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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    20k toads 30k gc total ingame name JoshyBoy
  2. 10k srs

    Auctioning off 10k srs. Auction will end in 3 days when i come home from work. (So about 3 days and 3 hours from time of this post.) Starting bid: 120k Minimum bid increase : 1k Buy now : 150k In game bids are welcome. I still reserve the right to not sell, although unlikely that will happen.
  3. 10k srs

    SRS bought at buy now price. Auction over.
  4. i'm in ingame name: JoshyBoy and as you may have figured out, male
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Very speedy turn around, i am very impressed If i could add another order ill pick up subzero's order as soon as were both on at the same time Joshyboy - 5k Poison Ivy 5k Henbane 5k Poppies 5k Redcurrants 5k Blue Berries 5k Rue 46,250 gc
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    JoshyBoy 5k Dandelions = 7.5k 5k Poison Ivy = 7.5k 5k Henbane =8.75k 5k Poppies =7.5k 5k Red Currants = 7.5k 5k Rue = 7.5k Total = 47k
  7. Racoons

    Ok i need 50more racoon hats or 100 furs, i need them asap. PM me on el if you have any. will work out payment
  8. A question

    Ill say its randomness just to cover my but. But yes i had the exact same thing, it also seems like you fail alot more near the end of a lvl. The closer you get the more you fail.
  9. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    can i order 12k cotton straight up
  10. Server Crash Again?

    yay i get to make craft lvl 27 again
  11. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    Same order again if you could. Great service last time MORE COTTON please
  12. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    Same order again if you could. Great service last time
  13. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    can i order 6k cotton for 3k gc if not just 2k cotton for 1k
  14. Artwork Updates

    Gotta be sun safe, dont want to be getting skin cancer. Speaking of which, Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.
  15. Option to disable 'alt+x'

    If you go into key.ini you can edit all you options in there from chaning your quick use items, and chaning alt +x to ctrl +q what ever you want.
  16. pyewackets birthday

    Hey PYE. So you have enough time to hop on the fourms, but you can't say hi ig meanie.
  17. 1k emps

    Ok that auction didn't to an amount i was happy with. I will now be selling amounts of 50+ emps at a time for 300each I will also trade for the following items: 50 emps for 1 rosto 6 emps for 1 serp stone 20 emps for 1 binding PM ME if you have any other offers There should be 100 on Passion most of the time for 350 each, so if you can't get onto me, just check her. Just PM ME in-game or reply here.
  18. 1k emps

    *bump* Prices changed. Trade items added
  19. Auctioning 1k EMP

    I have 1k steaming Extra Mana Potions to be auctioned off. I have a reserve price and unless the price reaches that much i will not be selling. Starting bid is:---150k Current bid:------255k By:----------------indus Buy Now Price:---450k If you wish to remain a silent bid, PM me in game, send me a gossip or a PM on the forums. Auction will end some time on the weekend. If a large amount of interested is drawn to this auction i will be making another 1k. If not i will be auctioning them off in amounts on 100+. Happy bidding.
  20. How to make money

    lol your asking about how to make money and your just going to neglect all other skills. I agree with Bleeding, good luck.
  21. How to make money

    So thats why i haven't found any. Potions make a fair amount of gc, epically when you get to be able to make srs.
  22. Mortos Challenge

    WS isnt multi combat
  23. Mortos Challenge

    umm i would like to swap me out for LevinMage. There were some events that made it possible for him to take part. But i will be the back up for L.A.
  24. Mortos Challenge

    Atm im going to have to put myself down at the 4th player for L.A. but this contest is going to be held at 4am for me and on my dads bday, so im not sure how ill go with getting there.