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  1. avatar help

    Nah, I've got my Avatar now, thanks but on the other hand, how do you like it? (satan, it was WAAAAY bigger than that in the link, so he did the job) Must....fill up......space that avvie made....... :roll: :wink: :twisted: Ahh, that's better
  2. Rare teleport rings...

    Shadowcircut, that's great! :lol: 8) :lol: :mrgreen: Also, I think it's a messed up idea that anyone can buy almost ANYTHING from ent with USD. The only things i think should be buyable via USD is houses and change of clothes color.
  3. avatar help

    I need help with my avatar too....i can upload the pic to imageshack and everything, but i can't change the size. ( i can, but it will act as thought it is as big as the page.) it's here: http://starmen.net/fanart/jonk/starmandx.jpg could someone make it smaller to fit my avatar size?(make it more tall then wide) :wink:
  4. Can't open Map editor!

    Every time I try to open the program, the box that says "This program has preformed an I'llegal operation and must be shut down" appears. Can anyone help? It's frustrating alot :x
  5. Can't open Map editor!

    Do you mean all of EL? because I never needed a seperate download for the map editor.
  6. #reset bug exploiters DIE!!!

    Maybe we should make it so they couldn't attack or be attacked for like 10 seconds, then once the limit is up evil doers would be exposed to the strong friends :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. newb island

    What's this newb island I hear? Im so confused, I thought it was Isla prima.... :shock: :?
  8. Need guild

    Shame on you Lord_Vermor, not telling him about FIRE. :evil: But joining FIRE also has benefits: the members! we support eachother and help eachother out when something's wrong. We have 17 members, hopefully you will be the 18th!
  9. DOOM guild's raffle

    14 please
  10. 44 book collection

    so that's why you were giving out rare books today stage...why not just give some to me?
  11. Phys/Cord/Vitality

    Exactly, People can get extremely high levels of these, and be practically perfect in every way, being able to alch/manu/summon/pot/fight anything they want, though i still want to get free charachter customization of skills. so i thought up this idea- you get 2 "points" to spend any skill on. this is where it gets interesting. at the begining of the game, you chose what you want to be best in. you can split up the "points" in any way. for example: 1 fighting 1/2 summoner 1/4 potion maker 1/4 manufacturer this means id be best at fighting, and would be able to manufacture some stuff and make some potions, but not all of them, and would be able to summon half the monsters in the game. here's another example: 2/3 fighting 1/3 pot making 1/2 summoner 1/2 harvester This means I'd be pretty good at fighting, so-so at pot-making, average at harvesting and summoning. so anyone like this idea?
  12. I was Thinking when I read some topics on this board About some Ideas. Nexuses could Double as how well the player uses the item they'd get "boosts" of stats on their abilities depending on the Nexus of that type. Human Nexus:What armor@weapons you can use/how effective the weapons@armor will be Vegetal Nexus: What potions you can make/how much they increase or heal Inorganic Nexus: What Ore or minerals you can harvest/ How many you cna harvest w/o failing(I don't think this is the best: someone try another Idea) Magic Nexus: What kind of Magic you can cast/How powerful it is or how much it heals Animal Nexus: What Kind of animals You can summon/how powerful they are. Artificial Nexus:What armor/weapons you can make/how powerful they will be(kinda goes hand-in-hand with Human Nexus) I also Have Another Idea On Manufacturing Weps/armor. We could add in maybe a system to manufacture whatever someone puts in the manu window (well not anything-just andding a bunch of new wepons) Like- 8 iron Bars, 5 coal, 50 fire essences(50 is just an example, i could put in as any as i want but not over 100 or less than 5), 2 leather- Flame sword-Lasts As many fights as fire esesnces put into the sword -5. 0-45 damage, 1+ accuracy, 2+crittical to hit and damage, 3+deffense. Turns into iron sword after all battles that = number of fire essences are over and Maybe add some battle axes to our selection . But why all the new weapons when tit serp is better? keep them varied- depending on the person's status, he may chose one weapon over another because this weapon has (such and such) stats. maybe make the serp weaker so we can keep more weapons on the same level- not serp being the highest. any feedback? need some input.
  13. The Great Duels of EL

    Maybe noone wants to do the fighting bracket because they don't want to lose their stuff (hint hint :? )
  14. The Great Duels of EL

    Don't forget me..... That makes 2 boxers And there are tons of fighters, too
  15. The Great Duels of EL

    Remember, im in the boxing um, Bracket...... a couple of questions...... Will we be paired against the person closest to our stats in the first round in each bracket? And is the magic bracket allowing summons? I was also thinking you could maybe take the top 2 in each bracket and have them duel against another bracket, just as an exhibition of sorts.
  16. The Great Duels of EL

    Nicely done ska, I'd be hoping for some way i wouldn't have to lose my items 8) This is really cool, it should be done at least once a month
  17. The Great Duels of EL

    also will people get their stuff back? seeing as it is an organized contest, they should get their stuff back. And maybe we could hold 4 brackets of 4 or 8 each, for 1-15 overall, 16-30, 31-45, and 46-above.
  18. The Great Duels of EL

    Ska you think of the best ideas But how can we keep the spectators from killing eachother? It would suck to sit next to a CO member But anyways i'd love to join!!!! ....when is it? Though i like the idea of 16 player duel tournament
  19. mercury

    The more things we can have that is harvestable in this game the lower people will pay for them, since you could get it for free somewhere. If we made, say, leather (being alchemized people won't buy anymore, cause they cam make their own.
  20. Another Post about the Portland Mine pole bug

    Opps, sorry i put the patch in misc, not structures :oops:
  21. Another Post about the Portland Mine pole bug

    I put the patch in my documents/el_098_folder/ 3d obljects/misc. obj. is that the right place to put it?
  22. Another Post about the Portland Mine pole bug

    I have same problem, i download the patch from the sticky, but nothing happens. I've put the patch in folder el_098-folder AND el_098-folder_1, but the poles still don't dissapear . i restarted my computer too.
  23. Perks & Pickpoints

    I agree with Fred_Penner on this Topic, We should have more negative perks, except a little more severe, like geletine bones, so fighters won't pick those perks and easily get the pickpoints they want.
  24. Quest for the Lost one

    I'm in, sounds cool *stares at prizes* :shock: