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  1. New web server speed

    Yes, this is faster experience for me as well!
  2. Incorpirate the martial arts!

    Oh... disappointment... and a wee touch of sadness... 'cause I was really looking forward to seeing EL with awesome moves -like the ones in this music video :
  3. VOTD in cod4 Radiant

    Erm... are those bullet holes in the plasterwork near the doorway on the 1st floor? Nice rendering of the awnings, though!
  4. christmas films songs

    Well, my favourite is a song first released for Christmas airplay in 1967 -has there been a year since when this wasn't played by radio stations during the festive season! YouTube Clip 1 This song -of course- is inextricably linked to a well-known cartoon series from the same era: YouTube Clip 2
  5. Video Extensions test

    Using an Apple Mighty Mouse I right-clicked on the link in Entropy's post and clicked the Download Linked File option from the pop-up menu. Next I searched for extensions.xml using Spotlight. Get Info on the 2 copies of this file showed that there was an increased byte count and a newer creation date, so I overwrote the older extensions.xml file with the newer (and larger) file. Hope this file is now doing what it was designed to do, and is sending the required data back to the server!
  6. Outhouse

    Outhouses should be perfectly safe while you are inside -as long as you don't light up a cigarette or a pipe!
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Pogues cover version of Eric Bogle's ballad
  8. How fast r y00?

  9. Weird thing O.o

    I see her turning clockwise from as soon as my eyes focus on the image. To see her turning counter-clockwise, I focus on her reflection in the polished floor she dances on. It does not last however - 5 seconds or so and my perception reverts to seeing her rotating clockwise.
  10. how do i change to the test server

    01. Launch the E-L Client and log into the game 02. Click the View Options icon (crossed screwdriver and spanner) 03. The ELconfig Window should now be open 04. Click on the Server tab 05. The line with Server Port on it will show 2000 with an up arrow and down arrow symbol alongside 06. Click the Up Arrow symbol once 07. The Server port will now show 2001 08. Close the ELconfig Window 09. Type #quit or #exit or hit Alt+X keys to quit the E-L Client 10. Launch the E-L Client and log into the game It may take longer than usual, but during the start-up process of connecting to the server you should see the message Test Server Gratz! You're in! Happy testing -on your Mac!
  11. Testers needed on the test server

    I tried selling Lilacs that I had harvested at locations on the test server to these flower shop NPCs: Darla Forra Lavinia ...and in all 3 cases the lilacs reported as sold for 0 gold pieces and the total coins in my inventory increased by 0 gold coins. Only the lilacs changed hands in the trade with these NPCs
  12. Encyclopedia Errata

    Eternal Lands Help Calendar of the Elders ~ The Special Days ~ Peace Day ... Role Playing: Today we celebrate life and, as such, we will not fight with eachother, nor will will harm any life form. ... eachother should have a SPACE in it so it reads each other the second will should perhaps be replaced with we So, the corrected passage of text reads: ... Role Playing: Today we celebrate life and, as such, we will not fight with each other, nor will we harm any life form. ...
  13. Skeptic Perk

    No, I'm not going to get it.
  14. joker

    Joker responds to the first player character who interacts with him after he has appeared at one of his spawnpoints. Joker can only interact with one player character at a time at each spawnpoint. Another player character cannot interact with Joker once he has commenced to interact with you - so 'stealing' Joker is not possible. Simply seeing Joker on your screen is not enough to constitute an interaction with him.
  15. Whats your favorite AD?

    This 'Bulls' advert is one of my favourites: http://www.toyota.co.nz/MOTMPages/hiluxvideo160520051554/ - It's a link to the advert client's website and gives a choice of file size for playback