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  1. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Vittu sinne meni sekin 666:n viestin laskuri. Virhe.
  2. Suomi Finland Perkele

  3. Hello again EL! from AluminA

    I just noticed I'll have 666 forum posts after this one. Noticed a familiar name from ages ago so thought I'd come say hi! I'm in the same boat with you btw, I learned practically most of my written English from EL and EL related things (spamming unofficial EL forums like crazy). But yeah, now since I got my 666th post, I think I'll stay quiet for a few years more. Just quietly stalking forums once in a while.
  4. Susje only use you

    Enough proof for LeeDonaldson at least. You know, there's no trolls in unoff so it must automatically be true without any critical thinking.
  5. Susje only use you

    These threads are one of the reasons I still check official forums from time to time. At first the thread was already hilarious and then wild LeeDonaldson appears and makes it even more weird and fun. Sometimes I miss teh drama in EL.
  6. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Se yrittää vaa pelastaa sinut EL:ltä.
  7. Raise cap on PK server to 120 A/D

    Just give up, it's a dead server and will be dead in future too.
  8. Most of those things don't drain gc out of the game, just move it to another player's pocket. Anyway if I was still playing, I'd say no too.
  9. Wasn't restore 300 HP earlier, not all your health? I'm not sure tho, but that's how I remember it.
  10. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Mielenkiintosta aina välillä lueskella suomiketju läpi... Hienoo settiä, ei voi muuta sanoo. Cara lopettaa joka toisella sivulla ja minäki ehkä joka neljännellä.
  11. Uhhh? I quess it took about 6-8 years until first person reached cap even in OA level. I don't think anyone has reached it in any other skill yet. Not to talk about average players, it would take 150 years to reach the cap even with small exp bonuses. let me clarify my statement, other than fighting or writing books, leveling any skill to around 100 maxes out just about all you can do with it. Everything stops being a challenge and gets to be the same ol'. Yep I agree with this, sorry for misunderstanding.
  12. Uhhh? I quess it took about 6-8 years until first person reached cap even in OA level. I don't think anyone has reached it in any other skill yet. Not to talk about average players, it would take 150 years to reach the cap even with small exp bonuses.
  13. bought shyhermit for a freind

    So people are allowed to use fake identity, try to steal money and do other shit if they don't success? For fuck's sake, in what world are you living? It's still a crime even trying (at least in my country), doesn't matter if the money was sent or not. Even if you don't get sentenced by the law, do you really think radu is willing to let you in game after that shit? And then you are ranting how low IQ everyone else has because they participate in your things... This is just unbelievable stupidity by you.
  14. Toughness reduces also crit damage iirc. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Tho radu made a change that it doesn't make so radical effect. Earlier it was possible to avoid practically all armor breaks by having huge toughness. I quess no one knows the exact way how the armor break is calculated these days, except radu.
  16. Not a suggestion a demand :D

    You're clearly failing something. With my ex-char I used to get about 310k exp per hour from feroses meanwhile double FCW's gave 360k and much better drops. At 120-125's a/d you can move to frost trolls that again give you about 360-400k exp if done correctly.
  17. I think it shouldn't be available unlimited from the shop, maybe auction couple of them per month or something?
  18. New NegativePerk

    Many high lvls don't do dailies even without the perk because it's practically pointless since they don't get much benefit from them. When WTs give you maybe 0,01 % of the exp needed for the next level, some of them just don't bother doing the quests. If the perk was introduced, even more high levels would stop doing them and take the perk since it covers 10 years of doing dailies.
  19. New NegativePerk

    Many of them don't. Even if they did, they would receive much more benefit from the perk than getting an a/d level per year from dailies.
  20. New NegativePerk

    Not a good idea. Just free PPs to really high level chars that are alredy overpowered enough.
  21. It seems everyone and their dogs has NMT capes nowadays and their price has had pretty bad inflation. Since they aren't even breaking they just flow in and practically never go out except for rare occasion when they're BRODed etc. Soooo I was thinking about a quest where you'd use an NMT cape and get some kind of reward as a return. I'd suggest it to be a little lower break chance for first equipment slot. Whatever you wear on that slot, it degrades less easily. And maybe some kind of achi too for those who are interested about them. And no, I didn't get NMT drop lately so I'm not having any secret motives. Anyway if I did get extra NMT as a drop, I would just use it for the quest myself too. Personally I think this is much better option to keep NMT's in control instead of making them breakable again. I wonder if anyone actually broke one while they were breakable for a while? Opinion, ideas etc.? P.S. I would also be interested in hearing instance/invance/whatever tank's opinions about the aggro system atm. Would you rather prefer some kind of aggro spell or is the system you use atm good enough (some of already existing spells, plate off)? I'm having some kind of idea about aggro spell, but I'm not going to waste my time for suggesting it unless people are unhappy with the system we have now. Personally I think it's pretty ridiculous to play with your plate to get monster's aggro on you: "Hey look Mr. dragon, I just put my plate in my backbag, u no notice anyone else than me now!" If EL was real life, that might work when a woman was fighting a man and taking plate off, but I quess it would seem just weird if you did that with real life dragon.
  22. Selling Storage!

    36k gc for PK arrows.