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    Aeth Aelfan, Wyrmgoth Fields
  1. Global Quest FAQ

  2. first game you ever played?

    DOS: Wolfenstein and Lands of Lore.
  3. Auction: Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal

    Auction closed, sold to smurf. Catch me ingame.
  4. Auction: Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal

    1Mgcs from Smurf (ingame).
  5. Auctioning an Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal. Starting bid: 1 Mgcs (1000000gcs) Buy now: 1.5 Mgcs (1500000gcs) Auction Ends this Friday night (around 00:00hs GMT -3) Left your bid here or send me a PM ingame.
  6. What do you do while you harvest?

    Reading forums, listening some music (or playing the guitar), chatting with friends..
  7. Happy Earth Day!

  8. Our first neno hunt

  9. Artwork Updates

    AWESOME!!! Really a great job Roja!
  10. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    It's a shame to see someone in the game just to ruin the fun of the others...shame on you Morath.
  11. Artwork Updates

    Awesome work Roja! looks very cool.
  12. Vote for the next monster!

    Vote Nasparliu too. And Bula as second would be nice too.
  13. The harvesting animation poll

    I'm thinking the artist in charge of how everything looks in the game (and who's name is credited with it) WILL care if it looks good or appropriate or not. Call me silly... I agree with Aisy, the person undertaking the animations will certainly want the animation looks good and will not want to waste your time doing something that looks bad. And in my opinion, should be taken into account, what radu and roja has in mind for the game. And I believe that many players really do not care about this type of amination, it might be nice for new players arriving in crowded places, but perhaps it is something that goes unnoticed by many players, and I do not know if this is worth doing thing. And as I've heard before: That is, many players play the game for the fun that the game delivers, not because of its graphics.
  14. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Congratz to both of you! I hope that I can be there
  15. Mini Harv Events

    I really like of this new mini-harvest events. I know that some ppl will not like it, but at least for me now, harvesting its not so boring anymore... And more exp and gcs its always welcome IMO.