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  1. But it's getting "worse" whole time since new NMT's are flowing in game. Old players get higher level and start fighting stronger mobs that drop NMT's and not that many new players are starting to play. The price is dropping whole time and in near future it won't at least start rising unless something is done. At some point NMT's will be worth nothing and then something really has to be done, so do we start making changes now or when it has gone to shit? At least I don't like the idea NMT perk would be automation to everyone since the cape is so cheap. Secondly I would be glad if the really really rare drop would actually be worth something when I actually get one. It's not really great feeling to get an NMT cape and then notice they cost 10k at market. Or you (actually radu) can close your eyes and see what happens. Also to add to my original suggestion: It would be nice if also pickaxes, harv med etc. would have their break chance lowered if worn on the first slot. So the quest would benefit also non fighter type of players.
  2. Well it takes only 1 NMT, so it wouldn't really reduce their number ingame since no one would use normal NMT cape then. But otherwise that isn't a bad idea!
  3. Nexus potions

    Do you understand how ridiculously expensive hydro mining would be with those pots if you had 0 inorg nex? Actually everything would be just way too expensive if you had 0 nexus and wanted to mix something that requires even few nexuses. I'm still standing on my point that those pots would be almost useless for pure fighters. If we forget level requirements, tell me what a fighter could actually do with 0 nexuses and using these pots? Mix an armor that costs 90k extra gc? Harv some hydro and waste maybe 500k to it (I don't remember how long it takes to harv full load of hydro, but if you need to "reset" those nexuses every minute, it takes shitload of them)? If we add level requirements here, it's impossible for a fighter to become allrounder without nexuses. It's allowed to use your head and think before you talk. I repeat, there's simply no sensible way of using those potions for fighters if they cost as much as radu planned. Edit: It they really really want to complete some tutorial by using those pots, let them waste millions of gc. Edit: Oh anyway in theory fighters would be able to do most of the tutorials just by swapping human nexus to other nexuses with transfer stones. Actually I don't understand why NH just doesn't do that if he has such an urge to finish the harv tutorial. So only use for them would be "serious" mixing and that would be just too expensive unless you already have some nexuses and are using the potion only in rare cases as radu said already.
  4. Nexus potions

    You have ings for 5 sets of dragon armor and only 1 nexus below the requirement, wouldn't be too bad to pay the 15k. That's why I said they wouldn't most probably be used by pure fighters, but by allrounders that already have nexuses.
  5. Nexus potions

    Why didn't you just get nex transfer? I think they've been ingame longer than craft tutorial, correct me if I'm wrong. If they weren't, I would be angry for that reason too.
  6. Nexus potions

    No fighter is crazy enought to pay, let's say 6 x 15k to become "allrounder" for a minute. I'm sure they would be mostly by allrounders or pure mixers to increase their nexuses temporarily by 1 or 2 to mix some really expensive items. I think that's pretty great idea. Personally I don't have any use it for now, but maybe later if I get some hydro nexuses first. Edit: Anyway I have to ask; Would you be so strictly against this idea if it wasn't suggested by NH? Personally I don't see how this would benefit only NH, not the game since couple allrounders have told even in this thread they'd use it.

    Congratulations for great drop!
  8. DuBro - beware - scammer

    Ummm... I haven't played in a while, but isn't KF still non drop? I wouldn't concider that a scam attempt if he can't get any profit from it.
  9. Suomi Finland Perkele

  10. Siberian

    You are really good at ruining even your last chances of getting unbanned. Will you edit this post again after 1 month and ask for unban?
  11. NH and newhope

    Yeah, childer will surely be traumatized.
  12. Pears

    I'm sure burns are in random pears... I mean pears are in random places. What kind of bug it could be? Radu accidently wrote a code that makes the chance of finding pears higher for burn and malameo? Sounds pretty... interesting. I just don't see point in making up these conspiracies when they're clearly only random theories without any proof. What I've heard, this has been going on quite a while and it seems it's getting more and more ridiculous.
  13. Hey! o/ I wish you best of luck with the surgery, hopefully you will revocer completely! I haven't played EL in a while but still remember you from my staying in BoC. Always so helpful and nice to everyone, I'm sure you will be remembered in EL and in minds of people who ever knew you.
  14. first game you ever played?

    No wonder you are so F**** up kid Lies, Carmageddon was one of the first games I "seriously" played and I'm totally normal nowadays... Tho it's pretty fun to overrun people with my Audi.
  15. attilathehun

    Just a tip, stop spamming. Aislinn will read your posts when she gets here again, do you think she should be on these forums 24/7? She might actually take your case more seriously if you acted maturely. Sorry, but just felt it would be necessary to tell him this.
  16. In EL that would mean armors soon cost millions of gc...
  17. Tank Builds

    Imo tanks were good addition to instances and other fighting situations where a group had to deal with multiple mobs. I just don't understand why tanks are such a big problem in EL, practically every other MMORPGs have them. Why should everyone grind from 0 to 179 a/d the same way?
  18. When you are AFK...

    Uh... PS cloak?
  19. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Visvamönkiäinenkin vanhenee prkl! Onneks olkoon vaan, vaikka tuskin sitä näillä foorumeilla paljoo näkyy. Kunhan koitan pomputtaa suomiketjua tylsyyksissäni.
  20. It is what it is.

    Are you sure Korrode is the one who has that talent? What comes to Tokie, he's a nice guy even he doesn't always make sense with his posts
  21. New Haidir's dailies

    There is a solution for this in-game. Called a serpent sword. Too bad it's hard for lower lvl people to serp high a/d players. Afaik haidir doesn't even accept killed creatures if there's someone else in combat. So pretty hard to serp them.
  22. should i reset?

    Nex transfers are only about 30k each.
  23. should i reset?

    If you don't fight, no need to reset imo. You have good nexuses for allrounder. You could move on bear stones, but you have too low animal nexus atm. Edit: Yeah nex transfers are pr0, as hussam said.
  24. Things I'm selling: NMT cape 500k gc Nexus transfer stone 30k gc 14 RoP 500gc ea Post here or try to catch me ingame
  25. Advice for Newb Instance

    Sorry but you fail hard, again. Tank isn't mean to take multiple mobs on him at same time. It's not smart to run in the middle of the monsters and wish they all attack the tank. Few points: 1) It's impossible to know which player the mob is going to attack. If there's group of people killing a monster, other monsters can attack anyone. Not always the tank. Practically tanking 6 monsters, as you said, at same time would mean tank running in the middle of the monsters, waiting until he gets 6 on him and after that fighters come and kill them. Not very smart and practically impossible. 2) The main idea of the tanker is to be able to tank the monster (only 1 at a time if possible) while others are making damage. It saves HE and SR + Skilled tanker with good build has smaller risk to die. 3) Raytray has 100x more experience from instances than you so it would be just better to stfu. I used to have tank build and I remember tanking more than 2 monsters at same time very rarely. Mostly, if more mobs attacked, we just fled / dissed and waited until they split up again and we'd be able to attack only 1-2 mob safely. (of course the ideal situation was to kill them 1 by 1, but normally I was able to tank 2 so it wasn't a huge problem) Edit: It's pointless for you to cry how fighters always attack your posts. You simply give false information so of course people who know things better, will correct you. You're not a fighter, you're not a tank, why do you think you know things better than us?