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  1. Do You Want..

    I am still confused as to why people think Runescape is better than Eternal Lands. This game is the BEST free MMORPG on the market and it just needs to be marketed more to people and I'm sure it could become famous like Runescape. -Tzale
  2. Happy Holidays

    I'm sure it's a priority for Entropy. There is some pretty good money to be made on some of those items considering they are nothing more than some pixels on the screen. Though I have to say I think it is a good idea for Entropy to get some money to further progress the game.
  3. Heritage

    I'm Polish, Irish and German. I was born and live in the United States.
  4. Debate on military & Iraq

    One more thing..... I said from Day 1 that Bush was going to start wars, even before he got elected by ONE person. Who just happens to work for Bush's brother Jeb (governor) of Florida. I also never thought this plan would work in Iraq. I believe if the Iraqi's wanted democracy they would overthrow Saddam and create it themselves. It's just not going to work over there. It's wrong we are forcing it on them. It's not liberation it's occupation. I really hope we can pull out and stop all the killing, soon..... Hopefully Kerry will be elected and atleast do a little better job then Bush. -Tzale
  5. Debate on military & Iraq

    Than what else does the statement "Your jealous, that's what it comes down to" imply? That's a common misconception in the US, I think this is exactly what Ent was trying to point out. People are not pissed off at America because it's successful. People are angered because of the way the US uses it's succesful status to push their views on the rest of the world. Then I don't see why were are fighting about this. I said earlier I agreed that there is a lot of problems with that. I think it's 100% wrong that we can say they can't do something but we can do it. When I mean Jealous I mean everything is here, and all. I'm not saying it's better, just that we are a "super power" like Russia once was. People generally hate the big guys, because the power goes to their head. You don't know how sick I get when I hear 5 Americans killed, they donate an hour to that yet 30,000 people die in a earthquake in Iran and it got 1 minute air time on CNN, a few months back. It makes me sick how money controlled we are, and how we give everything to Israel and hurt the Palestinians. I don't know how we can support Israel after what they did to the Palestinians homes a few days ago. It's time for me to get some sleep. It's 5:15 AM.....
  6. Debate on military & Iraq

    Admit it, Flexo and others, you just hate the great american people because they have bigger cars, better schools, more freedom, less polution, and a much higher standard of living! And their leaders have balls, not like you pussies! Honestly there is no point in arguing with you guys. I never said America is better, it just happens to be that America is the center of the world. The same way Europe used to be. It's a big power in the world, and people are going to get pissed at stuff they do. I don't really care anymore, I just want Bush out of office and I want to enjoy my life. I can't be bother fighting over this. I can't change anything anyway, the corporate elite and Israeli terrorists will always run America so what else is new. Just don't put down soldier's. That's just low. Put down the ones who rape, and torture people. Humans are going to always have war, that's the way it works. I don't support war where it's not needed. America is NOT the threat to the world, it's ISRAEL. America is a puppet for ISRAEL.
  7. Debate on military & Iraq

    My family has fought in the Civil War (my mom's side) for the union (north), World War I and my grandfather fought in World War II against the Nazi's. Korean War my other grandfather fought in, Vietnam my father was drafted into and he was AGAINST that war... AKA hippie movement. My uncle, Jim Dalton lost his life in that fucking war Vietnam because of that bastard Johnson. Don't say these people are rapists. They are far from it, they fought for their country even when some of these wars were not justified. They fought because there leaders told them to. You NEED to get your facts straight, and stop buying into every little anti-american thing you hear. Your going to say our media is fucked up, well it is... But so is yours, all media is biased. Learn to accept that.... Just so you know, I'm not a ultra-patriotic American, I would love to move to Europe in a few years. If a draft broke out, I'd move to another country. But I don't think you should call all of us rapists! That's WRONG.
  8. Debate on military & Iraq

    Your grandparents were probably the biggest rapists and torturers. If your going to lie and assume that all Americans are rapists, then guess what your entire country is made up of racists too. WHAT RIGHT do YOU have to say something about Americans who don't even fall into the category you say? Hey, guess what Americans are EUROPEANS... Do you not remember that almost all Americans came over from Europe? My ancestors are from Poland, Germany and Ireland just because they live in America doesn't mean they are rapists! ARE YOU STUPID? Don't put down America because of politicians I am SICK of the jealousy towards America. Your jealous, that's what it comes down to you make me sick.
  9. Debate on military & Iraq

