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  1. Tarsengard sewer is pk now

    Yeah, this sucks to the 10th power. how does roja expect us to train on armed or female gobs when someone is almost garunteed to come and PK us? Armed gobs need a NON PK ZONE!
  2. Chess Event :d

    How is each team to decide to make the players move? maybe we could have a chess match , Roja Vs. Entropy
  3. you could make the bot give and get 0 exp from a/d...
  4. Woot

    :battleaxe_rune: :axeman_rune: :battleaxe: :pickaxe_rune: ooh, they're all so good! But I like and
  5. Mercury

    I alsways thought you could make mercury harvestable, In an extremely cold place of course, keeping it solid.... the catch is if they want to harvest the mercury they would need many cold protection Items to not die almost in seconds from the cold.
  6. New NPC Book Prices

    for book order I found these to be helpful: http://o.tfm.ro/no_link_media/knowledge_minerals.gif http://o.tfm.ro/no_link_media/knowledge_biology.gif
  7. Chess Event :d

    ^O_o Anyway, I'll sign up, 37/38/20/26-a/d/p/c. I was thinking that we have No armor because it would really suck to lose it all when playing a game such as this....maybe just a symbolic piece such as the capes? but it could be unbalanced when fighting, the black pieces have mirror capes, the white ones have only FR :/ so we need to think up something that can act as a good piece symbol.
  8. Monsters & Weapons & Armor!

    MONSTER IDEA: I would really like to see Formed monster armies, kind of like civilian armies. They would have crude armor and some weapons, and could be used during invasions or Role-Playing Battles in the game.Something Like the armed goblins....we could have armies of orcs, skeletons, and more! Animal Idea: Maybe A Goat or dare I say...Llama? WEAPON IDEA: Maybe weapons could have basic upgrades or tools to upgrade with, like at a blacksmith there would be an automatic sharpening stone....could upgrade the weapon(if it is a sword or plade or metal, anything else could get something. arrow tips and spear tips would apply.) for a short amound of time, giving it a boost. Also Spears, and Halebrads are acoo l Idea, maybe at the gate of each city we could have Guard NPC's that Hold such weapons and can prevent some from entering(blacklists:P) NPC IDEA: as I said earlier, guards would be cool, and maybe just regular people on the street that you can talk to, with a pre programmed response, like RPG's do. Most of the cities now are barren, but they are getting better.
  9. Dennis

    I'll be praying for you Ana has a hurricane season ever gotton to a Z-name?
  10. all my base

    http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/ http://artpad.art.com/?ije00m13o0c
  11. How did you all first found EL

    I saw my brother playing it and wanted to try it out, so I did and I still play to this day.
  12. since when you play this game?

    March of 2004, so I've been playing for about 16 months.
  13. Sleep paralysis

    I can really relate to this. Sometimes when I am sleeping I just have a 3 second dream where I'm walking and I fall backwards, and I "wake up" in the middle of the fall, so I have this wierd falling-but-not-really feeling. It's wierd but also interesting
  14. your EL life story ^^

    Story of the Starman Something like that. if it's fuzzy just PM me w/ questions.
  15. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Ahem, Sorry Alderan, I kept checking it for post after highwarlord's post, but noone came so I stopped checking it.
  16. La Matrix

    Nice SS. I can't wait until I'm powerful enought to kill ogres....
  17. Screen Shot Contest!

    Will there be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the contest? if there is though, can you only limit winners to one place?
  18. Screen Shot Contest!

  19. Screen Shot Contest!

    Mother Nature Unleashed!
  20. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman quickly tried to follow Lobonar out of the cabin and gulped one of the air essences. It made his mouth dry, but had a refreshing feel to it. he took off his armor and dove into the lake . The water was crystal blue, and almost no fish could be seen in the lake. he followed lobonar to a strange glow at the bottom of the lake. It emitted a strange energy around it. Starman dug in the glowing sand and found a small lump. he motioned to lobonar to help dig and soon they could se a handle. lobonar tugged it out to reveal a beautiful sword glowing with the power of Aluwen. Starman and lobonar rushed to the surface. "This sword.....it's like the demon's sword!" Starman said. Memories flooded through him of the Battle of Nordcarn. a shadowy figure was holding the Blade of Death and killing dozens in his path, orc and human. He was one of mortos's followers, ruthless and merciless to all. he remembered seeing Ember in the battle, healing the orcs and monsters invading. she looked as if life and feeling had left her, they took her as a mere slave. "this...this is the Blade of Life!" Starman rushed to the cabin, to Ember and Iramaku. the water ran off of him as he sprinted toward the small cabin. "BIRDIE!!!" Stamran shouted as he came closer. Starman stopped infront of Birdie and said, "We can resurect Iramaku and Defeat this demon!"
  21. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    "I wouldn't trust a demon either..." Starman muttered. "I wouldn't help him, but if he forces us, I'd rather enjoy fighting him than helping him." Starman took the sandwich Lobonar offered and slowly ate it. "I like this island," he said. "But I'd like to know why Birdie is here...and who owns the island, Irilion or Seridia....I saw that demon steal my boat earlier and head towards the middle of the lake, maybe we can find some clues there." with the energy of sleep and food in him, but also bored, Starman quickly stretched out his palm and a small orb of lightning hovered around it. He held it up to Lobonars face. "I can't remember where i got this power from," Starman said, with the orb growing brighter, then darker, then disapearing into what looked like many tiny bolts of lightning. "but I do like it, something to my advantage, as well as a source of some mischeif." Starman grinned and closed his palm.
  22. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman, after staying up all night, talked with lobonar waiting for ember to wake up. "we have no choice," Starman muttered as he rummaged through his pack to rip a piece of bread to eat. "He doesn't seem that bad...I am annoyed by his very presence, I wish he wouls just leave us be, but he is too stubborn. Even though, what else can we do? continue our lives on this island with him following us everywhere?" with that starman leaned back in his chair. and handed lobona a piece of the bread. "Want some?"
  23. WanderingFool's Quiz

  24. Story Of The Starman.

    go ahead and make a follow up...I'd like to see someone write about me
  25. Tumaril Roleplaying Group

    Starman's sleep was being disturbed, "that stupid daemon must be here again...." He thought. he opened one eyelid and saw birdie was listening to lobonar and the daemon. he closesd his eyes again and started to listen.