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  1. Guess someone's name!

    yea the 2nd one is easy 1st one is hard
  2. Guess someone's name!

    ok this one and this one
  3. newb island

    newb island was where u started BEFORE the server restart and the wipe. It was entro. tut. to the game where u learned the basics. but it is "outdated" :roll:
  4. where do you create an account?

    if u want to make a forum account just click the register link at the top right corner of the screen fill out the application. :wink:
  5. Guess someone's name!

    oooo i got 1 guess this one
  6. more active mods

    tirashazor is always on and hes lvl 2 mod...
  7. DOOM guild's raffle

    well Jelloking has 9 letters so i want number 9
  8. Joining Parties.

    yea KO good ideas in that gmae but that is bvesides the point another idea if u move away from party like say where u cant see them then u cant get xp *another Ko feature* and make sure party leader has the ablity to kill people who just get xp off other people and dont do fighting anything i forgot?
  9. Attribute books

    lets just make a potion of GOd "power can kill everyone" so lame...
  10. more active mods

    well 5 new ACTIVE nhs have just been instated the new nhs are mcmantis aki lord_vermor jride04 and somone else so there u go 5 more ACTIVe mods
  11. Guess someone's name!

    oooo i know the 1st one its me duh im the UNDISPUTED KING of the JELL-O
  12. Show a pic of yourself!

    another pic of me http://img74.photobucket.com/albums/v225/j...os/IMG_1517.jpg
  13. Show a pic of yourself!

    look its me actuly its not but he is still cool actuly this is me for real it is :wink:
  14. randomness

    *imagines 007 witha toga* bad image very bad mabye a silver fur hat or cloak. Ooo or mabye diffrent color capes or black armor, god i should shut up now.. :oops:
  15. forum bug?

    well i was changing my avtar to this http://img74.photobucket.com/albums/v225/j...los/av-1500.gif but when i hit submit i get this problem with image or with forum?
  16. Simple Karma system

    only prob with that is say example i put a bounty on my freind i kill my freind give him 1/2 it and do it again and again...using that method i could have say 100k in a hour mabye even 10 minutes. which means we get back to cheating the system and having to much money
  17. avatars

    i really dislike the bush avatars they kinda seem anti-emerican no offense to anyone who has them jus saying..
  18. Where can you sell Beaver furs?

    henrik does NOT buy beaver furs, to my knowledge no npc buys them only summoners and a potion maker would.
  19. Who are the ant peaople?

    they are bots (programs) learner created the ants to "slean up el kinda be garbage men, and to add fun into the game, and variety. Cicero created the red ants to kill/hunt the ants. (i think) ants1-50 are the real bots made by learner all the others are players acting like ants. i think cicero's red ants are 1-20. (just a guess)
  20. Light World <---> Dark World

    we could have a dark el, not just 1 map, a whole continet its alwas dark no storages and super evil npcs that if they sell u stuff its expenisive, and all the monsters have black eyes errm tuma. made a evil dark side dead ip mabye he could show us.
  21. Issued by the Southern Tourism Bureau to ALL visiting Northerners, North-easterners, North-westerners, Westerners and Southwestern Urbanites 1. Don't fake a Southern accent. This will incite a riot, and you will get your butt kicked. 2. Don't order filet mignon or pasta primavera at Waffle House. It's just a diner. They serve breakfast 24 hours a day. Let them cook something they know. If you confuse them, they'll kick your butt. 3. We are fully aware of how high the humidity is, so just shut up. Just spend your money and get out of here, or we'll kick your butt. 4. Don't order a bottle of pop or a can of soda down here. Down here it's called Coke. Nobody gives a flying rat's ass whether it's Pepsi, RC, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up or whatever ... it's still a Coke. Accept it. Doing otherwise can lead to a butt kicking. 5. We know our heritage. Most of us are more literate than you (e.g.Welty, Williams, Faulkner). We are also better educated and generally a lot nicer. Don't refer to us as a bunch of hillbillies or we'll kick your butt. 6. We have plenty of business sense (e.g., Fred Smith of Fed Ex, Sam Walton, Oprah, Turner Broadcasting, MCI WorldCom, MTV, Netscape). Naturally, we do, sometimes, have small lapses in judgment (e.g. John Edwards, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, David Duke). We don't care if you think we are dumb. We are not dumb enough to let someone move to our state in order to run for the Senate. If someone tried to do that, we would kick his/her butt. 7. Don't laugh at our Civil War monuments. If Lee had listened to Longstreet and flanked Meade at Gettysburg instead of sending Pickett up the middle, you'd be paying taxes to Richmond instead of Washington. If you visit Stone Mountain and complain about the carving, we'll kick your butt. 8. Don't laugh at our Southern names (Merleen, Luther, Tammy Lynn, Inez, Billy Joe, Sissy, Clovis, etc.) or we will just HAVE to kick your butt. 9. Don't order wheat toast at Cracker Barrel. Everyone will instantly know that you're a Yankee. Eat your biscuits with gravy, like God intended. And eat your grits, no hash browns. 10. Don't talk about how much better things are at home because we know better. Many of us have visited Northern hellholes like Detroit, Chicago, and D. C., and we have the scars to prove it. If you don't like it here, Delta, US Airways and/or our favorite, Southwest, is ready when you are. Move your butt on home before it gets kicked. 11. Yes, we know how to speak proper English. We talk this way because we don't want to sound like you. We don't care if you don't understand what we are saying. All other Southerners understand what we are saying, and that's all that matters. Now, go away and leave us alone, or we'll kick your butt. 12. Don't complain that the South is dirty and polluted. None of OUR lakes or rivers have caught fire recently. If you whine about OUR scenic beauty, we'll kick your butt all the way back to Boston Harbor. 13. Don't ridicule our Southern manners. We say sir and ma'am. We hold doors open for others. We offer our seats to old folks because such things are expected of civilized people. Behave yourselves around our sweet little gray-haired grandmothers or they'll kick some manners into your butt just like they did ours. 14. So you think we're quaint, or losers, because most of us live in the countryside? That's because we have enough sense to not live in filthy, smelly, crime infested cesspools like New York, Baltimore or Boston. Make fun of our fresh air, and we'll kick your butt. 15. Last, but not least, DO NOT DARE to come down here and tell us how to cook barbecue. This will get your butt shot (right after it is kicked). You're lucky we let you come down here at all. Criticize our barbecue, and you will go home in a pine box ... minus your butt. :twisted:
  22. lol, ok, in my old history book there was a picture that said sometihng like " mexicans outside of *some city* wait for dark to hope the fence and run to america* it showed a pictute of people jumping the border.
  23. avatars

    not me roja. I find it funny only people who dont live in the United States of America *except ent.* have the anti-bush avatars mabye this is a sighn tey dont hate US they hate Bush. Woot this is great now 3/4 of the world hates him, even his own country.
  24. LOL check this

    vart u scare me sometimes... *Edit*: those people are weird anyone under like 13 should not read that ost...