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  1. Help Some One Changed My Pass!

    errr kk......just right back to this post when u can thnx m8
  2. Help Some One Changed My Pass!

    Bout a month.......
  3. Server Down?

    is server down because it keeps saying i cant connect to server or am i banned i hope im not...???
  4. i was thinking EL should try get some sort off speaking stuff so you can speak to ur EL freinds....a bit like team speak but for el i have just thought off this i dont know how it will work but maybe u all can help its jsut an idea *retired EL fan and player*
  5. Great War Chapter II

    eeek can i still join im in red allready but havnt sighned up plzz ska let me join in its sounds like great fun :twisted:
  6. ummm can i ask why have i been banned for no reason at all ????????????????????????????????????????/ :?
  7. why have i been banned ????????????

    eeek i havnt been banned what happened sorry guys 8)
  8. Quest for the Lost one

    yup count me in guys 8)
  9. im writing to say there should be a map wer the animals attack you e.g.bears,rabbits,beavers.etc sort off like a pk map that would be quite good so think about it
  10. i think some one should do a war between wat they summon.so it is like a summoing war that would be great fun
  11. Last guild standing

    we know who will wi nthough *cough cough *co* lol