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  1. Signature Practice #2

    Ok once again I have a nice little signature shop... for those who like my work order here the prices range it's discussable etc etc... here are a few recent images: Some of my favorites: PM me ingame fireheart
  2. Signature Practice #2

    sure thing, i'm kind of stuck in some school stuff only have enough time to do a little stuff here and there so i'll get em done asap
  3. Auctioning 10 ELE

  4. Signature Practice #2

    sure thing and btw NONE of my images are repeats (fonts sometimes are the same but eh :S what looks good is good no?) I'll contact you ingame im Blox
  5. How to behave on an internet forum

    *whew* thought this was gonna turn into "swearing on the forums"
  6. Auctioning 30k silver ore

    bigkav it really is NONE of your business what he makes the buy now If you haven't noticed buy now is usually a overly priced cost? that is to say that if u pay this over the top amount of gc i'll give it to you no matter what... sales =/ -B
  7. Selling Ess

    tada what a search would do you rip >.> http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showforum=132
  8. ignoring people on pk server

    Sadly even I don't play the PK server much, to many people just blah blah blah blah, you can't say 1 word with out getting 100 unimportant responses. Just a bunch of crap from every 1 else. I was having a debate in channel 1 with Korrode (we were arguing over the stone crap) and some random dude just pops up and starts runnin ghis mouth (or hittin ghis keyboard however u want to look at it) .... any way I logged off because I was sick of it =/
  9. Never Give In (NgI)

    eh.. what happened to magicprince and sucker_punch
  10. The invasion yesterday

    Yeah 1337 pr0s @ wraith with 20 Health I could see em taking on the yeti while healing from the npc *is joking obv*
  11. Swearing in forum and game

    Hopefully Barack Obama won't ruin that for us
  12. Selling a Pile of 130k Dung

    bet the girls lub u
  13. Should I do this?

    iirc all plate armors(with the exception of dragon armor) and below are 5-0 all swords "great" and below are 6-0 Thermal is 7 Dragon armor is 7
  14. Should I do this?

    Manu good other then that bleh
  15. Which was your biggest project ever?

    it was a bug Saint I did do lots of editing though for the fun of it xD
  16. Swearing in forum and game

    Enly I simply posted my opinion on the matter, I wasn't speaking of some one directly here on the forums, so read a little better and try for once to look at what they mean... I mean seriously not EVERYTHING is directed towards the game >.> It was more of a generality then a specification -Blox
  17. Swearing in forum and game

    Language is language despite where you might be. Where you hear it shouldn't matter much considering your GOING to hear it eventually. I don't care if your father is the Pope of Rome you WILL hear a bit of foul language in your life. Being sensitive and touchy about it is pathetic, and shows poorly on YOUR character that you'd bias people simply by the words they are using, not by the person they are. I get pissed off from time to time. I use bad language that sometimes i look back on and go I could have dealt with that better but eh who cares? I mean jesus it is only words. People need to quit being so damn touchy about it. -Strick
  18. Signature requests here.

    too big yes
  19. How To Access The PK Server.

    You should have this topic pinned
  20. Delete Unused Characters

    Where did you get the idea for the name shadow lol probably from teh person on the pk server?
  21. selling Titanium shield of life drain

    his ingame is Godfather btw
  22. Multiplay on the main server

    If this was legal i bet all the people atm who are IP banned for it would be pissed :S NO from me :> I mean hell... if you think about it if we all Illegally multi i wouldn't need any 1 else \o/ and where is the fun in that ? :>
  23. Signature Practice #2

    glad ya like it
  24. Signature Practice #2

    *bumps* and when ur on umbrey i'll throw u ur siggy
  25. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Intel 945GM Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build I need to try pre RC (the more previous version)