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  1. Ataala ban

    So I understand that there is no chance of getting unbanned? I can only swear that I will never trouble her again.
  2. Ataala ban

    I bought this character around 10/09/2016, in 2017 I actually remember that I wanted to log in to see if anything changed, but after seeing that I couldn't, I didn't try again. Now I came back to the game a few weeks ago with a new character, but I remembered Ataala who is much better than mine, so I'd like to start playing on it again. I would like this character only for myself, not for anyone else. Probably the previous owner got a ban and my characters with him. (Pysio and bought Ataala). I don't remember the exact nickname of the person from whom I bought Ataala. But he was once known as Szczepan2. His nickname probably started with f .... I can not recall.
  3. Ataala ban

    Hello, some time ago (years ago) I bought the character "Ataala", played it a bit and then stopped the game. Some time ago, when I wanted to log in, it turned out that she has a ban. Can i ask about unban, please.
  4. Adrian_K

    Hello my character Adrian_k was banned about 2-3years ago. I want play again EL. I really sorry for break rules. I will never do it again. Can You unban my character please.
  5. Adrian_K

    I buy this account . I never again illegal multiplaying.Please whitelist me This is my favourite game (
  6. Adrian_K

    sad.gif Hello! My nick in game Adrian_K.Why i have character ban?Please You can whitelist me. sad.gif Sorry for duble posting
  7. Adrian_K

    Hello writeing pls!
  8. Adrian_K

    PLs writing
  9. Adrian_K

    Sorry only Character ban.
  10. Adrian_K

    Hello! My nick in game Adrian_K.Why i have ban ip and character?Please You can whitelist me.