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  1. How old are you?

    I'm 15, going 16 in october.
  2. EL Bumper Stickers

    those are nice.
  3. War Of Mynadar

    ((OOC: okay, from now on, don't post more than once until we've ALL posted. I think it's pretty hard to keep up if gene and flea keep doing this all by themselves besides, this isn't exactly on the top of my priorities list...but I'm still having a blast )) Starman was At the mouth of the cave, after missing his allies in Kilarn Fields, he decided to wait outside the cave, where he met a dozen others waiting as well. He walked up to a man and bluntly asked, "What in the name of Mortos are we doing?" he then recieved the battle plan. he called his men up on the flanks of the cave entrance, and lined them up side by side, splitting them left and right. he could hear the screams of orchans and orcs alike rattling through the damp cave walls. he ordered his troops to back up against the outside cave walls, as to flank the orchs from behind with the help of Gene and Flea. the other men were stationed at the front of the cave. The screaming and howling came closer...and closer...
  4. War Of Mynadar

    ((OOC: you guys roleplay quite alot....not enough time for me in between sorry if my post has a bit of a continuity error in it...I'm just RPing where it will make the most sense. I'm not good at roleplaying multiple characters, so I'll be doing them in Fourth person.)) "You two go into Kilarn Fields, I will head into Nordcarn. People there know me well," Starman said. With that, he headed south along the Nordflaq River for Nordcarn, the corpses of Dwarves and Orchans lying everywhere. As soon as he entered into Nordcarn, he was assaulted by three humans. he withdrew his thermal longsword and evaded their attacks. As soon as the men got back to their feet, they stopped. "Why, if it isn't Starman! We're sorry, we didn't recognize yah. What are you doing here anyway?" The men asked. "I need some volunteers to help me raid an orchan base. There are currently 2 others with me, but that won't be enough to assault an orchan base." "We'd all love to help! It's been a bit too peaceful here in Nordcarn over the past years, and we are soldiers in the militia, you needn't worry about us." They said. "If you have any extra soldiers that woudl like to help, take them, and meet me in Kilarn Fields." Starman eyed the three men and then walked away, heading to Kilarn Fields.
  5. War Of Mynadar

    Starman Quickly sheathed his Thermal longsword, and dove into the water with the other two. the group swan down the river, leaving behind a tornado filled with orchans and their limbs. After they had safely escaped from the orchans, Starman climbed onto the shore. "Thank you, Gene and Flea, I guess I just drank a bit too much ale. The Orchan attack caught me by suprise. I am willing to fight by your side whenever you please. Yet, what of the invaders? should we hold our position in Mynadar?" A grin came over Starman's face. "Or shall we go hunt down the orc's encampent?"
  6. War Of Mynadar

    "You never answered my question, elf," Starman said. "Please, do not make me have to hurt you. All I want is my sword back, besides, are we not fighting for the same cause?" He promplty unsheathed the Iron broad sword.
  7. War Of Mynadar

    ((OOC: Sorry I was gone so long, some real life business got in the way)) Starman quickly arose, but stumbled to the ground. "I must have been asleep..." he could hear the sounds of the battle around him. He peered around the cornerof the doorway to the tavern, and orchancs and dwarves were everywhere. He quicky went to grab his thermal longsword, but only grasped air. "that piece of scum elf must have taken it from me!" Starman raced into the streets, looking for the elf. He picked up a discarded iron broad sword from one of the dead orchans. an orchan suddenly jumped infront of him, and almost knocked starman off his feet. he clutched the broad sword tightly and swung furiously at the green beast. The orchan evaded his attacks, and brought his large sword above his head, preparing to strike. Starman leaped out of the way, and sliced the orchan in two. Starman spotted the elf from the tavern fighting as well. He raced over to the elf, who had killed another orc, and pulled him into the nearest building. "WHAT have you done with my sword!!!" he asked at the elf.
  8. War Of Mynadar

    Starman noticed the elf as he walked toward the bar. "as much as an elf has in one..." he quietly replied. "I go and fight where I please. With that, Starman sat down on the bar stool. "drinks on me..."
  9. Eternal-lands PVP perfection

    Although it might be easier that way, newbs might not understand it, and it won't make a difference if theye are looking for someone with the same P/C anyway.
  10. Vendetta of the Nice and Violent

    ah, I get you now. nice guild good luckwith it.
  11. steel helm of mana

    Nice one gizz.....although I am sur ethere are a handful of people who have made one that want to keep it their little secret
  12. Birds!

    maybe The chims ate them
  13. Vendetta of the Nice and Violent

    I like the guild, and what you are trying to do, it is very nice, but bullying is a part of the game, As a matter of fact, this game would be VERY boring if the only fighting was with monsters, pvpers or enemies.
  14. War Of Mynadar

    i was just adding to it sheesh. ((OOC:doesn't matter if you add to it or not, no controlling someone else's character )) A lone figure stood at the entrance to Nordcarn, losely gripping a Titanium thermal longsword. His attire showed he wasn't a wealthy man, yet not poor either. Hmm, who should I aid in this battle? the man pondered. He had a bleak past with Orchans, and had heard of Lyanna's tragic story. He slowly walked toward the city, a tense presence surrounded it. Many harvesters and alchemists were heading out of the city south to Nordcarn, or boarding the boat to Corren. As he entered past the ruined walls of Mynadar, he was greeted by a stout dwarf. "what is your purpose here in Mynadar, human?" The dwarf bluntly asked. "To get a good ale at the Moonshadow tavern. Oh and, maybe aid you in your upcoming battle." The man said with a smirk. The dwarf did not move. "maybe this will enlighten you to who I am?"He held his thermal longsword up to the dwarf. A smile slowly crept along the dwarf's face. "ah, Starman, you are surely welcome here. You may pass!" He stood aside, and Starman casually walked into the city courtyard, awaiting the Orchan attack. ((OOC: I haven't roleplayed in a long time, hopefully I've gotten better ))
  15. Citizens

    I think this is a good idea,, especially the town guards idea.