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  1. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    I found a walk through able bit of the Vermor hedge maze at Coords 583,526 [FIXED]
  2. Please read and post any support

    I'd like the speech bubbles back too . and i'm not sure why they got rid of it
  3. Christmas Event

    I could donate a sum of gold for the event, I seem to be getting a fair bit of money lately anyways . If i'm lucky i may be able to participate (maybe even help )
  4. Attributes cap for the main server

    yes i find this idea the best. i find this a good idea to, the Capping only effects pk maps (maybe arenas too? )
  5. Attributes cap for the main server

    i do think its 48 i voted yes, i'd like to see more people in pk plus me being able to have a chance there edit: i do think the cap is a little low, maybe a bit higher?
  6. Bagjumper

    NC arena, and yes he is very weak Well, if HOLY would like to get themselves un-red tagged, once/if he is booted, a leader can contact me and so long as he's gone, i'll un-red them. im sure Drag will boot him when i tell him about Kachna (weird name that one, wonder how he got it? ) as for him being weak, when i see him i'm gonna get him! Edit: misplaced nick name letters Edit2: ill hunt him later today i'm tired midnight here
  7. Bagjumper

    Hehe! good one! where'd u get him? WSA? is he weak? i wanna turn if he is! i do know HOLY doesn't accept bjers , i see Dragongod post about joining HOLY in chan 4 saying : NO SCAMMERS OR BJERS!
  8. New Perk Idea

    You mean to say that when you disengage your opponent you still get exp from them even though your not fighting them, or you can't disengage when fighting? forgive me if i didn't read it right but that's what it looks like your saying.
  9. Snakes in Melinis City

    I like the idea, i cant find many snakes about to summon with, even if i use the 2 spawns in the summoning temple it takes a long time :/. and i think its practical as well
  10. Whats happened to PKG?

    They are a guild thats known to pk a fair bit
  11. Dvar again

    ((so the helmet was a good idea )) After the ambush,dark clouds and the stone to the forehead (helmets are life savers) he nodded in response to a yes. ((a little short but I couldn't think of anything to add right now))
  12. The EL Gala--Final Details!

    since im in Australia i can't attend. itll be 4-7 am in the morning over here . like most other events they are all at bad times for me, maybe next time then
  13. The Merry Soul Tavern

    Krakas rushed towards the violin player and asked "happen to have a coin in that suit case of yours thats has a polished ruby in it?" he waited hoping the violin player would check for him.
  14. ****Generation X²****Harvesting Emporium****

    ill have nothing atm last order was completed