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  1. What musical instrument do you play?

    Drums/Percussion. Just gotta love the sound of a snare drum
  2. Negative Perk discussion

    I didn't read through the whole tpoic but I know that I'm not really a big fan of the perk system. I think it's much too unbalanced. the positive perks cost alot and the negative perks give alot. I suggest we could ONLY use pickpoints from negative perks to use for positive perks. that way you don't see a newb with over 20 physique and coordination and 3 attack and defense.
  3. TKoS Reborn!

    Finally! TKoS is back on the guild list. We are a Role player and PK guild dedicated to fun and decency. Requirements: -If you want to join as a fighter, 1 stat (attack or defense) Must be over 40, or both stats (attack and defense) over 35 -If you want to join as a Manufacturer or a Potionmaker, the stat must be over 25. -If you want to join as a Crafter or Summoner, the stat must be above 20. Guild Rules: All Recruits start out as rank 7, ranks can be decreased or increased on accout of behavior. -Swearing is not permitted. The first time will be let off with a warning, the second time will be -1 rank, and the third will be -2 ranks. -Begging or spamming in channel is also not permitted. The first offense will result in a warning, the second will result in -1 rank, and the third will result in -2 rank. -Scamming and bagjumping is ABSOLUTELY NOT PERMITTED. The first offense will result in banning from the guild. (All rules above will be permitted in Role Playing sessions ONLY.) Role Playing: Roleplaying sessions will be at 2:00 PM every Saturday, EST time (7:00 PM GMT) If you want to join, PM me or Alderan(assasin1 Ingame) on the forum or In-game.
  4. Story Of The Starman.

    It all started when I was young, when we were all back together... I was the oldest of my brothers, we got the nicknames Alpha, Beta, Sigma, and me, Omega. Alpha was Andrew(the youngest,) Beta was Barthos, Sigma was Serian, and me, Elariath, the oldest. We were the few humans born in Nordcarn, though we quickly gained respect among the dwarves and gnomes when we were older we joined the Nordcarn Militia, we were some of the best swordsmen there.I had an unquenchable lust for battle, To deal justice to evil. whenever monsters invaded nordcarn borders, i would be among the front lines, armor clad, sword in hand... It was in there we all gained these nicknames. Alpha was too young to be in the Militia. We aslways took pride in our city, knowing it was the most fortified and defensively powerful City in all the Lands. Finally, when we were older, we got a call from Mynadar asking for allies to aid them in battle.I quickly grabbed my titanium longsword and charged off with the rest of the militia. I was, as always, with the front lines, and surprisingly I spotted my two brothers there with me... When we were close enough to see the city, we were in shock; we saw the buildings in flame, smoke billowing from the town hall,and we saw other allies here too. Some from Whitestone, others from the Kilarn fields. Then we saw the horde of orcs seiging the city. I unsheathed my sword and quickly impaled my first orc, while the other men charged into the streets.I began fighting my way to the town square, there were many types of monsters here, Skelletons, Orcs, and even some Trolls. As we fought on in the burning city of Mynadar, we tried to save any innocents in buildings or on the streets as we could. I dodged an orc's vile blade and cut him right through the ches, when he fell i was face-to-face with a troll. the the big troll lumbered towards me, and brought his club almost hit my head. I tried to slash the cluub out of his hand but I had missed also. He swung the club horizontally and I tried to step back, but the club barely nicked me in the head. I fell onto the street and the troll missed his swing once more, I dodged out of the way. With a dash to the side I cut his hand and then stuck my sword through his chest. Our forces were quickly dwindling, before long they almost had us surrounded. We decided to retreat to corren via boat. Our men charged notheward, killing any monster or orc they saw. As i ran for the boats, i meet up with Sigma, We fought together side by side for most of the battle. Beta was nowhere to be found. We fought our way to a clearing and seached for Beta, only to find him surrounded by armor-clad orcs.We ran to save him, stabbing one through the back, Sigma kkicked an orc out of the way, I bolocked an orc's blow woth my sheild and then knocked his sword out of his hand, and stabbed him....But one of the orcs stabbed him in the back right infront of us, and he fell to the ground....lifeless. we bellowed in anger and killed furiously the orcs that killed him. We spared no mercy to them, for they spared none to my dear brother, Barthos. Boats were leaving, and we had to get back. I dodged the burning embers and looked behind me. Sigma was no longer behind me....I turned around and saw him running from more orcs. another orc jumped infront of him and slashed him over the arm. Sigma gracefully sliced the orc back and turned around to see 5 more chasing him. He quickly stabbed one...then an orc brought his mace crashing down........to the stone, he had missed him. Sigma Sliced the orc, and saw him cut right through his neck, watching the green head Tumble to the stone street. 3 more to go. He had a little fun and started climing up a house wall, and leaped down on the 3rd orc, and dealt another fatal death blow. He charged to the 4th orc, and sent his sword down, but it stopped. Another orc and slashed his lag and he fell down, on the stone, and then looked up at the many orcs surrounding him. I could not bear to watch my other brother die...I leaped into a boat and stared at the burning city...our forces had heavy losses...but to our family, we had suffered a loss too big to bear... TO BE CONTINUED for next time, THE BATLE OF NORDCARN i already have the second part written down, so you won't have to wait long. EDIT: Had to fix some names, i got a little confused And i Added some more details.
  5. spawn ownership

