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  1. Swearing in forum and game

    A little discretion is fine, but as with anything, too much is not good either. Everything in moderation... including moderation. Or else it'd just be boring, and some people are just going to swear their mouths off because they can. You can't really stop someone from swearing. It's going to happen.
  2. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Intel 945GM Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build No problems
  3. The Myspace kid

    Indeed. So yes, it's rather mean to humiliate the younger brother in this way, but he humiliates himself too. No amount of regular sibling tomfoolery could generate such a reaction as this. For him to put myspace above his family (including parents)! My brother calls me names on a daily basis, and we've fought, but he's my brother. I would never tell him to go die. Perhaps this video shouldn't have made its way to the internet, but this kid has a problem big time.
  4. In Memoriam

    I never knew Desdamona, but in reading this post I now wish I did, to have known such a wonderful person and brave warrior. But alas, one does not know what they have until it's gone...
  5. Celebrating the joy of summoning!

    Hmm... there are a lot of references in this topic about Kagen drinking too much
  6. Remote Heal strength - please help by answering

    lvl 13 8D, I usually heal 10-15 material points, but its a rather rough estimate
  7. ***Art Contest!***

    Hmm... I don't think I'll draw for this story (homework and such reasons)... but... will there be other art contests in the future?
  8. Experts Prove Climate Change

    *applauds* You should definately do some more, I loved reading it however, due to your article, the officials are putting restrictions on my oven use!
  9. Music

    It makes sense
  10. Music

    I like the music, though I tend to turn it off and listen to my own when it repeats... Question: do you need compositions? 'cuz if so I could try to get off my squishy armchair and attempt to write something... although I am not exactly reliable when it comes to these things, I could definately try
  11. Quote of the week submissions

    i know, the book got me really angry it was a paperback... near perfect condition...
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    PMS didnt help either... oh, and bugsy is my mother's chihuahua
  13. Port Anitora and the Dragon ship

    the tale of Sarma... he's really one of the NPCs people rarely think about. It's nice to have background information on him since he's so important I too, look forward to the elaboration of Sarma's life
  14. Mystery and Lies

    beautiful... makes me wana cry tho... and that's a good thing
  15. Mystery and Lies

    i like it... you're getting better, really just a thought
  16. Mystery and Lies

    oooo, suspensful.... cliffhanger.... (insert synomyn here) perhaps you could elaborate on the story about Enly leaving the draegoni society? i dunno i like it...
  17. How old are you?

    ...and you still can't spell i'm a perfect mix between -6 and 34 ^^
  18. EL patch

    Hmm... It won't let me open the patch; it says OpenAL32.dll wasn't found
  19. Day Ideas

    oh, sorry what about Feasting Day You get double the food points from... well... food. Role play: The harvest is coming in well, so everything is extra tasty just another thought
  20. 2 new text commands

    My gosh, beaverhunter, who peed in your breakfast today? like Aislinn said, all suggestions are welcome (at least most of them) and this is a creative idea. just because you don't lik it doesnt mean you should totally be a rainy day anyways, back to the topic, I think the 'I am bored' is a pretty good idea... though perhaps hard to incorperate. although, it would be nice i it applied to local chat as well in crowded areas
  21. Day Ideas

    I like that I also liked the ideas about better monster drops ie double drops what about... Double Overall Exp. Day Whatever you do that gains exp, you gain twice that Exp. in overall or Day of No Harvesting limits There is no limit on the Harvesting Exp per hour
  22. Magic Spells

    I agree with rockfall... there pretty much already are these spells... and i think one should be able to heal themselves for more than ten... granted, there is Restoration learned at level 21... but you still fail a lot until like level 50 (not to mention it eats mana like a starving coyote if you keep needing to recast it), so maybe if there was a chance at healing 11-15 the higher your magic level, it would be nice just a thought
  23. That is an interesting idea... but although pickaxes are the most used... what about those of us who spend (an ungodly amount in my opinion) on other tools? just a thought....