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  1. So yeh i was thinkin about all the engineering stuff and i noticed that EVERY engineering pkable item(caltrops, mines, wards, ect..) all have the perk of +1 extra dmg per 5 lvls on engineering(MD ward is 1mana per 8lvls). Then i noticed that the snares do not have this perk, and i was puzzled as to why not. If the snares had like an extra second every 5-8eng lvls. It would be like the snare are gaining some extra strengh in its knots and holds for alittle longer. I think this would make them used alot more because they would be alot more effective in pk and people could be really stratigic with them in more teamwork and planning.
  2. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    So what if they are new... in a couple months there will prbly be 50ish in game waste of money imo
  3. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    I love how the price of the ice dragon greaves are already twice that of the black dragon greaves and the only difference in those is +3 cold protection
  4. True Sight Potion bug?

    Ok true sight potions used to be -19 and were recently changed to -15.. first potion do -8 then have to wait 1 more min to do -15 (with 1 food to boost it up to -7 the first go round).. well if u dont wait that 1 min and ts again with -8 a/d it will take u to -8/-16.. i tested to see if another potion would go down any further but it didnt.. just stayed -8/-16..tested with -15/-15 to see if it not sure if it will surpass that and go -15/-16 or -15/-23 but it stayed at -15/-15.. also let another min pass to get to -14/-14 and tested again and it stayed at -14/-14 Not sure if the -8/-16 def is a bug or not doesnt seem like def should be able to go to -16 if attack cant and being at -15/-15 and getting a bad potion again it stays at -15/-15 so it seems like that should be where it stops.. -> Hor
  5. Auction - 50k Life Essence

    Auction Closed.. Les sold..
  6. Auction - 50k Life Essence

    3rd private bid of 245k
  7. Auction - 50k Life Essence

    2nd private bid of 235k
  8. Auction - 50k Life Essence

    Private bid of 225k
  9. Auction - 50k Life Essence

    Auction - 50k Life Essence Starting Auction at 225k Minimum bid increase - 10k I accept gc Only. PM me in game or make a post for biding. Auction will end within a week or when i feel like ending it. I reserve the right not to sell if i don't get an offer i am willing to accept. Happy bidding.
  10. Attributes cap for the main server

    I voted NO.. the people that have worked years on getting there p/c up deserve it for there hard work.. not only that but its not gonna only hurt the strong players.. its gonna hurt trainings as well.. i train with low phy and high coord.. and im horid at pk.. (20/60 pc atm) but that is great for training.. if it is caped at 48 id hardly be able to train.. Yet i do think it is a good idea to have some sort of cap to the attributes(so people wont have to fist red dragons to train.. which is a horid way to get xp.. which is those peoples problems because they have to work more for hydro bars and gettin money to get perks..).. but id rather it be tested on the PK server first.. and see how that works like piper said or a new idea.. maybe cap the amt of nexus u can buy with hydro.. at like 40 or so (the amt of nexus in game).. that way people cant overload there p/c with baught pp OR! just scrap the nexus all together and not restrain all rounders that wanna pk and cant because there all there pp are in nexus... <my fav idea fyi... 40 nexus = 20,000,000 worth gc of hydro bars... not including price of removal stones.. if u can work that hard to get that.. you deserve them
  11. Tournament

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know ill make it to round 2 now!!! weekends be best for me.... i hope maxxy doesnt chicken out.. i know i wont win(the tournament...) but fighting/killin him will be worth it (may need to leave some time for pep to recover from 4th of july )
  12. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    When u see an ant walkin on the side walk and u dont kill it because your afraid u might get hurt from mirror perk When u stay up untill 4am reading the forums and killing noobs When u burn sticks and try to lose the ing. while makin ashes.. but never do in rl....
  13. Tournament

