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  1. The Eternal Lands Youtube Channel!

    Thanks for the link I've seen your trailer earlier, it's really nice! It's already listed on the channel.
  2. The Eternal Lands Youtube Channel!

    Somehow, i'm not able to edit my post... Click here to visit the Eternal Lands channel!
  3. Hi all, i'm about to join EL again, but that's not why i posted a topic. I am currently working on a new youtube channel with only the best el video's listed in it. I am putting them in different playlists, so you will have a good view! My suggestion is, please have a look at it, im sure you will like it. Have you found a video i should put on my channel, or have you got a video yourself? Please Msg me on the forum or youtube! _Hope_
  4. UFC

    Im not a UFC fan, but i deffinetly liked the video game on the ps3 _Hope_
  5. Bow Bug!

    Hi, i noticed a bug while training my ranging lvl. I recorded it, so you will see what i mean. Click _Hope_
  6. SoLw Recruiting

    Currently, we are recruiting for members. I am working on a guild vid atm. We are a guild that likes to use different kinds of skills. SoLw likes to help people out, and we strive for lots of fun! Besides that, we honor PK as much as we help people out. That doesn't mean "You" have to be a PKer. You need to have a skill at least 20 to join our guild. (This will change during time) We don't accept Outlaws, bagjumpers, scammers etc. Want to be a Legend? Join Souls Of the Legendary Warriors
  7. Can't Connect

    Hello, i diddn't have any problems while playing el. But about 15 minutes ago, i noticed the connection was getting slower and slower. My Fps was alright. That deffinetly wassn't the problem. When i PMed people, it took ages before i sended it and it also took about half a minute before i could walk etc. I can't even connect to the player online page anymore. Am i the only one with this right now, or is there a problem with the server atm?
  8. Who the hell are you?

    Lawl, i am _Hope_ on main and _Hope_ on PK ^^
  9. Kill the post above

    Still like boxing?
  10. New kinds of Invasions

    wow sorry diddnt know there were so many topics of it
  11. Kill the post above

    Pwns Everyone
  12. Ok, so today something brought me on an idea. First of all, i love the invasions we have right now, im not saying i'd like new kinds invasion instead of what we have right now. So wouldn't it be fun if we had invasions where we need to resque a important person "maybe a historical person or a mod " So, one of my examples is: Resque the princess/or w/e To reach the place where we can safe the "important/historical person" we need to kill all of the summoned monsters on that map "summoned by mortos or one of the gods that captured this "person" When we killed all of the Waves, we have to kill the Feros guarding the "Castle" or something that looks like it. So we would need Rangers to kill them (The Feros are above, so you can't reach it on foot). it'll be the only way to complete our "Second" Task until we can go further. After the guarding Feros are killed by Rangers, we all need to go inside the "Castle" (im thinking about Vermor castle, or maybe the Magic school.) Then we have to kill all of the summoned creatures Inside, before they will Invade the whole map again. After we killed all of the summons Inside, we will get our new task "probably explained by a god #Message" So our new task would be to get the "Captured" person the hell out of that place by finding her somewhere inside the Castle/Magic School. The person that found her/him will be heavy rewarded So what do you think about my idea? I mean its just an example of "new kinds of Invasions" I personaly think it would be quite fun if we had invasions that may look like it Plz let me know what you think about this _Hope_
  13. Fast Icon Button -Summoning-

    Autch how'd you find that? lol na thanks for lettin me know would also like it done (can live without it)
  14. So, how would it be? A simple fast icon button for summoning. Its sounds so easy! At this way, you can summon more kinds of creatures by clicking on icons just like we have for magic I don't hope this is already suggested, i did a research. Hope you like the idea.
  15. Sound FX bug reports

    Theres also a sound bug i noticed. (not really a problem imo but i'd think it would be good to tell this. In the ogres spawn in Melinis, you won't hear ogres making sounds while fighting. "Same for other people that train there. It sounds like it has been disabled there.