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  1. well look its a TITANIUM spork!!!! look another one!!! everyone go to ebay and search for titanium sporks!!!
  2. I r newb!!!!!!

    no that was ent
  3. Show a pic of yourself!

    ok slayton ur not my slave on the count that u have a shotgun eeekk *runs and hides*
  4. There isnt a fork, BUT there is a SPORK!!!!

    they give u free titanium sporks in that place?
  5. Apprecition for the el team

    can we have nh apprecition day too? would be nice
  6. Invisability spell

    mabye invisability could be a potion cheap easy to make that gives monster mag. perk for say 5 minutes?
  7. Plans for Apperciation Day

    somone call that really rich dude in china and bill gates they are loaded.Hmmmz anyone have some rich loaded parents if so murder them and claim the life insurance and the mola and giva half of it to ent 8) j/k j/k but if ur loaded give him some mola
  8. Do you sleep naked?

    aaa the images *screams* stop stop plz stop lol thank od not all u plp sleep naked..
  9. Do you sleep naked?

    O_O ur good now i have to answer.... :roll: what was the question? oo rite why do i think he is stupid for bringing this up cause it gives me BAD images..... lol sry my brain clicks to fast i cant stop it.. i imagined a fat hairy man in a water bed nude listening to elvis...... :shock:
  10. Do you sleep naked?

    grr ent u push my buttons
  11. Do you sleep naked?

  12. Do you sleep naked?

    <--wears the boxers to the bed room fred is all i have to say is ur CRAZY and stupid like in the head thing...
  13. Guess someone's name!

    actuly it is ent so lord vermor wins
  14. Guess someone's name!

    gods and no think about it its somone who wants to stop bush..
  15. Guess someone's name!

    ok the pics have nothing to do with the person but with the persons ideas.
  16. Guess someone's name!

    wth is this "goadse"??????? i think its aquarden
  17. Flee Bug Forgotten?

    read that its from the other thing on the flee bug... :lol:
  18. Guess someone's name!

    right! gratz finaly somone got it..
  19. Click here if you hate spam email

    the page was downloading 26 pics per sec so i closed it i really didnt get what it was doing...
  20. Icy Hot Stuntaz

    omg the pop-ups they killed me i had like 20 and i have a pop-up blocker built in eek...
  21. my sig

    The pope invented BLING, i mean look at the chains he wares i bet they are 99.9% gold or silver, he needs some spinners though.... :twisted:
  22. Show a pic of yourself!

    there is no fork?
  23. Guess someone's name!

    wrong again hint:think russian
  24. Guess someone's name!

    no its not wolf_lord think older chacters.... :wink:
  25. newb island

    hey i sit at wraith while im on and give every newb or at least i try "welcome to eternal lands, may i help u?" most of them juts walk around then go poof they dont even ask how to play..