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  1. Perception: Instinct or Reasoning

    Balance the two together If your training to much reasoning can really mess up your training Instinct would help here So I agree with the people who said 4/4 of each thats an extra 4 coord imo
  2. New Tricks

    Hey guys thought I'd drop by For all my fellow speed runners etc etc Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time received a few shocking knowledges. It is possible to escape Kokiri forest with out completing deku tree (i've done it) It IS POSSIBLE to get passed the door of time doing nothing It is possible thanks to a bunch of very very strange circumstances to beat the entire game completing 0 temples. Strictly doing RBA stuff.. Read up on a lot of this @ www.speeddemosarchive.com Escape the Forest -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSmhtt1DWvw Skip the Door of Time -- PM me if you have any trouble / questions Or hit me up on AIM -- Stratsmansc13 H/f t/c -S
  3. steel armor and more | sell&buy

    eh it was some conversation i had with some 1 else who started manuing shortly after i quit thought it was you sorry
  4. Sig Feedback

    complicated to read =/ but not bad Try mixing up the fonts, blending ptions, layers, brushes (my specialty) layering (Saint's speciality) and go for an overall good design
  5. steel armor and more | sell&buy

    Told you SGoUD weren't hard to come by if u make enough of them
  6. Siggs & Avvs 2

    I took all your j0bs a month ago *rawr* lol j/k gl
  7. The best clan out there

    Not likely to be the best guild out there >.>
  8. Siggs & Avvs 2

    deviantart is great for some images and brushes for those like me who liek to draw
  9. Siggs & Avvs 2

    Very impressive work garnoo, do you rob Google for images or do you make them like i do? (not being a smart ass i'm generally impressed)
  10. Before I go how about a riddle?

    And congratulations to levinmage on trying I only wish more people would have tried any way I wish you all the best maybe i'll see you again sometime! TC all and best of wishes to you Radu i'm sure ur arrows will be nicer then anything so far HAVE FUN! and always remember it's only a game
  11. Siggs & Avvs 2

    woo hoo \o/ my idea looked excellent
  12. Before I go how about a riddle?

    congratulations superman \o/
  13. Before I go how about a riddle?

    1 Question is still wrong
  14. 48-hour Mario-thon

    Brawl is AWESOME btw just posting while i wait on the winner for my contest \o/ but yeah Brawl 10/10 =) some 1 pm me so i can play ya online?
  15. Siggs & Avvs 2

    superman u should see the stuff I have made (look for signature practice (in search) and tell me what you think now that i've had some practice