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  1. Română

  2. Română

    S-a rezolvat, folosesc proxy-ul lui Learner
  3. Română

    Sal, poate stia careva aici sa ma ajute Is student in cluj, stau in camin si am portul 2000 blocat (printre multe altele ), nu exista posibilitatea sa fac un bypass sau sa ma conectez printr-un al port? sa vorbesc cu adminul de retea nu are absolut nici un rost e mult prea batut in cap.
  4. What was your first guild?

    I have been through ALOT of guilds until i finally landed in CO after i got invited by zonetheta first guild was MMM - mining,magic,manufacturing MMM >RO>-op->Wolf>TM>CO>Riva(great guild)>CO>TM>*R*>CO(until now) - a list of guilds i still remember beeing in
  5. Unde v-ati pitit, manca-v-ashi ?

    M-ai sunt catziva romanshi prin joc Majoritatea...cei care au deschis topicul precedent au renuntat. Odata cu plecarea lui Rogue/Mihaim s-a dus naibii aproape toata comuniatea romana. MMORPG-ruile nu prea prind la romani...numa CS,FIFA shi ocazional WoW se joaca mai nou. Dar tinet-ti ochii deschisi ca dai de noi
  6. Warcraft 3

    Every hero in DotA is strong enoug to kill any other hero. It's all in how you play...and how you build your char. @Hardcore. Of course people get pissed if u die to much...you are feeding the oponent team with gold.
  7. Warcraft 3

    www.getdota.com have phun
  8. New Death Messages

    xxx has droped the soap
  9. weird

    Hmm...thx for the explaining Didnt see it in the game update part
  10. weird

    NO!.. maybe some1 else could pm him..and go next to him..and see.. just dont harass the lil guy
  11. weird

    I have shadows turned off Oo
  12. weird

    I hope it works now ... sorry for that .. ( http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/7812/wtf4ho.jpg
  13. weird

    i saw him in PL..near the flower shop.. and could not explain why..or....what.. its not a video card bug..i have latest drivers
  14. weird

    could some1 pls explain... http://www.ostrog.3x.ro/wtf.JPG
  15. Subliminal

    you guys have no experience with these movies Try watching it like i did... at 1 am ...with the headphones on. ..and turn up the volume cos u cant hear the cradle of filth song.. it scared the shit out of me