    Horvy wanna try!!! HORVY WANNA TRY!!!! in game name HoRViC HoR HoR
  14. Very funny nub =

    funny funny thing happened in WSC arena.. here chat log: [01:31:13] Welcome to the Lucky Punch Arena [01:31:23] Select an enemy for the Harm spell! [01:31:24] Spell failed! Target out of spell range! [01:31:27] Priking decided to help with the overpopulation problem... [01:31:54] Can't initiate combat, path to target too long. [01:32:07] Welcome back to WSC [01:32:55] [PM from Priking: can i plz havw stuff] [01:33:42] [PM to Priking: why] [01:33:50] [PM from Priking: i need it bad] [01:34:04] [PM to Priking: whos bag were u on] [01:34:21] [PM from Priking: mine i had to put it down because i couldnt carry it] [01:34:27] [PM to Priking: Oo] [01:34:33] [PM to Priking: why was there a bear in arena] [01:34:46] Welcome to Portland [01:34:52] [PM from Priking: pker tried to kill me so i summoned] [01:35:03] [PM to Priking: name?] [01:35:18] [PM to Priking: of the pker who tried to kill u] [01:35:23] [PM from Priking: ripper_87] [01:35:31] [PM to Priking: then no sry] [01:35:37] [PM from Priking: why not] [01:35:43] [PM to Priking: because i pked it] [01:35:53] [PM from Priking: a/d?] [01:35:59] [PM to Priking: this is the stuff of the pker u pked and i pked u far game] [01:36:09] [PM to Priking: does it matter .. i killed your bear btw] [01:36:23] [PM from Priking: naw i didnt that was mine he was naked] [01:36:37] [PM to Priking: hum] [01:36:39] [PM to Priking: ?] [01:36:52] [PM from Priking: fight for it] [01:36:56] [PM to Priking: k] [01:37:02] [PM to Priking: comin back to arena :>] [01:37:32] [PM to Priking: would u like me to use sword or no] [01:37:33] [PM from Priking: sure] [01:37:37] [PM from Priking: no sword] [01:37:56] [PM from Priking: a/d?] [01:38:05] [PM to Priking: does it matter u wanna fight me] [01:38:20] Welcome to White Stone [01:38:25] [PM from Priking: i need to know what im gettin my self into] [01:38:44] [PM to Priking: want me to go naked?] [01:38:49] [PM from Priking: sure] [01:38:55] [PM to Gossip: about priking] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: priking was on as of a few minutes ago. ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: I last saw priking about 3 days ago, walking around. ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: Here are priking's skills/ranks as of 2 days ago: ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: att:7/13129 def:7/14297 mag:0/8044 sum:0/5079 eng:0/? ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: har:12/11885 alc:0/8284 pot:0/8217 man:0/10816 cra:0/5457 ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: phy:43 coo:7 rea:4 wil:4 ins:4 vit:4 mat:115 eth:32 emu:500 ] [01:39:00] [PM from Gossip: oa:13/11510 combat level:? ] [01:39:44] Welcome to the Lucky Punch Arena [01:41:47] Select an enemy for the Harm spell! [01:42:21] Priking: i should summon bear on you idnt think i could win [01:42:26] Horvic: lmao [01:42:32] Horvic: bring it [01:42:41] You harmed Priking [01:42:41] Priking is shacking hands with Sisyphus. [01:42:55] [PM to Priking: yawn] [01:43:05] [PM from Priking: y u didnt let me summon] [01:43:11] [PM to Priking: um.. its a fight] [01:43:51] [PM from Priking: u can kill bear naked] [01:43:54] [PM to Priking: yeah] [01:44:06] [PM from Priking: i gotta see that] [01:44:53] [PM to Priking: u didnt have a rost did u] [01:45:08] [PM from Priking: yes i got 10 of them lol] [01:45:20] [PM from Priking: ima millionare hah] [01:45:27] [PM to Priking: um.. yeah roflmao] [01:45:48] [PM from Priking: o u dnt believe me] [01:45:53] [PM to Priking: yeah i do] [01:45:58] [PM to Priking: u can easily buy from ent] [01:46:04] [PM to Priking: is that the 2nd stone ive taken from u] [01:46:19] [PM from Priking: i gotta bout a hundred] [01:46:24] [PM to Priking: k] [01:46:28] [PM to Priking: bring um on] [01:46:32] [PM from Priking: i will summon 30 i bet u cnt kill them] [01:46:38] [PM to Priking: kk] [01:47:38] [PM from Priking: where r u] [01:47:39] Horvic: your a funny cat [01:47:42] Horvic: your wasting money [01:48:01] Priking: i told you ima millionare who cares [01:48:40] Horvic: so its still a waste of money [01:48:56] Priking: o well u aint as pr0 as u think or say you are [01:49:03] Select an enemy for the Harm spell! [01:49:35] Horvic: and u have 7 a/d [01:49:38] Horvic: yeah your pr0 [01:49:41] Priking: how bout a fluffy [01:49:50] Horvic: fun i <3 fluffs [01:49:57] Priking: lol [01:50:01] Horvic: bring it [01:50:10] You can't attack players on non PK maps! DARN! [01:50:41] [PM to Priking: pfft] [01:51:43] [PM to Priking: where da fluffy] [01:52:05] [PM from Priking: go get and a giant if i can find] [01:52:34] [PM to Priking: pr0 money waster] [01:52:43] [PM from Priking: u cnt kill a giant] [01:52:47] [PM from Priking: stfu] [01:52:48] [PM to Priking: and time waster] [01:52:59] [PM to Priking: lol yeah i cant kill a giant...] [01:53:10] [PM from Priking: i am pr0 this is alt ] [01:53:16] [PM to Priking: ok] [01:53:19] [PM from Priking: ok] [01:53:21] Welcome back to WSC [01:53:29] [PM from Priking: idc if u dnt believe me] [01:53:36] [PM to Priking: who is your main then] [01:54:04] [PM from Priking: stfu none of your budiness i wnt tell you who but ill tell you im in *co*] [01:54:17] [PM to Priking: really i <3 luci] [01:54:25] [PM to Priking: ] [01:54:33] [PM from Priking: your not luci] [01:54:51] [PM to Priking: i didnt say i was.. i am friends with him tho] [01:54:56] Welcome to Portland [01:55:01] [PM to Priking: and been friends with co for over 3 years] [01:55:06] [PM from Priking: that has nothin to do with the rest] [01:55:15] [PM to Priking: w/e money waster] [01:55:27] [PM from Priking: idc talkin noise on alts isnt cute and i dnt like it personally] [01:55:33] #Ig [Horvic->*CO*] anyone in co have an alt named priking :> [01:56:31] You entered William's storage! [01:56:54] [PM to Priking: unfortunatly 2 co members atked me yesterday when i wasnt in any guild.. i ran so i wouldnt kill um] [01:57:31] [PM from Priking: yea i bet *co* pwns all el] [01:57:49] [PM to Priking: wouldnt u "know" if u were in co] [01:57:59] [PM from Priking: naw i didnt knoe that] [01:58:10] [PM to Priking: then u dont have a main in co] [01:58:15] [PM from Priking: yes i do] [01:58:17] [PM to Priking: ok..] [01:58:27] [PM from Priking: w/e] [01:58:48] [PM to Priking: im almost 100% positive that anyone from co would waste money on a nub char like u] [01:58:52] [PM to Priking: wouldnt*] [01:59:11] [PM from Priking: w/e if thats what u think then think it ] [01:59:37] #Ig [Horvic->*CO*] any takers? [02:02:11] #Ig [Horvic->*CO*] well if not there is a noob clamin he does and he has lost 2 rosts tryin to pk me with bear stones NOOBs with money rule the WoRlD! hor hor
  15. Mage stuff