    Well as everyone has said(and I strongly agree) No one owns a spawn, people can always attack a spawn no matter how many people are there. When I played Conquer I was amazed at the size and speed of the spawns. about 10 or 15 monsters would spawn, you'd kill them all, then in about 15 seconds they'd come back. along with the size of the maps there was probably 3 spawns for every person. if we increased the number of spawns in a given area along with a quicker(even just 10 or 20 seconds) spawn, there would be plenty to go around.
  6. Reunion!

    Another reunion, eh? Sign me up
  7. Roleplay group

    "An Orhcan shaman, you say? That's a first..." Starman said to the stranger with the staff. "Well, we have no other choice, unless you like to swim..." He looked across the ocan to the taarsengard magic school in the distance. " An extra warrior around would do us quite good. I'll join you." Starman started to walk toward the Ronanoaf exit, then stopped. "Wait...I never recieved your name." He said to the stranger.
  8. Quest bug!!!!

    When we were informed that the quest started at latis, we rushed over. we readthrough it all untill there was only 1 thing left- chamber of commerce. I click on it but nothing happens. what happened here?!?!?!?!?!?! :x :shock: :? :shock: :shock: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:
  9. Nordacarn Cave

  10. PKable Tankel?

    Awesome Idea, I would love to kill tankel after himn breaking my equipment
  11. 9/11- the Great Illusion.

    http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/july2...eatillusion.htm I think I'll let the video speak for itself. Please listen to it all, I for one agree with what he says. I'm not looking for flames, just to see your opinions.
  12. Travelling cloaks.

    I kind of agree with asmodai, we should have a "wardrobe window" or something to customize clothes, hair color and facial hair/expression. some people aren't willing to give their real money up for just a game, so we should have a type of shop that can customize your character, say differen't hair dyes would be 500 gc each (including all colors, not just the dull ones we have now ) a tailor that can make different clothes colors and clothes types (maybe 500 for shirt, 250 for pants, 100 for boots.) This would suck alot of money out of the game and give players a feel of customization instead of forking over $5 just to change the color of some pixels.
  13. Kill me

    I agree with Kami, the perk system is totally OBSOLETE. Anyway, I came to say something else. First, an absolutely NECESSARY addition along woith full PK maps would be guards. if he whave guards placed often around most cities on the map, then it would be much less carnage and prove a logical point: It's MUCH safer in cities than out in the wild. of course, if we didn't implement this, than look at what would happen: fighters would rulte the game, could kill freely and be the most profitable business by far. But with guards covering IP(whichc I believe shouldn't be PK even in Full PK) and major cities, it will shift the players into the cities of EL, solving our "dead maps" problem. Second, the players in Counquer online have Full pk, but if you create a character and start training as a newb and continue playing you will almost NEVER get Pked, because their players know there is a consequence and, sadly unlike EL, are just more friendly than that. (of course every game has their downright jerks and I am not saying EL is full of mean PKers, they have waaaay more nice than bad, but there are more hardcore PKers due to the intrest of fighting in the game.) so if we gave some people time in this server for a couple months and let a "cause-effect" type of fighting continue, our players will eventually have enough sense to learn to not Pk everyone he sees through his/her bloodshot eyes.
  14. Nordacarn Cave

    Yes, turn it to Non PK, we need a place when those in the 40-50 range can train without the worry of some high-level jerk to come PK us.
  15. Kill me

    I really like this Idea. I've played Conquer Online and most of the suggestions are like this. For the Death bag idea- You can lose the items in your inventory, certainly not all of them, but you don't lose your equipment because the equipment in the game can get so rare and expensive that it would take months to get it back again. I suggest a Larger base of items with more custom Item capabilities. for the PK everywhere Idea- In Conquer I noticed that when I played I almost never got PKed. In the cities guards were established, capable of killing anyone automaticaly that killed someone else. There is a great balance of PK and Non PK there, most people don't PK at all, some dislike it, most people will kill the person killing someone else if a guard hasn't already killed them. Even the newbs can fight peacefully.
  16. Eaf Championship for featherweights

    Yeah sign me up too
  17. What's your desktop?!?!

