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  1. Actors Clan

    Do to some unfortunate real world circumstances I will most likely not be playing EL in game for quite some time. I would hope that someone take this idea and run with it in their own way. Best wishes and best of luck to all of you... NeoSeS
  2. The new forums

    Ah the truth of it all, lets face it you can call someone an "idiot" or you can call them "A meandering thoughtless fool with no mental capabilities of any value what so ever..." It sounds so much better when you leave them dumbfounded trying to figuer out what you just said to them. NeoSeS I just thought in the spirit of things Ent that you might consider I don't know it just sounds Kooler
  3. Stuck In The '90s

    NeoSeS <---- Loves the music from the early 90's , just about all of it actualy
  4. Inspirational & Funny Quotes

    LOL ROFL Ahh that one's a good one, I came up with it all on my own. Feel free to use it all you want, if you can get people to think a little bit from it... all the better right . NeoSeS On my list of quotes my two favorites are the first one and the third one, of course the third one is all based on perspective really, but the first one really holds true for all of us.
  5. Inspirational & Funny Quotes

    "To the world you may be One Person, but to One Person You may be the World." "Our Lives are dictated by the Choices we Make..." "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." :lol: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." "Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please." "If you're not Completly Appaled you haven't been paying attention..." I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in Exchanging / Reading some quotes. Feel free to post some of your own. NeoSeS B.T.W. I love the first one the most, I found it on a Keychain today and just had to buy it.
  6. People of USA, watch out

    Gratz LV... Um what state do you live in , Just kidding. Don't drive to fast and make sure that you drive to as many girls houses as possible... it'll make all the stess of trying to get your license that much more worth while . NeoSeS
  7. New Microsoft project:

    LOL that was frickin hillarious thanks for the laughs. NeoSeS
  8. New GarD

    Which queen would that be... oh and I couldn't agree more. NeoSeS
  9. Regarding the forums

    Yes your right you can never be to sure who is hiding behind an email address, but if you were to implement an authorization protocol of some sort you would limit spam to some extent. You could also disable the Guest Reply in all forums so that only people with registered accounts could reply in the forums that were replyable *think I made up a new word there*. There is no perfect solution to the spamming issue... but there are ways to minimize it. Limiting the way someone gains access to the forums and limiting the number of forums people can reply in would be a start. -No guest posting -admin authorized accounts -only forums that actualy require posting to such as (Help, General Chat, Off topic, programming, Events...) Ones where user imput is actualy needed. If you do it this way then you will have less forums to monitor and maintain control over. -Make Abuse forum Message only forums explaining why someone was banned, if someone has a specific persons actions they think should be looked into... they could email and administrator or contact a mod in game. -Get rid of the flames forum Just some ideas that I think could help get the Forums back on track for you... THe people who are worth having around in the forums wouldn't have a problem with any of these I think. NeoSeS
  10. Regarding the forums

    Aright, lets see what Idea's we can come up with here to help this process along. -Get rid of the flames forum all together -Bans forum and Abuse Forum Make this particular forum, if you decide to keep it of course a special forum where only the players name and the reason for the ban are posted, I.E. only people that have the ability to ban are allowed to make a post and disable all reply capabilities. First post in the forum should be... (If you were banned and you think you were banned unfairly, contact the person that banned you, or other members of the developement team and it will be looked into. Basicaly just set it up as an informational forum, I've played for about one and a half years now and have never been banned yet... I don't know dosen't seem like it should be that complicated to me. Also with the Bell Canada thing... make a single pinned topic explaining what they have to do and who they have to contact to get that issue taken care of. -Announcements, News of Game updates, and Rules forums You could consolidated these forums and make one group called "Important Game Information and Rules" Only people with access to this forum would be allowed to post, no replies allowed... Gaming Community forum -General chat (if you want to keep it that is) -Suggestion -Programing and Bug Reports -Stories, Sound and Art (could set up one forum with all of them or leave them all seperate) And then of course good old off topic. Pinned (Flames, profanity and *going offtopic*) in the off topic forum are stricly prohibited and may result in a temporary or permanant ban from the forums. Off topic means non game related, it dosen't mean ruining a non game releated thread with information that has no point to the original post. I think that if you simply limit the areas that need moderating, get rid of the problem forums that cause the issues in the first place and effecitviely implement a disiplinary system... we may have a chance at saving the forums... I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope. NeoSeS
  11. Regarding the forums

    *Cries* "No more EL forum..." Sniffels... So sad, I enjoyed the forums... occasionaly you could have an actual inteligent conversation and get information from people that was interesting and entertaining... I'm gonna miss the EL forums... *Sobbs* Bye Bye EL forums, it's been an experience and one that I'll truely miss. NeoSeS
  12. Guilds

    Very Very Very Happy to see GarD not on the list :D
  13. C or C++ HELP!

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12248 Here's my post on C++, from what I've learned it's better to start with C++, becasue in the process you'll learn C anyway and then you will better understand the diffrences. I got the C++ for dummies book and it is a wonderful guide to learn from. I also would recomend the site that I posted in my original post linked above, the two of them should help you learn quite easily and quickly, provided your willing to put a little effort into it of course. I wish you the best of LUCK and best wishes. NeoSeS
  14. Do not look!

    Gettin Jiggy with it.
  15. Is there a divine being

    I know what I belive and for me that's all I need. I don't need to prove myself or defend my belifes to others, so no I don't every take a stand for my belifes. If I don't agree with someone I just don't listen to them. I use to fight tooth and nail for my belifes, but eventualy I learned that I am going to belive what I belive and you are going to belive what you belive and neither one of us is going to change the others point of view... in a general since I'm sure you understand what I mean. It's easier to surroung yourself with likeminded people than it is to argue with people whose views and oppions are never going to change anyway. Why waste a lot of breath time and stress over something so trivial as the individual belifes of 6 Billion people. NeoSeS ** Your belifes count for 1:6,000,000,000 of the worlds populations belifes. If you want to think about something, think about that.