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  1. Leveling

  2. Swearing in forum and game

    Saw that once on funnyjunk.com lol xD
  3. Black Dragon Armour Quest

    sucks to be u :/
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    kind of funny lol found this 1 funny as well
  5. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Erm another Will removal stone.... In Toadstools
  6. Alchemy Shop #3

    I'm opening a small alchemy shop nothing big :/ HE -- 6.5gc per LE -- 4gc per EnE -- 7.5gc per WE -- 5.5gc per ME -- 7gc Per FE -- 3.5gc per ME (matter) -- 7gc per REMOVED NO LONGER DOING! EE (earth) REMOVED NO LONGER DOING AE -- 7gc per Silver Bar -- 37gc per Steel Bar -- 47 GC per Iron Bar -- 36 GC per --500 bar maximum order (can mix with essences but only 1k essence included until i get more help) --2k essences maximum order (can repeat orders but this keeps things simple) Or wonderful staff StrickeN MasterZen Lordscrooge --Please give me time to complete orders i'm only one person --Looking for additional help in my alchemy business (the more we get teh more essences we can produce (will accept for essies) SR Rostogol stones Feastings Ores / minerals P.S. Will be adding more essences as I obtain knowledge for sapphires / emeralds Ghrae - complete #edit -- Ingame StrickeN PM MASTERZEN IF U CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! OR PM LORDSCROOGE (added some bars)
  7. Black Dragon Armour Quest

    I'll do my best to be there #EDIT btw my ingame now is Blox
  8. Flower Shop

    Ok I'm now harvesting flowers \o/ for now just flowers till my emu hits a bit over 340 :s OK i'm harvesting.... Blue Start Flower... .5gc Impatiens... .5gc Lilacs... .5gc Red Snapdragons... .5gc Tiger Lilly... 1gc Blue Lupine... .5gc Chrysanthemum... .5gc Cactus... 1gc Yellow Rose... 1gc Red Rose... 1gc Black Rose... 1gc White Asiatic Lilly... .5gc Swamp Candles... .5gc Sunflowers... .7gc Wheat... 1gc Cotton... .7gc Daffodils... 1gc Mugwort... 1gc Valerian... 1.5gc Rue... 1.5gc Poppies... 1.5gc Dandelions... 1.5gc Posion Ivy... 1.5gc Red Toadstool... 1.5gc Tulips... 1.5gc Red Current... 1.5gc Blueberry... 1gc Henbane... 1.5gc Mullein... 1.5gc Nightshade... 1.5gc Yarrow... 1.5gc Wromwood... 1.5gc White Chanterelle... 1.5gc Ogre Toes... 1.3gc Tree Mushrooms... 1.5gc Fruit... .8gc Vegetable... .7gc If the prices seem a bit off it's cuz i don't know the prices for most of it lol... so PM me here or ingame for pricing changes or something Minimum of 4k MAXIMUM of 20k TY Order 1... Order 2... Order 3... PM me ingame -- Blox
  9. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    We can't be sure if it will or if it won't, we can't be sure if your right or you are wrong. so why take chances we can just not listen to you \o/
  10. Buying list

    Buying: up to 3k+ bones up to 2k+ SRs up to 2k+ raw meat up to 1k+ wolf fur up to 2k+ life essences 1k+ HE 5+ aug sets
  11. Harvesters Emporium

    3k matter essies
  12. Storage sale!

    My bot Dragon_of_Ice will buy all of your capes
  13. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    Because ur judging off of things u THINK will happen. so your just as wrong as the rest no? Why be sure when we arente ven sure if we need to be
  14. Dynamic IP

    create ur own thread
  15. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    Got a life, unfortunatly I'm only 17 and still in school *gasp* atm i'm home sick with the flu. I'm not a 20+ year old man out there like you yelling @ people younger then you and getting upset over what some 1 thinks :*( just shows none of u really put a thought into ur bitchy posts
  16. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    The time it takes shows there is just the same amount of people who can do the exact same thing. People just don't want a super power. I'd love to see some 1 spend thousands of dollars for 12 Pick points i'd laugh @ them put them on #ignore and tell em to get a life #edit towards superman why even play at all then? and why bug the forums? lol liquid :> u should stay banned
  17. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    My point is if it takes a LONG time to do it what is the point to begin with? it would take months in the least to buy 2 pick points, so STFU deano
  18. Alchemy Shop #3

