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  1. Alchemy Shop #3

    Done Started FINISHED:pickaxe:
  2. questions about Creating a bot Rules

    I'm thinking of creating a bot for my guild DusK I won't be able to get it a blessing for a bit, but I am wondering, for creating the bot is it illegal to multi over items to help build up it's over all level??? So that I can get it's EMU up a bit??
  3. Hunters of the Dusk

    Hunters of the Dusk or DusK for short is recruiting. WE are looking for hardworking individuals who are willing to chill in a peaceful environment. Our requirements are one skill other then Overall or harvest of 40, or Attack and Defense of 50+. Acceptions can be made, just PM me (StrickeN) or Thankel ingame about it. All members who join are voted on by EVERY MEMBER of the guild. and currently were looking for people who would be willing to work as some council members towards the guild. If you wanna join DusK just #guild_Info DusK or PM me (StrickeN) or Thankel for more info.. No spam please -StrickeN Live on, fight hard, stay strong
  4. selling:

    If u sell all of ur stuff what is the nmt protecting?
  5. Guild Website

    I need a webpage / forums for my guild: DusK Guild Hunters of the Dusk has 2 members. The guild URL is: (this is why we need you ) General info: We are a group of people who want to have fun. We accept all sorts of people. Strive for the best and very loyal. Live on, fight hard, stay strong Joining the guild: Attack and Defense of 50/50, or 1 skill other then that of 40. Very few acceptions. Good mind and spirit. PM StrickeN or Thankel Owners are StrickeN (me) and Thankel We want it to look dark, mysterious. Will pay GC PM me ingame or on here -Strick
  6. Which was your biggest project ever?

    anything is possible
  7. The eternal battle for a free spawn

    Fluf wasn't bad in melinis, skf, skf manor, srm .... endless list..
  8. Cutass, steel greaves, steel cuisses!

    level? when did u start
  9. Selling BroD

  10. Ok i'm in dp on NDD i have a person "razr" on #ignore and when we fight i lose mana from MD which i thought were rings. and also i didn't see his death message when me and thankel killed him. all this because he was on #ignore.... When u have some 1 on #ignore u should still see the drain and stuff.. so that i know to put up MI or use a cape... it'd help a lot
  11. New Special Day Suggestion

    pr0 magic training day :> i'll keep making my SR and drinking em' up for shield spell \o/ what ever ahppened to my Brave Heart day Idea? i thought that might be put ingame
  12. Cutass, steel greaves, steel cuisses!

    Peachy is manuing? :S
  13. Alchemy Shop #3

    Started Will Be done ASAP
  14. cant click on NPC on EL all but old selection it works fine... just need a better compute r;p
  15. Maxing your att xp

    Contrary to what people say, do not ts ur attack >.> that does not help AT ALL. you hit less because it's lower, and u just get defese exp (tested it) what you should do is ts only ur defense (it will cause more damage :S) but it will get a more balanced equation. Use a bone, a lil more damage but only +2 accuracy so you hit a little more. Have a decent coordination so you hit a lil more often (make it to high and you'll get like 500 exp per monster which sux. Try not to fight monsters that give a very weird set up. For instance... why do female orcs? high def exp woo hoo.. but 20 attack exp? bleh. go do armed goblins. 40/40's usually is what I got. and ogres bleh? higher p/c u can do armed orcs just fine and the a/d exp is of course balanced. Just what I think... judge it if u want lol idc just trying to help
  16. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    WEll i found another will stone @ tiger lillies :/
  17. Alchemy Shop #3

    ONly ikf u supply mercury
  18. EL 5th Birthday Bash Final Details

    lol sounds lke fun
  19. Alchemy Shop #3

    Started Done soon DONE!
  20. Alchemy Shop #3

    Not doing matter any more
  21. Alchemy Shop #3

    accepting more orders now got another helper
  22. Alchemy Shop #3

    Started will be done soon Done!