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  1. Cleaning sto a bit...

    Ok I'll try to catch you after few hours, when I get home from school
  2. Embezzled healing

    There isn't too many useful positive perks.
  3. Only while sitting? Yeah it would be free PP.
  4. Yeah that's the problem Some people can do more quests even if they take the perk. If you take the perk now, you can't do any quests that are added in future. If you take the perk after 2 years, you can do much more quests than the people who took the perk earlier so it doesn't have so big negative impact for them.
  5. Imo it should apply only for daily quests, since "single" quests don't give that much exp in long run anyway. Secondly people would just do every existing quest and then take the perk. Otherwise it's good idea. Would give maybe 3-5 PP?
  6. LuciferX - BJ's bahavior

    Yeah but famous isn't his goal, infamous is. Yeah I've been bit surprised Luci has been so kind lately
  7. Artwork Updates

    Just curious, will they be coded so only female chars are able to wear them? My green bald orchan would look sexy with them But yeah looks good
  8. Sponsoring Instances

    Still most probably they aren't stones that already exist. So can't say yet what they do.
  9. Sponsoring Instances

    Joule stone? Is it sure the casty drops joule stones now? Edit: "New day stones, available from the WTF instance (sometimes)" For me it seems there's new day stones and ONLY they are available from wtf. Not the old ones that already exist.
  10. Sponsoring Instances

    I voted "As a fighter, I would love some sponsorship!", even I'm not strong enough to fight in wtf-instances It's really good idea and I'd love to see it work in practice.
  11. what do i use my pickpoints on?

    Ummm nathan... I really hope you don't give such advice to newbies in your guild. Max. r/w build is only good for mages, mixers and allrounders if they already have decent i/v (for mixers/allrounders only if p/c is already maxed). For fighters (as mcb seems to be pure fighter), Korrode's combat guide is the best and easiest way to lvl a/d. Of course when you have more experience of the game and understand how attributes work, you can start thinking the attribute settings more "with your own brain". Even if you are allrounder, it's not smart to max r/w. If you do even a little of fighting, at some point you need to have higher p/c and some i/v too. Will isn't that bad for allrounders (it's not that bad even for fighters imo, but anyway...) but just don't start maxing r/w until you have at least decent i/v too. What comes to nathan's statement about fighters not wanting to be "rational"... Just point me one pure fighter over 120's a/d that doesn't have any reas. I don't understand where did you make that up. Edit: And of course if you have all other attributes maxed, will is good to have
  12. Small Storage Sale

    Are the HEs sold yet? If not, please contact MiiX ingame.
  13. Concerning bagjumping

    No more mining in expensive gear since you'd lose rosto everytime you hit tele nexus
  14. what do i use my pickpoints on?

    I'd take both to 12, then save PPs to get more p/c when you move to fluffs.
  15. what do i use my pickpoints on?

    At that point I'd suggest you to take some vit and reas, since they both are still at 4. P/c is pretty good for mobs you are training with that a/d.
  16. Stuff that should be addressed.

    There's like 100 places to train skellies, PL ti cave being the best one. Imo there's no need to move FCW's so newbs could train skellies in the cave.
  17. Concerning bagjumping

    Bag aren't ment to be safe. Haul the harvestables to sto and mix them there so there's no risk of being bagjumped. I think this has been discussed thousands of times before. Imo there's no need to make bagjumping illegal. Thirdly this belongs to disputes, imo.
  18. Stuff that should be addressed.

    If MCW respawn was same as DCW's they would easily be better exp p/h than double FCW for ppl of appropriate levels. I can get 275k exp p/h on on singe MCW now and can't break past 315k p/h on double FCW, wiping the respawn down would make the single MCW better... and the entire point I was trying to get addressed with the "fix the exp hole" was to at least just match what a Feros trainer can make, which has not been achieved for everyone in the levels of 'the hole'. Oh didn't think you'd get that good exp from MCW. Well yeah it's pretty funny I can still get 330-360k per hour from (douple) feroses at 110/128 a/d by using about 20 HE.
  19. Stuff that should be addressed.

    I'm pretty sure no one would train single MCW even if their respawn time was reduced. Douple FCW is still better exp and gc. But secondly makes no harm so why not? Edit: Well of course if all other spawns are taken, MCW is better than nothing so forget what I said
  20. Legit BJer

    I completely agree.
  21. The Great Split

    Everytime themuntdregger, forever or caliphear post something, the flaming starts. Couldn't you just try to get along or flame each others in pm or ig? "You knowingly took in someone who is on half EL's brod list. Brod'ing members of guilds that shelter serious enemies isn't "dishonourable" in my book. just my personal opinion ofc." From Korrode's post (I was too lazy to quote it properly) I fully agree with this. Even I personally don't hate dubro, I understand why so many people will shitlist any guild he goes in. It's always risk to take such person in your guild and I bet you knew it well when you accepted him.
  22. I think there's many people that like to show their achievements even they have privacy on. I'd rather see different command to set your achievements private or even shop bought "achievement privacy" from EL shop. Or either set achievement private when you buy "full privacy" (that sets your ranks private too) from EL shop.
  23. Day of Rare Drops

    Emotion, have you ever heard about sarcasm? Btw idea of the rare drops are that they are rare... Imo we don't need such day.
  24. =hc=

    Yea we know.
  25. Posting Tags / Nothing to hide.

    We have aunt orange and bzzz is red tagged! You'd better remember it when you go in PK map, felkku.