    haha just thought of a few more 6) Mana Suffocation -Sigils = temporary-decrease-air-space--Could work like poison but on the foes mana, those sigils because your depleating the person u cast it on with oxygen and without oxygen the persons body cells start to lose energy.. sounds like it should decrease food lvl but i see mana as a type of energy. 7) -name- -Sigils = -destroy-local-life- -Could work like a local harm and the radiation, fire, earth, cold attacks i talked about above 8) Mana Restoration.. sounds powerfull and heard before but this my twist on it -Sigils = -restore-spirit-energy- -Seems self explanitory but it would of corse have to take some EMEs or something of that nature.. but u could only use it with maybe some magic robes or the medallion i talk about above. That way fighters in armor couldnt be able to do this spell. If thats the case it would be cool to break magic up into to section.. spells used with robes(or what ever) and spells used without 9) Magic Flee... with robes(or what ever) -Sigils = -move-air-space- - Could work like putting air space between u and your fighter. Only mages could use because mages need to be more of a range attackers than Hand to Hand combat Also to comment on Liqs post.. i think that is a good idea to but when fighting to keep from the strong getting stronger those local attacks have to use alot of mana to keep people from using them in battle.. Mages should have high mana lvls and able to use them while the fighters fight.. imo --edit Found great original names for the 4 local area attacks.. - Fire Blast could be "The Red Dragons Revenge" -Cold Blast could be "The Arctic Chimeran's Furies" -Earth Blast could be "Mother Natures Curse" -Radiations(my favorite) could be "The White Brothers Wraith".. if u found the hydro ore by yourself u will know what im talking about a little joke i like