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  1. Go see Fahrenheit 911 or get banned!

    sry eldwen mabye i should pay more attention in school, mister smat person
  2. Double, AND yellow name?

    thats kinda like what happens with me when im running around with my chacters like i have 2 on at the same time *and no they dont interact* and they are on the same map and i log out but he is still there i leave map and he is still there its like a after image only i can c so trop it might be that u just got laggy. edit: i was there i didnt c the yellow name....
  3. Light World <---> Dark World

    what would be the point of going any way, to walk around in a dump?
  4. Forgot my name ;(

    sry for this post kid kaos just made me kinda mad... kid kaos its called he played THEN quit iv been seeing allot of people come back that just never started just quit the game right off and are just now coming back, mabye this person liked his chacter and mabye he had some stats and mabye hasnt played in like 5 months so mabye thats why he forgot mabye he has a life?
  5. Go see Fahrenheit 911 or get banned!

    all im cing is a bunch of people from a defirent country talk about Us my country. YEs bush is a bitch he statred a war just so he could killed hundreds of people mabye thousands, both sides american and other, *lol other...* but flexo bush never been to ur country so u wouldnt really know how it feels or how it works to ahve him running we cant do anthing UNTIL election day, we really cant do that much either since we dont vote the president into officer peolple in the electorial college do ALL they have to do is look at or vote and decide TO or NOT TO go with the magority of votes say. Which sucks. this might need to be moved to flames now...
  6. votd temple wall bug

    well look im in the wall edit :sry for the red x i kinda delteted the pic
  7. Go see Fahrenheit 911 or get banned!

    join the Entropy uprising we will be ur downfall. woot :twisted:
  8. Go see Fahrenheit 911 or get banned!

    hmm i tink ent is gonna go kill bush *joke* but really ent is ur mission in life to do that?
  9. lol what the heck... :wink: Yoshi south California is part of California last time i looked at a map.. :twisted:
  10. hmmz well, cing that california was the 1st state to allow gay people to marry each other i disagree with number 11 and u can come try to take me i got my shootgun ready for ya
  11. votd temple wall bug

    so it as made to be like that?
  12. The Great Duels of EL

    skas ill be a spectaor now, im to busy 2 train so ill sepcator #1
  13. votd temple wall bug

    hows this one
  14. Ants

    ants can kill me now... not clue learner im lvl 60 of course i was armor-less but still they are training way to much :?
  15. Gone for 5 weeks

    noooo my poxy ill miss u sooo muchy my poxy poxy poxy *cries* ill wait for u and ill miss u poxy
  16. The Great Duels of EL

    WOOTErs better get my oa back up only 37 oa must of it is in nexus 2
  17. The Great Duels of EL

    ska ill be a duelist
  18. rofl check this out

    i got 70 damn it i wanted to beat flexo Btw how long did it take u to get 75?
  19. What kinda music you listen to?

    WOoteRS im the only person who likes country music Oooo yea *does a crazy dance*
  20. Fluffster++

    lets just put a ENTROPHY in the game no one could kill that it killed me in a nano second
  21. im just nice so i did it good luck man
  22. sorry i've been gone

    hey people sorry i was gone for a week but i was in pittsburg for a mission trip its called the pitssburg project we help fix up peoples homes who cant afford, or/and cant do it themselves. i had a great time
  23. Free ISO creator?

    bargain shopers... wait im one too :shock:i i love a good bargain and who dosnt
  24. Castle Anthrax!

    im sir lancelot (makes horse noises with 2 halves of coconuts) 8) aint this from monty python and the search for the holy grail? :shock:
  25. we could put wraith in a building and make that building a church with rooms, moonshadow was testing the room idea