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  1. The true recomended skills

    When I had old char Pyscho I did an arse load of alchemy even though I didn't like it. I find that you should do HE because of the rate at which it sells maxes out the fact of the money you might spend on food (fps for me) maybe bones for u but any how. Once you hit 40's - 50s the steel bars come into play cuz u level like a fool and sell em like their crack in brooklyn (prob not to funny) but any way HE is aggravating as i'm doing it now with a level 27 alcher >.> it's annoying I KNOW but it's worth it in the long run. Any way later days ciao all that jazz
  2. Rider's Harvesting

    Hey rider just so ya know I am willing to help free of charge. A lot of crap went down when u left so i'll explain TODAY WHEN I FINALLY GET NEW COMPUTER \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ \O/ later man and if u need me to help when I get on BE ON I'm gonna be on for a while for old times sake (wasn't on cuz of shit ass computer that lags to much when ever you try doing ANYTHING.) Later bro
  3. Attention all Mixers of All Types!

    now would have been good tiem for pyscho cuz he had almost all books read in craft/pot/manu and a few eng books to boot ahh well gl with everything
  4. The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!

    Gl recruiting
  5. TY Chosen

    lmao lmao lmao lmao exeus last i checked u had no skill. When I had pyscho atleast i was decently strong, knew what i was doing, and joined for the right reasons. and ur right lasher is cool i know the guy in rl. and pookies is cool to he and I talk all ze time when i played more, and chosen = shiznit cuz he helped me pk ppl in dp and quimbly rox cuz he do $$ - item conversions from me + he nice so lol sucks to be u doesn't it?
  6. joker

    i know of a joker spawn in the tg mage school xD but you gotta go through some pk first, also there is 1 in hell i've seen and 1 in wsc
  7. then why was my main banned for what they do?
  8. About Yourself

    tico u and ur interests in music rock.... any way STATS: RL Name : Roy people call meh RJ (junior) Age : 15 no longer a 1337 Country : USA, SC Race : Irish baby Hair : long dirty blonde - brown most days and recently short.. Eyes : brown Height : 5.9 maybe 10 idk Waist : hehe like i'd tell Weight : 194 Body Type : some where between fattish and muscular i play a lot of b-ball ABOUT ME: Interests : Girls ages 14+, EL, card games, friends, video-games (isen't that what most el'ers should say?) Profession : lol like i have 1 Cigarettes : don't Drugs : none Makes Me Happy : ladies Makes Me Sad : when my shit gets lost MY FAVOURITES: Food : food Music : rock metal etc etc metallica, disturbed, SOAD, van halen woot! TV Show : Naruto, i like the fights Author : none Movie: Simpsons Animal : Dolphin, (they can do math equations by squaking) Holiday : Summer Sexist Actor/Actress : actress - jessica alba I'm not the ebul dude who sits at home all day asking to scam the first guy to say hi. I'm decent guy who just likes to have fun. I just find that these "society rules" are kinda pointless. I mean in rl people get scammed every 24.8 seconds of the day
  9. What was your first guild?

    Well to the best of my knowledge this is how Pigsdofly's guild career went.....it's rather jumpy LORE(still miss them guys) --> MkvL --> RBoW --> ^HW^ --> *EL*(me and D_o_I made this guild) --> BoC --> PkG --> DoA --> KoDW --> *CO* --> PkG for 2 hours before ban --> current guild is now SHL I am hoping to maintain that guild status
  10. NMT breakable poll

    I don't have the time to devote to a new account. They banned my old account Pyscho because I was friends with some one who got in trouble. So I had to pay the friggin price. I put 3 years of work into my old character and it is all gone. NOt complaining, just a statement. EL is to hard to play when you had something and it was taken away. You work hard and it just goes away over something simple.... as scamming. which still isen't against the rules....but w/e I still say make the nmt breakable.
  11. Do U hate ppL

    i'm sorry with the exception of lasher every 1 in ther eis a no good scammer i 4got i know lasher in rl
  12. NMT breakable poll

    Perhaps try another skill and a non-PK guild? You may find the game has a totally different feel. And yes, people in non-PK guilds still train, but without the urgency and intensity of those wishing to PK. I think the game is more fun when you aren't in an all-out push to be the #1 fighter. I lost the only thing I had of value, my COL, I only got it cuz a friend gave it to me to help regain levels. So there's not much hope any more. I have about 11kgc in storage 30 base health and low levels. Not much to be done.
  13. Real Life Names...

