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  1. DPA Battles

    Announce contest in game. Not a lot of people use the forums anymore
  2. DPA Battles

    Oh man I am so in 40-60 level cap. Me and Starcy auto win our groups though. Looking forward !
  3. Rent-A-Ant

    Could we get a page update if/when it ever is? Thank you Learner!
  4. Rent-A-Ant

    Is this service still available? Its an old sticky...
  5. Split KF in Half

    Best idea NA. Such winning. :pirate:
  6. 60k Life Essence Auction

    I'll take the BIN. PM me in-game Krystal_Vilty thank you <3
  7. God Please save PK - Summoning Only

    One thing that also should be taken into consideration is the cost. To surive you still need to buy the expensive armors and most summoners need also be a fighter to, forcing them to also buy the expensive swords. On top of that, you pay a lot of GC for enriched essences and the fact of the matter is, you can watch your gold go right down the toilet and for what, perhaps killing a player in a map that has no drops? The fix for this is to decrease the requirements to summon (8 chims? 8 LE and some furs?) And decrease the strength of the summons OR/AND have their strength more dependant on the summoner's level and perhaps even attributes. The fact of the matter is you spend a lot of time on the skill whilst leveling it, why should you in turn have to pay more GC for your time?
  8. cool review

    Charlie Sheen winning. Post more <3
  9. EL videos

    I have to say, this is awesome. HD for the win, good action, not a slow stand around. a
  10. Issac Walton strikes again

    What Aislinn said The idea is somewhat interesting despite it's former appearance in the children's game (I will elaborate in a moment) that has become quite popular over the years. But the fact is, Entropy has continued to push the proverbial skill further into the grotto containing all of EL's other "I think X is a good idea because.." proposals go. Here is said "children's game" Info I see your stats are not to high in EL, perhaps it wouldn't be to late to start?
  11. DrtyDevil/Konvict1

    I have a feeling that radu will not unlock you until you either: 1) Do what ever it takes to obtain images/screen shots of improved models and post them OR; 2) (if you were lying...) Admit you were lying, explain EXACTLY what it was you wanted him to download, answer Ent and Aislin's posts EXACTLY (don't beat around the bush) and then let him decide on your outcome... Sorry for the third party post Ent and Aislinn, but I know this kid and want to make sure he understands his dilemma. Delete as necessary
  12. Instance enter scam (don_jack)

    fixed ur typos
  13. Instance enter scam (don_jack)

    Whether irl or in el, you can never be risk free, and the consequences of too much caution are arguably as bad as too little prudence. Hence, there's no safe hiding place. However, the thing that makes mmorgs so fascinating and (at least imho) attractive, is the opportunity to interact with other ppl. Whether its trading, guilds, pk or whatever, any interaction with others will carry a risk and, if you expose yourself to that risk often enough, there's a statistical probability that eventually you'll get stung. In weighing up whether that risk is worthwhile, it's necessary to consider the extent to which the benefits of trusting ppl outweigh the cost. Personally, i'm on the side of trusting others, as the value of the friendships, allegiances, assistance and other benefits far outweigh those times when i've been let down. Nonetheless, it never fails too amaze me how some ppl are willing to sacrifice their reputation, respect and the trust of other players simply for a few gc, let alone those guilds who knowingly take such ppl in. So whether its pulling sophisticated and cynical confidence tricks with instances, or simply stealing from a guild bot, I think there's a good reason to alert others to who they are and exactly what they have done. Bright lad indeed Just use common sense and always remember, it is a game, no need to panic :>
  14. explorer daily?

    This def wont happen considering the cost of a PP is about 1 mill gc
  15. Gold membership

    Nice necro ^_^ I would vote "Yes" and "All of the above"