    That's not true, I just read only 43% of Americans are in-support of Bush currently. I know the numbers were higher when we went to war but I think if people saw the lies live they wouldn't support him. Remember, all the media is controlled to be pro-israel anti-arab. That's why we have these problems. Please stop putting down Americans as dumb. The media is a big problem, and most people can't access news from other sources. So they buy into the propaganda. I'm going to go play some EL now.. I think you understand me. PS: May I ask what country you are from, and where do you live in America now. This might explain why you think all Americans are pro-Bush. Generally speaking there are states which will always agree with Bush and ones which will not agree, or they take sides depending on whats happening.
  10. Debate on military & Iraq

    I agree with you to a point. I believe it was a communication failure, because if George Bush listed all of his reasons for war and Saddam could openly respond LIVE then it would be a different story. It wouldn't be the same type of war, if any could happen.. I don't think George Bush could pull of his scheme if the world saw a live debate between Bush and Hussein, where all of the problems were openly debated in a closed amount of time and not spread out over a couple months allowing people to be confused by George Bush's real intentions. I hope I made this clear, if not it could be a communications failure on my part. :wink:
  11. Debate on military & Iraq

    Entropy, that's what I mean. George Bush is NOT a true believer in democracy. He would not debate with Saddam Hussein. What I mean is that if we could all communicate and not put down requests for debates the way Bush did there would be no wars. All problems would be solved in the public realm.
  12. Debate on military & Iraq

    Thank god we have a forum on here. That's what this world lacks. If we could all debate things the way we are doing it right now there would be no wars.
  13. Debate on military & Iraq

    I don't agree in killing people either, if we are a true democracy we can talk things out. However, these soldiers are ORDERED to do it or they are killed. If you don't follow orders, they kicked you to the ground and put a bullet in your back. Sad but true, in War they don't play games with this type of stuff.
  14. Debate on military & Iraq

    You posted this while I was posting my reply above this one. Yes, they are required to follow those orders. If they don't they are SHOOT dead on the spot if it's a time of war. This is the way it has been for thousands of years. WAR is not a game, sadly humans will kill each other over stupid shit. They signup for this crap, and they are forced to follow orders or else they could be killed or put into prison for a long time. There is talk about starting the draft again. This is complete BS. Now people who do not want to be in the war will be forced into it. This happened during Vietnam, I believe 16 year olds were being sent into war. WHAT FOR? That war was not-supported by a lot of Americans.
  15. Debate on military & Iraq

    Hi, I am strongly opposed to the Iraq war, however I honor those who have fought for this great country. We are a world super power, with crazy politicians who send off the soldiers to kill people. DON'T put down the soldiers, put down the bastards like George Bush who send off soldiers to kill people. I honor ANY soldier from ANY army or ANY country who fight for their country. This includes America, Japan (WW2), Nazi Germany, Iraq (current war). While I might not agree with what they have done, I honor them for fighting/dieing for whatever they work for. Leaders brainwash, the soldiers just follow orders. Rich man create's wars, poor man goes to fight them. America is currently the largest source of fighting because we are a super power, and we have stupid ass politicians. MOST Americans don't feel superior to other countries! It's these dumb fu$%ing politicians and media who make it look that way. Also just so you know, I don't honor terrorists. They are completely different then what I mentioned before. Terrorists go after innocent civilians without any prewarning. Attacks like Pearl Harbor are different, they go after military installations. If the terrorists were to blow up the Pentagon without using civilian planes it would be a different story. Now I know what your thinking, Americans kill thousands and thousands of innocent civilians in wars like Iraq. Well, I know that's true and it's a DAMN SHAME. This is the reason we shouldn't be there. But I can't say those soldier's do this, they are given orders by there superiors to strike X target at X time. It's not the poor man in the field. I'm going to stop rambling now. I just wanted you to know that I am a strong anti-war person, however I believe honor should be given when a person fights for there country. I don't care what country is, or what war, while I may not agree with those countries actions I can't say the soldiers are wrong for following what there leaders told them. Just so you know, I agree AMERICA was WRONG to drop those bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima then start wars decades later over non-existant weapons of mass destruction when AMERICA was the only country to ever use them on a large scale. Saddam was a bad man, he killed a lot of people but while he was doing it, we were friends with him. They have pictures of Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand during the time he was killing Kurds. It wasn't against our policies then, but for some reason it is now. Make's me sick.... But do me a favor, vote against assholes who support this shit. Together we can have peace. I hope I convinced you, about the true meaning for this holiday. -Tzale