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  1. MusclesMalone

    lol wow go radu
  2. Alkapone

    Still you can't exactly scam and bitch at some 1 for scamming... I do see the point though Could have gone at it in a better way.
  3. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    If it's so old why doesn't every one do it?
  4. Alkapone

    2 wrongs make a right?
  5. Iron, all quartz, silver, coal, sulfur

    Call me what you like peach, you were sticking your sarcastic nose in other peoples business.... so please dont
  6. We need more players here

    I quit playing it because it is just 3 guilds pitted against each other. The ones with sheer numbers dominates the server therefore they have all the pk fun. The rest of us can train all we want, but unless we can find a good spawn that you haven't taken yet we'll never be able to train well. There is just no fun in running around breaking your neck to try and have some fun... p.s. i'm not saying i want a 100/100 instant fighter, honestly i could care less. But the people who would come now would get NO WHERE because the 1's who started off are already strong and they like to talk so much shit and i don't want to be near or around them.
  7. Iron, all quartz, silver, coal, sulfur

    We worked togeter on this, I posted it before but it was deleted in server change. zip your mouth when you don't know what you speakinga bout please
  8. Exp after cap?

    Which is exactly what it is now sadly
  9. Iron, all quartz, silver, coal, sulfur

    Bump We'd like to see atleast 150k~ in here... gl guys
  10. Your personal moment of glory

    Also i'd like to add... Making the following in a week with arti cape when i was mass manuing 2 SGoUD 1 SCoMD 1 RoD Took a while but manuing is fun to level but annoying with the prices
  11. PK lists

    Indeed I find what korrode said quite true. For instance people who are put on a personal PK list I'll go to the extreme to bust a rosto. For instance WS Arena a year or so ago. Me dekke and isenguard burnt maybe 200 tigers / bears / 3 sslessars / and a giant just to kill some people who called us n00bs. Maybe a n00bish act but all the same it was good to get revenge
  12. Day Of Zero Gravity

    That may be true cycloon, but the day would still be very helpful for every 1 \o/ but i guess it'd be a good day for every 1 to harvest their own stuff \o/ i could probably get 20k~ silver pretty fast
  13. It's Coming Time To Celebrate! Can You Say Party?

    sounds cool i'll be there
  14. Day Of Zero Gravity

    maybe a counter part day? day of increased gravity 2x emu for all items now that'd be funny
  15. Day Of Zero Gravity

    Well cycloonx, that day is just a day of half food costs, which is feesable since there is so much food >.> but if you count the fact that iron ore is 1 of the largest consumed items in the game it'd make things very tedious.... we get zero g. day and we get loads of iron in a matter of hours, then wait on a joule and mix steel / iron bars to our hearts content.... but maybe it's just my thoughts on the idea
  16. Guess the movie

    looks like the chick from White noise
  17. fluffy :D

    it'd still be a bit tough ;p but given 1sec cooldown many many br's would not be to hard to kill it
  18. New web server speed

    Cool cool nice much faster, i liked the old layout though
  19. fluffy :D

    good for you
  20. Selling a couple things

    I'll buy the shield how much? Fireheart ingame--
  21. my ideas for pk server

    Isen't that against the rules?
  22. Hyperspace Havesting

    Hello there, I've been thinking for a while on what to do in order to develop some steady gold coin flow. My friend Rider_of_Rohan did this and did quite well with it so here goes: For a Reduced price I will harvest certain items in certain amounts, drop them in a bag, hyperspace it, and ask for the gc when you "obtain" the bag (not get it in storage that is YOUR job) What this does is get you some easy quick ores / minerals with out the hastle of muling to much. (You can combine items into a single bag so long as it's about a 5-10 second walk to the other ore location (IE: iron / coal in melinis *eyes markusweck*) Harvestables: Iron: 1.9gc Silver: 1.3gc Coal: 1.2gc Diamonds: 2.1gc (any flower that requires less than 30 harvest): .2gc per (any flower that requires above 30 harvest): .75gc per Sulfur: 1.2gc Gypsum: 4.2gc per (I'll add more as I complete the required books: including but not limited too: sapphires, emeralds, gold) I'll try not to make them to long of waits but I got major classes this semester so there "might" but probably "won't" be a 1-2 day wait :/ ---Limit of 2k per item minimum and a 8k maximum-- (ingame) fireheart Post here please so i can keep track in my notebook
  23. Day Of Zero Gravity

    I like the idea, but I think people would abuse it highly :/ Imagine people with max p/c on iron ore? that'd be nuts
  24. Selling / Buying

    I'm buying: Damaged greaves - steel / tit cuisses - steel / tit shield - tit torso - steel / tit Selling: Air Essences (or trade for diamonds + gc) EnE (or trade for iron ore / gc)