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  1. the shizzoalter

    omfg that funny look : from cnn.com it got these things "Big Baby Bush: 'Difficult days' won't halt Iraq's progress" "President Big Baby Bush be like there may be "difficult days ahead" in Iraq that "sometimes appear chaotic," but tha dude promises "no power of da enemy will stop Iraq's progress." " In a speech at da U.S. Army War College Monday night, Big Baby Bush outlined five steps restore Iraqi sovereignty 'n get da country back on its feet, know what I'm sayin'? " "Fuzz can search parked cars" "We'll show yo' ass how da continuing conflict in Iraq is affecting towns 'n families around da United States, know what I'm sayin'? " "Get yo' hometown weather on da crib page!"
  2. Shrek 2!

    EKKKK its out, *goes into zombie* mode walks to movie theater *while chanting must see Shrek 2* sits down watches movie drinks a coke eats popcorn and walks out like nothing happened. I need to c that movie
  3. Joining a guild

    SAM join TM we nead some laughs and more members to...... u should se sabaka he told us he would rather kiss CO then pk them omg what are we coming to jion TM be a merc. ull love us
  4. teach me

    ^ooo yea i learned basic html also probley forgot it though
  5. Fixes for economy

    mabye not fluffy drop, cause i already know some plp who can kill them, and i bet u a week after the update CO will ave serps in hand, mabye diffrent drop, something like joker cept lots harder to find, and only repsawns every 2 days *has 1/1000 chance of giving mabye*. Just and idea
  6. teach me

    i would also like to learn basic progamming, i know basic computer 3d animations with blender.

    ravenod that will be a big help to noobie ent should post a link on main page
  8. Particles

    lol i want my hot chicks <----i like mr. bear
  9. sugestions to fix the econ

    ooo i agree with aero we as fighters make enough money as it is p.s AERO I WANT MY CAPE BACK TY
  10. i agree with moon no cloaks, plz make vials makable soon
  11. Particles

    man is hell hot and everything is dead, but if we went to heaven it would be just right and there would BE TONS of hot chicks WOOT hot girls my type of heaven.
  12. Killer Skeleton, possible bug

    i had that happen with a female orc it hit me for 47 dmg and only droped gp im 52 att 59 def with 30 phy and 17 coord, i just learn to live with it
  13. #storage

    yay ty ent, we love u lol
  14. im lookin for a clan

    SO many guild are gone it makes me crys *crys* sirdan i hope u find a guild soon
  15. VIal O.o i need vials make my life easy if i had vials let us be able to make vials plz ent
  16. Image idea

    ooooo i like the idea, GOod job bojo
  17. Trading Mekelo for Tibia items

    O.o a person not playing EL *puts his name on pk list* plz stick to buying seling EL ITEMS not other GAME ITEMS :!:
  18. Lord of the Rings.

    <-----gonna be gandolf u monkeys
  19. thread

    and use the right # and amount of furs
  20. Last guild standing

    on behalf of TM i sware we will oblige bby all rules set, and will be kinda nice but will kill u. if killing is required and it is needed oooo and have a very nive day.
  21. Another name..

    thank god u got him, a very vulgar name, and stupid
  22. Well i was thinking back to the old 1 year bb-day event. And well i rember how much fun it was, mabye we should do it again. Mabye this time the reason would be "Welcome El-new server" lol kinda lame but what the heck.
  23. Last guild standing

    Hey i find the idea of *CO* ownage as a lie, some TM can kill, why i saw next run from Whitediablo yesterday, lol next running sounds like a oxi-moron. :wink:
  24. Last guild standing

    mabye somone could make a map that u dont lose items on when u die so we can have fun and pk other than that i like the idea