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  1. Alchemists Union

    hmm...cool...but one thing comes into my mind(and more): UNIONS!!
  2. Minor improvement for guild chatting

    good idea, we need a command to show the # of guildmates online. Dax, I think he didn't mean the guild channel (practically noone uses it) but the GM feature, except you can use it anytime instead of #ci'ing a channel, it would display the number of guild members online at the time.
  3. Emathug A.k.a Bufu

    looks like emathug created a bufu forum account just to say he wasnt emathug.....lol
  4. Just a note

    I remember me aitrus an kala did one a while ago, it was fun
  5. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman looked out of the window and saw the daemon slowly flying away. "good riddance..." he said under his breath. "lobonar," Starman said slowly, "please, respect Birdie. Why do you need to know her past, her family, her name? I know if you are an enemy of her....You are an enemy of me." He laid down his pack and sword and took off his plate armor. "best get some sleep," Starman said. "no reason to stay awake the whole night..." with that Starman quickly jumped onto the bed and slowly fell asleep.
  6. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman's knuckles turned white. He was outraged that this daemon kept so calm when chaos was around him. " We don't need your help..." Starman said and rushed to the cabin door, and closed in behind him with the healer, Iramaku, and lobonar inside.
  7. Great War Chapter III

    yeah, count me in
  8. OMFGLOLBBQ o.O im coming back

    woohoo! aitrus is back! (now at least kala has someone to talk too <_<)
  9. Forge

    maybe there could be a backroom to each blacksmith(like that unaccesable door at the top of the stairs at VOTD) and the blacksmith charges a fee to get in, and there would be enough forges for all.
  10. How Rich Are You?

    I'm mainly a fighter typle player, game would be nohing to me woithout the big pvp and monster system I'm not really rich, I've been giving everything and 2 gold coins to mortos and selain.<_< But i have some money, about 15k. bigger fighters say you can easily get rich once you start fighting fluffies and cyclops....hopefully i won't get cancer before then or something
  11. How about a softcore war

    Yeah I'll enter too
  12. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    "What aid do you offer daemon? Your tounge surely won't help us.....I haven't seen once you actually help us with something..." Starman said. "Fight me if you want, but leave us alone and get away from here, I don't think we have any use for you, daemon..."
  13. A new weapon - a dagger

    sounds like a great idea, can't believe noon mentioned it before
  14. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    "You, daemon....show me your sword." Starman said strongly as walked over to where the deamon lay, as the rain poured down. the daemon quickly unsheathed his Pitch black sword, spewing the essence of death and shadow inches away from it. I can tell you now...you have broken her heart....I will CRUSH yours.
  15. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    "Birdie," Starman said gasping for breath, "the cabin has caught fire. do you have any spells that can put it out? if not, we can use some water from the river to help.... but come quickly, because the fire has aleady spread." Starman looks down at Iramaku, Still standing near Birdie.."I apologize if I scared you...I meant no harm..."
  16. wahoo dp storage can manu

    where is relnor?
  17. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    As Starman approached the cabin he saw a flicker of fire at the top...then soon it grew large within seconds. "lobonar, wait here, let me find Biride....maybe she has a water spell that can quelch the flame...." wit hthat starman sprinted towards the river he law ember last at with all his speed. If he couldn't get back to the cabin in time it would just be a pile of ash....he could see the river before him and soon Biridie came into sight....
  18. Magic Spells

    there will be no P2p just paying for certain items and such.
  19. yes this needs to be added, PLEASE good idea
  20. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman slowly sheathed his titanium thermal longsword an held back the meat that lobonar had. "wait....how can he eat without a drink first? Starman quickly grabbed his cup and got osme more water from the river and handed it to Iramaku. "you look half dead" starman said in concern. Quinticus gulped the water in haste, then lobonar offered him some meat. well. healer, Iramaku, Lobonar...let's head back to the cabin. we'll be more safe there than anywhere on this island.... I started to walk away , waiting for the group to follow.
  21. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman Quickly sat up and Knocked the man's stick out of his hand with his thermal longsword and shoved him to the ground, pointing the edge of the thermal longsword to his neck. "Beofre you say anything" Starman said, "tell us why you are here, your name, and why you have attacked my good friend lobonar." with that he also tossed some bread to ember while keeping his gaze-and his longsord- pointed at the man. "this is the only thing that is not meat in my pack," Starman said "but maybe we can come to the cabin tonight and share food *glances at the other stranger* and our stories, why we are here. it is getting dark anyway."
  22. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman sat silent as lobonar told his tale. "I will help you find ember. I met her once when I was younger. She is a kind woman," Starman said. he peered down ad the bulging pouch of gold at his feet. he took a small handful of coins and gave them to lobonar. "these may be useful later," Starman said. "but for now, we must hurry and find ember." I stood up and gave lobonar a hand to help him up.
  23. Alchemists on Strike!

    count me in, only 42k for my 14,000 FE is Too little!
  24. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Seeing lobonar sit down Starman quickly sat down next to him and took the cup of water. "I am Starman Omega. some just call me starman, but it doesn't matter. I am the commander of the Nordcarn army and militia.......or at least I used to be...when I was still there. When Mortos attacked Nordcarn, I lost my family and fled the destroyed city, looking for a place to go. That's how i found...this place...if you want to, you can trust me, I fight only for the causes and beliefs of good." Starman gulped down the water, he was parched. He took out some salted pork from his pack and gave some to lobonar. "eat up," Starman said with a smirk.
  25. WanderingFool's Quiz

    the page isn't appearing for me