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  1. Sto sale

    i would like to buy 28013 Lilacs 8065 Impatiens 7956 Emerald all for 42k gc thank you Giove
  2. Buying Excavator perk removal

    Stone Bought. Giove
  3. I am buying an Excavator perk removal. I offer 350k gold coins. Money are from bot Zerachiel, ready for you. If you prefer a reserved deal, send me a forum pm. Giove
  4. Different break formula

    And you may not break a thing in another 600 yetis or break 10 whole sets in 100 yetis... It's probability ... So i have to believe that killing last 10000 cyclops, 35000 fluffies, 29000 feros, 37000 desert chimeran, 6500 forest chimeran without broke or damage a single armor, was not depending from a good defense and a different break formula. Sure, sure it was just big luck... Now the break formula has changed and in the while monsters hit more deeply. Both things toghether means the number of critical hits are strongly increased. And this is the reason of the increase of the breakage. The new formula is not so fair for me. Giove
  5. Different break formula

    I broke used titanium shield and col got degraded in the last 60 yetis, after formula is changed. I never broke a thing in previous 600 yetis. Giove
  6. Different break formula

    In the last months i don't go for training too much, but i do Haidir daily. Recently the game was changed to make impossible afk train, changing the break formula and critic: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54271 I saw as the phantom warrior is gone hard to kill, i saw as a rat can hit me with 7 hp damage and even if i dont understand well why i accept that facts. It was also told "Different break formula, should be fair to everyone." In the last few days i notice the change to critic is very invasive for me. Also if i am skeptic. I broke/degraded 3 armor pieces so quick. From Yeti for Haidir quest: att:138/46 def:139/65 phy:48 coo:48 rea:16 wil:12 ins:16 vit:12 combat level:316.75 Log started at 2010-12-21 localtime (ora solare Europa occidentale) at [22:10:03] Your Used Titanium Shield has been destroyed Training Mountain Chimeran: att:138/46 def:140/60 phy:48 coo:48 rea:16 wil:12 ins:16 vit:12 combat level:317.5 Log started at 2010-12-29 localtime (ora solare Europa occidentale) at [21:16:45] Your Red Dragon Mail has been degraded to Damaged Red Dragon Mail I moved 4 Instinct into 4 Vitality, to improve Thoughness From Yeti for Haidir quest: att:138/46 def:140/59 phy:48 coo:48 rea:16 wil:12 ins:12 vit:16 combat level:317.5 Log started at 2011-01-05 localtime (ora solare Europa occidentale) at [18:13:33] Your Crown of Life has been degraded to Damaged Crown of Life Well i know my character is not good to go for training from high level monster, but i think i could train monster with Attack/Defense 115/115 like Mountain Chimeran because my defense is 25 level more without get armor broken so bad, or to broke so bad things in only 30+30 Yeti (who have Attack/Defense 125/125, 15 level under my defense). The reason i write here is not for the breakages it self, they are just few gold coins. The reason is the high demotivation the breakages gave when you train with similar monster, also getting low experience. Sorry Radu for this post. You can remove it if it hurts, but i needed to write it. Thank you if you will do something to adjust that. Yours sincerely Giove
  7. This post is about new RC2, but not about the ranging tests. I noticed the nice work done about clothes and i appreciate very much new dimension and better quality of the clothes and the flowers. I noticed an odd difference in the file "cape1_medium.cmf" between RC1 and RC2. So i created a new cape just to test the difference. In RC1 the cape was resized in the same way in all the parts. I noticed in RC2 there is a part of the cape that is not resised like the rest of the cape. Here you can find a sample of that i mean: http://bycortez.altervista.org/new-clothes/rc1vsrc2.htm I don't know if this is wanted or not, so this post is made just to ask if the new file "cape1_medium.cmf" is right. Thanks Giove
  8. I am selling 1 inorganic removal stone. Start price 900k Increment 10k BIN 950k Auction end November 21 at 3pm GMT time (24 hours from now) or at the BID. Giove *** SOLD AT BIN - AMAR buy it ***
  9. The Shop serviced by the Fear Guild

    i would buy 10k lilacs, 10k impatiens, 10k emeralds and 10k sunflowers tyvm Giove
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    i would buy 20k silver ore at 50k gc tyvm Giove
  11. The Harvesting Shop!

    i would buy 10k lilacs, all for 5k gc tyvm Giove
  12. storage sale

    I take all this: 5642 Impatiens - 2.8k gc for all 5630 Lilacs - 2.8k gc for all 5160 Sunflowers - 3k for all 661 energy essences - 8gc each 5608 Emeralds - 3gc each 10535 Blue Quartz - 2gc each pm me in game tyvm Giove
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, i would buy 20k emeralds, 20k lilacs and 20k impatiens, all for 80k gc. I can accept separate delivery of 5k each. Take the time you need and pm me when ready or if you dont accept the order. tyvm Giove
  14. ELG Guild Shop

    i would buy 3k of emeralds, 3k lilacs and 3k impatiens, all for 12kgc tyvm Giove