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  1. Murder in Draia!

    Great idea...A&D will enter a team. Minion, we may have a space available. PM me.
  2. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    I'm in. Good Luck
  3. W&W Guild

    Blessed Be Good luck to you.
  4. A&D recruiting

    Each of us is a little bit angel and a little bit demon. Can you maintain a balance between the two? Then come with us and discover the best in yourself! This guild was founded on democratic principles. All members are treated with courtesy and respect. Here you will find a safe friendly atmosphere where you can train and develop your character. You will also find players of all skills and levels here, therefore PK is cheerfully encouraged within the rules set forth in EL. Members are encouraged to help new players, as well as guild members and allies. Bagjumping, scamming and troublemaking in general is not tolerated here. All are welcome........... Requirements are basic: 1 skill level over 20 (OA is not a skill) PM Sway or Tej in game or post here if interested. Our webpage: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Guil...p;TabID=1694225
  5. Post your T-shirt ideas!

    These are awesome ideas! I like "got smeg?" the best LOL Perhaps we could do ball caps (not just trucker style) Or knit caps? Or patches And the idea presented earlier for transparent stickers was great too.