  18. Roleplay group

    "Oh, I think I could." Starman said. He Charged at the chimerian wolf remaining and Stabbed it in the side, freezin it up. he ripped the blade out of the frozen, crystaline body and Sliced into it again, this time licks of flame shot out. the cystal slowly metled, leaving a Chimerian Puddle on the ground. "That battalion may have only been one of hundreds more..." Alderan said. "Like a drop in a bucket of water..." Starman muttered. "those monsters were different, they had a red tint in their eyes, like the goblins in the tarsengaard sewers....and they probably wouldn't have had eye allergies...This must be the work of mortos! He's probably using Roanoaf as a base to keep his forces until he attacks...we have to warn Tarsengaard and the rest of the Lands!!!" With that Starman ran across the Island with Alderan and Foudn the hole back into the sewers "are you with me Alderan? Starman said, smiling."
  19. Roleplay group

    The first wave of Female orc hit. Starman had thrust out and yelled, "LIGHTNING SHOT!!!" A large electrical bolt electrified 8 or 9 Orcs, leaving a pile of charred corpses on the beach. He clutched his Thermal longsword and be-headed another orc, but right as it fell a cyclops had it's club in the air about to strike. He leaped out of the way and attacked the vicious cyclops, it paried my attacks with it's club perfectly. Starman charged my thermal to become fiery and purposely attacked the cyclops' club, it burst into flames from the intense heat. The mad beast got even crazier and punched him in the face, sending him flying back into a tree, losing the grip on his sword. Starman's thermal longsword soon after sliced into the tree, lighting it on fire. He scrambled up and Yanked it out to fight more. Alderan was talking his fair share of orcs, easily blasting them back with the magic from his steel longsword. Starman had started fighting dozens of other orcs, parrying their blows and burning or feezing them with his longsword. He eventually found the cyclops again, and being prepared, dodged his wild attacks and impaled him, freezing his body into a crystaline state. Only a few dozen orcs were left. Starman had managed to fight more orcs until I came across Alderan, just finishing off a Troll. "There are not many left, we can easily take them now." Starman had shouted. Just as he had finished the sentence,2 chimerian wolves ran onto the beach.
  20. Roleplay group

    "It figures.....We're two of the only people to set foot on this island, and we weren't even looking for it..." Starman muttered. He turned around at gazed at his surroundings. A storm was brewing north of the island. Quickly he stopped, his eyes widened. A mass of Female orcs was Charging toward them, followed by 5 chimerian wolves, and dozens of goblins, ogres and trolls. For an instant he saw a fleeting shadow out of the corner of his eye. "Alderan, Prepare your sword..." Starman said and Unsheathed his Thermal Longsword. "We have an army on our hands."
  21. Roleplay group

    Name: Starman Omega(real name not Known) Sex: Male Physical Description: 6'4", Black hair (1" above shoulder length) Green eyes. Items: Titanium Thermal Longsword, Titanium chanmail, Iron cuisses and Steel Greaves, Small leather Pack (Contains Fresh Fruit & Veggetables, 4 cooked meat, 3 Loaves of Bread, 10 spirit Rests and thousands of Health essences, A small notepad and Book, and an Iron helm from Nordcarn) Personality: Friendly, But only if their trust is gained;somewhat serious; trustworthy and innovative. History: Born in Nordcarn, Lost many of my family to Mortos and his actions, fled Nordcarn during the Great War. Race: Human Occupation: Former Nordcarn millitary commander, wandering warrior. Powers: -Moderate Magic powers -Lightning shot(a bolt of electricity shot from the palm. This is not magic, more like Pschokinetic energy.) Down in the sewers of the Tarsengaard Magic School Starman was hacking at the Armed Goblins that were seemingly endlessly circling him. they were slashing at him aswell, not giving him a chance to fight and dodge at the same time. A Male goblin sliced him near the forehead, leaving a gaping wound between his eye and the ear. he stumbled back and Focused his power at the mass of goblins. He thrust his arm out and yelled, "LIGHTNING SHOT!" a Bolt of electricity shot out of his and electrifying the Goblins. soon a mass of charred bodies were lying on the damp sewer floor. Starman took this chance and sprinted to a sewer grate, melting it with the slice of his Thermal Longsword. he kept running down the long sewer tunnel, The charred goblins bodies were ressurected and started running with more speed than ever toward him, a red blaze in their eyes. Starman spotted a shaft of light piercing the tunnel darkness up ahead. he sheathed his longsword, and Jumped up above over the tunnel. he Sprinted to the nearest rock and sat there catching his breath, looking at the small opening in the grond from whence he came. he slowly pulled out some Health essences and muttered a few words to cast the restore spell. the wound on his head was gone, and he no longer needed to catch his breath. he looked all around him, he didn't recognize this area. he started to wander around and soon found a beach. He stared off to the mainland, he could see a city, and A large castle. He suddenly realized it was tarsengaard, yet he did not know where he was. when he turned around He saw a figure in the distance. he unsheathed his Thermal Longsword and approached him. before he could do anything the figure jumped out into the open. It was his old Friend Alderan. "Alderan, what in Aluwen's name are you doing here...?" Starman questioned.
  22. What do you think of the new graphics?

    Haven't tried it but it sounds awesome Now we just need an animation that look like REAL sitting, not cross legged sitting :glare:
  23. Hellfire Phoenix

    Well this time Aerowind won't be at the helm...
  24. Hellfire Phoenix

    I was the Co-leader too..... but we need to restart TKOS, with a leader that WON'T leave, or just vacation. YES! TAKE BACK TKOS!
  25. Yar!

    I don't see any relation between this and TKOS, hoe could you call it formerly?