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  1. WTS 300k Coal

    Want to sell 260k coal, 2.5gc each PM me or post here if you need any
  2. WTS 300k Coal

    260k for sale now
  3. WTS 300k Coal

    330k coal for sale now
  4. WTS some ores/minerals

    WTS: 5k silver ore ; 2k iron ore ' 6k coal ; 1k gypsum Msg me ingame.
  5. WTB reasoning removals

    WTB reasoning removal stone's Msg me ingame or on forums.
  6. WTB reasoning removals

    Looking for like 6 reas. removals.. Also looking for 4 Vitality removals
  7. Screenshot Thread

    My first EL screenshot ever IIRC...
  8. Screenshot Thread

    Lol.. I will never forget that day
  9. Kill the post above

    Lets make the world look nicer then with some love
  10. Kill the post above

    Chicken gone...
  11. Your favorite xmas gift as a child or adult

    Euhm.. nothing? Yup that's all I don't really care if I get something or not, I'm happy with what I've got
  12. Folowing Option

    Then there's a 'stalk' problem? Maybe make it like when they use the option a window pops up, so you get a window with 'yes' and 'no'. So then they can't stalk and if s/he doesn't wish to get followed then just press 'no'.
  13. CEL Site Update

    I found also a bug: If I equip a CoM, it shows: Material Bonus: 150 Ethereal Bonus: 0 Nice stuff btw,
  14. Ice Dragon Scales

    Im selling 9 Ice dragon scales. Just give me a good offer.
  15. I need a siggy

    Thx all, when you wish to meet ingame?
  16. replacement for ogres...

    Polar bears maybe.. but, Ogres are still the best.. if they are still a litle too strong than you should try polar bears I think.
  17. #pki disabling

    Maybe a new stone? If you got the stone in your inv you wont GAIN and you wont LOSE #PKI? And maybe a random ..% to break the stone when you kill some one or die. ~Fry
  18. I need a siggy

    Who's one now? I did Edit my post..
  19. Then get a group, and fight (or use some tactics... )
  20. Global Game Messages color chat...

    hmm, where'd you get that idea? My guild did have that guild colour and I liked it. (IDK why but some one changed it into dark blue now ) ^ That colour
  21. Global Game Messages color chat...

    Dark Green looks not bad too IMO.
  22. If its annoying, those bots talking in local than why not just #ignore them?
  23. I need a siggy

    #EDIT: Posted right size