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    In the realms of phantasmagoria, Norway
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    Girls, playing my guitar, my keyboard, making songs :), EL, music, metal, fantasy, darkness, used to play Orkfia before.
  1. Basic Details about Races

  2. Basic Details about Races

    Cool, yea I got my name and nick from www.barrowdowns.com/middleearthname.asp too, wasn't my own name I typed, but someone elses. Still this is me. That site rocks! They got everything from hobbit, elven, orc, anduin and dwarven names, both male and female versionson elven names. I agree on that it adds more to the rp feel of the game.. That's sorta why we're playing it. We need more rp elements, that'll make things take off. I'll help you out
  3. People who want to write stories...Read this first

    when I can't focus ALL THAT much on school 'caus of STUPID hypocritic friends! well at least in the past. some people are smegos.
  4. People who want to write stories...Read this first

    that sucks.. know what its like..got some of the same situation here..or at least had DAMN I NEED HER
  5. lol moonshadow got banned

    I like Dimmu Borgir before Rammstein. :wink: However it is both their music and how they play it that makes Rammstein good imo.