    Ingame name: Stricken/Pyscho/Remedy/Zurekodw/Pigsdofly/clickclickboom/fireheart/pigsdofly2/blahblahbleh RL name: Roy (people call me RJ for Roy Junior) Location: South Carolina Age: 16 Sex: Male etcetcetc ciao -Strick
  14. NMT breakable poll

    Because ppl who leave give their stuff or account away, its not that so many NMT cloak owners just go away and a cape would actually leave the game. So, if it stays unbreakable, in a few month/years or whatever, the NMT cape is worthless, because there are thousands in game, since fluffy still drops them, but none of them gets destroyed. So, its only a matter of time, when the amount of NMT capes in game is bigger than the amount of flowers. And then guess, for how much you can sell them. At least not for 400k gc. Piper well to be painfully honest i think this is the situation the game creator/mods/developers and experienced players actually give a shit about this games future as a whole while the players (not all of them) only give a shit about their future , want what they want and dont care if it will hurt the game to get their..... all i hear from the people who want the cape to not break is how it will affect THEM... But the people who vote break it all tell how it is better for the GAME Of course this game is full of picky greedy people. they don't want to help with development. They wanna be strong and kill everything that moves. Thats why I am thinking of quiting. This game has lost it's flavor. The people are rude, the people are cruel. they care for 1 person thats themselves. Another friend stabbed me in the back today and I hope he gets his just desserts. My 2 GC -Stricken
  15. NMT breakable poll

    Really this comb surely isn't rare. C'mon it says it right on the top of it. I buy comb for 5$
  16. NMT breakable poll

    OMG A COL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL not the end of the world, and I only said that cuz it would really throw the game into a 180 and it would be fun and aggravating all the same
  17. Do U hate ppL

    both are full of no good scammers all the same
  18. annihilation

    Annihilation is just some guy who wants to be one of the best scammers in game. What he doesn't realize is that, being a GOOD scammer is NOT GOOD in itself. look where scamming landed me? I'm locked on a newbie account and I lost it all. Not the best. Let him continue his ways and I PROMISE it will eventually come back to hurt him.
  19. NMT breakable poll

    lol, based on increase of the nmt cape rarity that seems to have affected the price, by doubling it. so if we were to half the chance to drop a nmt it's pretty much back at 200k so petty little pkers don't gotta worry about their crappy cape losing rarity. ITS A CAPE. I mean in real life or any other game you'll rarely find something that is unbreakable, Everything has it's weak points which is why the nmt should be made breakable. It would give the game a lot more appeal and make it more interesting for th enon-fighters, etc etc. I mean the game is pretty full of fighters, and not every person is able to get their hands on the cape, if it were cheaper I would buy more, but it's current price is far to high, so i just took the perk after i did a #reset and then I went and trained for 40+ oa's in a few hours, like I said not a big deal. breaking the nmt's is just a way of keeping them rarer. I would make the nmt breakable and keep the drop rate RIGHT WHERE IT IS. but it aint my final decision, it's the sexy entropy's
  20. NMT breakable poll

    I've been in the game for almost 4 years and I still don't have 1 but i've had full titanium/steel/bronze/dragon/iron etc etc not at same time of course, I mean it's not that hard to get armor, I just didn't feel like saving for a nmt when I can just buy another pice of armor. I broke a full set of steel in 1 day then the next day got titanium.. NOt that big a deal imo Wellt hink, NOW they are only 30-40k lol i mean yeti's drop titanium armor, and it's pretty rare still and its only worth 30-40k which means you'll have extras so you don't gotta worry about breaking right?
  21. NMT breakable poll

    Look at it this way, In the begginning of game people saved and saved for the deadly full iron/serp it was worth loads, and then in 1 update of new armor etc etc the price dropped CONSIDERABLY so don't complain if we do make it breakable and have it so that OTHERS can actually have the cape. I mean come on if we got a steady FLOW of NMT capes, then it doesn't matter if they are breakable. EXP: yours breaks, and you only gotta get 40k, unlike some people whose cape broke a few months ago when they were worth much much more. I say Make it breakable, and increase the drop rate, and possibly make ogre able to drop it =D Ciao Stricken
  22. Siggy/Avatar

    I'm looking for some 1 who can make a good avatar/siggy for me. Here are some things that I like: -Stricken on the siggy -I like lightning -Fire -Guitars -Skulls hope this is enough for you all to make a cool siggy/avatar pm me in game or post on here -Stricken
  23. Siggy/Avatar

    How about just clean out the junk so we can get back to my post!
  24. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    I'm looking for some 1 who can make a good avatar/siggy for me. Here are some things that I like: -Stricken on the siggy -I like lightning -Fire -Guitars -Skulls hope this is enough for you all to make a cool siggy/avatar pm me in game or post on here -Stricken