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  1. Forgot Password

    Thanks for the info. I've started a new character and it's been fun starting from scratch but I'd sorta like my old name and my old buddy list.
  2. Forgot Password

    It's been quite a few years since I played and I can't figure out my password. IG name same as forum nick. Thanks!
  3. Summoner Related Changes

    I was pretty certain that the crafter couldn't be tracked, but didn't know for sure that stone vs mixed summons were technically the same
  4. Summoner Related Changes

    For the sake of curiosity, will this (possible) change affect both stone-summons and pure summons? I figure for stone-summons, the summoning level of the user, not the crafter, will determine smite and heal?
  5. Custom Clothing

    TBH, I've emptied and chmod'd some of the player folders It would be nice for the customs to be official (and reviewed/approved) but I imagine that it would be a nightmare to moderate
  6. New command #pray god and/or holy symbols

    [Roleplay] Why would a deity bless someone too lazy to come to his/her temple? [/Roleplay] Adding prayer beads/stones/symbols will make the blessing available on demand at storage. Then it becomes another part of the mixing ritual (mix, mix, eat, pray, mix, mix, eat, pray...). On the "trainer" side of the game, how many prayers do you use during a prolonged fight? There should be some element of effort to leveling - without effort, the accomplishment is empty. Nothing personal on my disagreement of your suggestion.
  7. Connection problems

    I can't either Before I disconnected, it was the first time i ever saw my own grue message. And I could see chat but not do anything, like I was receiving and not transmitting.
  8. 80's music!

    Loverboy: Turn Me Loose Styx: Too Much Time On My Hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQiJdf-ebIs A Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx6IMuOu1mk Devo: Whip It Thomas Dolby: She Blinded Me With Science http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IlHgbOWj4o Not all of them were in my playlist - wait, we didn't have playlists just cassettes and some lingering 8-tracks I still have AC/DC: Back In Black on 8-track. Auction?
  9. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    According to my guildie (Lamorian) Yetio poisoned her on way out of DPA and took her stuff when she died. Some call it strategy, some say its legal, but it's just as legal for me to refuse to ever trade or deal with that guild.
  10. Deer antlers in TS pots

    So, why not make an Antlers Powder that could be used instead of the Antler itself? It could be a very low grade skill (lvl 1 or so) that gives 1 xp in potions. New hunters could carry a Mortar & Pestle, convert their antlers as they hunt, and carry a stackable powder. As for overproduction, TS would again become a grinder for Potters and would be likely to be made in schools if supply overwhelms demand.
  11. Guess the player name!

    koddy had it too and I have to go to work soon so i'll pass it to koddy
  12. Guess the player name!

    ringil oddsocks
  13. Mod abuse

    As long as i remember, the market channel has been buy/sell/pc once every 5 minutes. I've probably been warned of "TOPIC" in the past too. If I have or ever do, I will take it in stride and go on playing.
  14. Lenny / Invasions channel

    Should we assume that rule #3 means that any player may ask that OT chatter stop when there are Lenny or Invasion topics being discussed? Or only a mod?
  15. Guess the player name!

    yep - your go