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  1. History of TKoS

    tkos is dead no mods are ever on it is becoming pointless i am consdering leaving.
  2. Euro 2004

    oh well portugal wins surprise surprise well that is if they get the same ref england did!
  3. Euro 2004

    I know i was thinking that poor portugal
  4. Euro 2004

    As loyal as you England fans are who is still voting for them after they have been knocked out of the championship? LoL. Oh well perhaps england may at least win this vote Yay England! :arrow:
  5. quest related creatures

    i was thinking of a quest that you could do any number of times you liked.
  6. nickster banned

    I am sure that nickster is sorry for what he has done and he wont do it again
  7. quest related creatures

    The boss monsters strength could be differnt for each person. The stronger the person the stronger the boss. This could be also used as a good form of training.
  8. Clan members and pk

    ye that is a good idea about fighting in the guild houses, or there could be a place where you canonly pk your own clan members where everyone can go and train with people they trust with out fear of being killed by someone else and robbed!
  9. if you want to train with some one that you trust who do you go to? oh yeah a clan member! Problem clan members cant attack eachother. Suggestion clan members should be able to fight each other so they can gain experiance but they should not be able to kill one another (like they can fignt untill donw to 1 health or summit). It is just a suggestion.
  10. Euro 2004

    football is the greatest game ever and euro 2004 is one of the best tournaments ever and sweeden is sweden with an extra e. Hope it is all cleared up. WTF greece 1 france 0 yes
  11. Euro 2004

    england won fair and square that goal was legal but the ref dissalowed it, probably because he is swiss (england 3 switzerland 0)
  12. Euro 2004

    Hi ya all will england beat portugal tonight? Yeah cours hey will it will be either 1-0 or 2-1 to England! Post footy stuff here people!!
  13. TKoS revival

    As part of an aim to revive TKoS i have created a new TKoS website because the current "official website" is empty this is in a hope to keep the members that we currently have. Hopefully this will get the atention of a TKoS mod because members a leaving the clan and no new members have are joining. I have designed this website to help maintain the clan but can not do anything without mod powers, me and kidkaos are willing to help maintain and improve the current status of the clan with the aid of this website but there is onlyso much we can do without the aid of a clan mod. We are hoping to be promoted to do this job with the highest possible rate of succsess. Please post suggestions for the tkos website as well and i could do with a list of all current guild members to help me to create user accounts upon the site. Posted by your favourite cow!