  19. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    With 30 people how freakin often do you think u r gonna find a nexus removal stone? HIGHLy unlikely i doubt in the 2 months played any 1 has found any
  20. Moon eclipse photos

    I thought it was pretty cool, had to go inside though I got the flu :/
  21. selling Titanium shield of life drain

    wow more magic armor xD gratz
  22. Signature Practice #2

    Wynn, sorry I have been sick and christo 20k general price, negotiable AND i don't repeat images
  23. Butcher TRIED to scam me lol

    WEll this butcher guy just randomly spurts a PM at me while mixing AE, he probably gossip my stats said a n00b and thought he could pull one over on me ^^ [14:18:35] [PM from ButcheR: Hi wann abuy a char?] [14:19:03] [PM to ButcheR: stats?] [14:19:12] [PM from ButcheR: a/d 96/105] [14:19:16] [PM from ButcheR: mag - 60] [14:19:22] [PM to ButcheR: hmm nice, price?] [14:19:24] [PM from ButcheR: alch / harv 70] [14:19:32] [PM from ButcheR: manu / craft 25] [14:19:36] [PM from ButcheR: oa 80] [14:19:42] [PM from ButcheR: pot 55] [14:19:47] [PM from ButcheR: idk.. offer?] [14:19:57] [PM to ButcheR: hmm sec] [14:20:26] [PM to ButcheR: 100k?] [14:20:41] [PM from ButcheR: 100k = char with a/d 80 ] [14:20:52] [PM from ButcheR: i think 200-250k] [14:20:59] [PM to ButcheR: I could pay that] [14:21:04] [PM to ButcheR: how could i ensure ur not a scammer? ] [14:21:23] [PM from ButcheR: i never scamm any player] [14:21:37] [PM to ButcheR: lol but ur in a guild that allows it?] [14:21:45] Guild PK Godz has 26 members. The guild URL is: Don't Need One. General info: PK Godz, Eternal Lands Best Pkers, The Handsome Club [14:21:46] Joining the guild: If you want to join PkG you'll need Attack & Defence over 75. Then PM Quimbly for more info. [14:22:12] [PM from ButcheR: yes i am in PkG] [14:22:19] [PM from ButcheR: but when u buy char you can leave] [14:22:41] [PM from ButcheR: summoning 22 ^^] [14:22:41] [PM to ButcheR: who am I giving the gc too?] [14:23:11] [PM from ButcheR: you give me 50% cash.. nest to i give you password and next to you give me the second 50% cash] [14:23:32] [PM to ButcheR: ok i'll give it to butcher?] [14:24:02] [PM from ButcheR: yes.. and my friend comm to get my stuffs] [14:24:10] [PM to ButcheR: hahaha] [14:24:18] [PM to ButcheR: listen man, i've seen this ploy more times then I can count]) [14:24:26] [PM from ButcheR: lol] [14:24:34] [PM to ButcheR: last year i was guilty of doing it myself, and I've been in PkG] [14:24:36] [PM from ButcheR: i want to sell this char] [14:24:44] [PM to ButcheR: But you want to illegally multi 250k?] [14:24:47] [PM to ButcheR: I don't think so] [14:24:54] [PM to ButcheR: You've earned a nice spot on my ignore list] [14:25:00] [PM to ButcheR: and fyi, ur stats are n00b] [14:25:00] [PM from ButcheR: lol] [14:25:02] butcher was added to your ignore list! The stat n00b think was just a taunt, and I never fell for it lol I just played along ^^ he must be the worst i've seen in quite a while Next time do a background check ButcheR
  24. Alchemy Shop #3

    MasterZen did those, from what i understand he's been waiting on u to claim them if u haven't claimed he probably sold them