorry for my poor English
  2. morphe

    please Aislinn and all moderators, unbanned My and Adko's IP and char which played from My, Adko's and Kissofdeath's IP adress
  3. morphe

    ok My, Adko's IP and All chars which played from Morphe's, My and Adko's IP pls pls pls Much Moderators :'(
  4. morphe

    PLS. Aislinn and all moderators Unbanned my, Kissofdeath's and Adko's IP and all char's which played of these IP adress pls pls pls MUCH :'( :'(
  5. morphe

    Hello. My uncle is programator and he have program for decode IP and last IP where was Adko's char Adko online is IP Smrttr's<---name in game. pls unban me, kissofdeath's and Adko's IP ardess and Char's LOkig, Adko, Morphe, Joe, Jork, Maslicka,... all char's which played of these IP adress pls pls pls MUCH
  6. morphe

    I am 16 year's old
  7. morphe

    mmmm, I am bored, shan't what play pls can u unbanned Me, Kissofdeath and Adko'd IP and Char's Joe, Jork, Morphe? we r good ppl, and no hacker's, cheater's and can's. PLS
  8. morphe

    Hi, i dont know why is my IP banned, because i am not Hacker, Adko and Kissofdeath(morphe) and me are friends. I haven't reason for hacking Adko's char, because i knew pass. Thanks... Joe And exist much program's for change IP adress.
  9. IP ban?

    HI, My IP is banned:o can i know Why?
  10. I am selling my book's

    I am selling: 3 Book of Magic Potion 5000gc/for all 2 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 500gc/for all 2 Book of Potion of Summoning 4500gc/for all 2 Book of Titanium Molding 5500gc/for all 10 Book of Crafting Potion 10000gc/for all 3 Book of Titanium Mining 5000gc/for all 3 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 5000gc/for all 4 Book of Steel Axe Construction 3000gc/for all 2 Book of Iron Axe Construction 2000gc/for all 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 3000gc 2 Book of Puma Summoning 1500gc/for all 1 Book of Bear Summoning 200gc 1 Book of Biochemistry -free- 1 Book of Dwarf Fighting 1000gc 1 Book of Troll Fighting 1000gc 1 Quartz mining -free- 2 crystal technology -free- 11 Crystal mining -free- PM ME in Game ( my name in game is JoE) or post your wish HERE! thanks
  11. Amate

    can is Amate unlocked..he is my good friend..pls pls
  12. Amate

    o.O thanks for information...and can u unbenned Char. Amate pls??? he is my Good friend Bye.... JoE
  13. Amate

    hiya... I am JoE Why is Amate banned??