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  1. Idle Animations

    Finally I have some free time. So I decided to give little update about this patch. Some work in progress is included in this patch. I've decided to use emotes as base for this idle animations because they are well done and are working 'out of box'. With this path all actors do 'random' (pseudo random as nathanstenzel proposed) emote after some 'random' time being idle. What I want to achieve in next step it would be extensions of emote configuration file to add mood id for every emote and mood list. This way it would be possible to very easily and flexible to configure which emotes will be attached to particular mood. Then moods will be 'randomized' between actors and will change after some quite long time 10-20 minutes or so in 'random' way. I hope that maybe in future sending moods ids to/from server will be added. It would work nice especially for NPCs and quest progress. Adding new idle animations would require same work as adding new emote. I don't know exactly how to do it so Roja please contact with someone who coded emotes about this. You could think about possible moods and emotes (or your new idles) attached to moods. Each emote in mood will have 'chance to fire' so You can determine which emote in mood will be used more frequently or less frequently. OK, that's all for now. I will let you know about progress.
  2. Idle Animations

    Animation blending was implemented by me some time ago. So all that need to be done is basically to exchange current idle animation with new one after some random time. I have some concept about new idle animations. I was thinking about introducing something I've called mood. Each mood would have set of idle animations assigned. For example sad mood would have assigned 'turning his head doubtfully', 'cover face with one hand', 'looking into distance' etc. Each player and NPC would have one of moods assigned. I think I would do it in randomly way for start. It would give more authentic behavior for players and prevent skipping from 'happy' mood idle animation to 'sad' mood idle animation and back and forth. It would open interesting possibilities too. For example a player could send his chosen mood into server and it could be sent back(with player struct) to others. Furthermore server could send mood for NPC for example with quest progress. After few hours of searching graphics card driver I still can not lunch El under my Ubuntu. Still no luck with DevCpp setup too. I'm really don't know how to resolve make.exe 255 error. I will keep digging.
  3. Idle Animations

    Unfortunately I have problems with my developing environment setup. I can use Ubuntu because I cant install proper video drivers and lunch EL. On the other side Windows and DevCpp I have version of DevCpp which should work but it doesn't. I'm getting an Error 255 while trying to compile (and compilation process is not even started). My DevCpp version is very old, Much time was passed since I was developing Animation Blending patch. So, Could someone send me link to working DevCpp setup?
  4. Idle Animations

    I think I could give a try. Implementation should be not big deal but I must refresh my memory a little and setup developing environment. I will let You know about progress.
  5. Same combat system

    I was thinking lately of something similar. Adding new combat skills would be quite lot of work so I was thinking about something simple what could be done only by server side and should be relatively easy to implement and also could be extended later (which would require client changes). Summary Basic concept (White Trolls can't jump) 1. Each player has all skill's attached for him like an attribute 2. Each skill has chance to use and this value is 0 at begin with some cap at end 3. Skills are used automatically in fight depends of their chance to use 4. To learn combat skill (increase chance to use) it must be successful used. Chance to increase decreases when chance to use increases Extension 1 (Goblin has backstabed me!) 1. Combat skills are splitted into two groups offensive and defensive group. 2. Offensive combat skills are used automatically in combat by their chance to use 3. Defensive combat skills could be used only as counters for successful offensive combat skill use by your opponent 4. Offensive combat skill could have corresponding defensive skill/skills to be used as described above 5. Each combat skills may have requirements to use it, for example wielding right type of weapon, carrying shield etc. Extension 2 (Tactics!) 1. Player can set their combat attitude by GUI 2. When player set his combat attitude as offensive all skills in offensive group have higher chance to use and all skills in defensive group have lower chance to use 3. When player set his combat attitude as defensive all skills in defensive group have higher chance to use and all skills in offensive group have lower chance to use Comments, detailed information and extensions Basic concept: 1. It would require only to extend player structure by adding some array of bytes (combat skills values) in server. So it should be not a big problem to do this. 2. Of course skills with 0 chance to use could not be used. Learning combat skills can be done in NPC's or Wraith or maybe be even by completing quests. It may cost gold coins or even pick points. After some skill is learned its chance to use value is set for some positive value (3 for example). This could be good money sink, players should be happy to spend gold for something new and usefully. In a first stage players could have one or 2 basic simple combat skills with chance to use level 1. Effective chance to use should not only depends of combat skill chance to use but should depends of attack/defense levels difference of fighting entities. And it should be calculated once per few attacks to not spam combat skills. 3. Automatic use of skill could be implemented only in server in fight handling. It should be quite easy to check if and which combat skill should be used before attack blow. Info about who used and which skill may be initially implemented as text messages and may be replaced by animations some time latter. This approach has another advantage, monsters could have fixed combat skills for example Trolls can have stun with 20 chance to use and parry with 40 chance to use 4. It could be extended by capping skill on different levels for example novice (03-30) advanced (31-60) and expert (61-90). Each cap may require additional teacher (NPC) or gold or complete quest. We have many possibilities in here. Extension 1: It would require to implement an structure of which defense skill is counter to attack skill and should still be relative easy to implement. This approach is mainly prerequisite to extension 2 but it has some others advantages to. With offensive/defensive combat skills its possible to create more diverse monsters (maybe instance bosses, maybe quest monsters). It adds many more fun to P2P combat, making combat more unpredictable. With combat skills requirements its possible to create such skills as Shield Stun (with shield) or Back stab (with dagger) and many many more fun skills. Don't forget that it could be available for monsters too. Extension 2: It would require to change client code. This approach leads to more tactics in fight which could be easily controlled by clicking go to offence state , go to defense state etc. It may be 3 levels (offensive, defensive and normal) or even five levels of combat attitude (berserk, offensive, normal, defensive, blocker). Its also opens possibilities for spells or items which can put players in some combat state and player could not change it for some time or until he remove some item. Why not to introduce Berserk Halberd or spells like Berserk or Fear ? Of course such idea could change combat system in EL which could lead for harder Attack/Defense training. But we can cure it easily by introducing commands as "#combat_skills_on" and "#combat_skills_off" or with extension 2 by GUI. I hope my post will lead to more discussion about combat skill system. As always I'm trying to post ideas which should be relatively easy to implement but still fun for players. If such idea for combat skills will be appreciated by Ent and community then I put more detailed idea (and I hope you, dear reader, too for particular combat skills. -- Regards OnyXa
  6. New players online mirror page

    I think its out of order now.
  7. Hi I have created and managed bot project - jelb. Its working java code and few bots on Eternal Lands use it. It has few interesting features such: micro internal web server, jabber(xmpp) support, trade bot implementation, guard bot (reading el maps) implementation and much more. Code is quite stable and in my opinion quite well designed (in most parts) but it lack of documentation. The project is almost dead because I lost motivation to continue it. I decided to look for someone who would like to manage it. If you are developer please post your "offer" in this topic. In case when it will be more then one "offer" I choose one so please include links to your open source projects (if any) or write few words why you want to over take it. -- Sorry for bad English OnyXa
  8. Manufacturing strike!

    Hi I know that I'm breaking flow of discussion a little bit, but what you think about recipes similar to following: 10 FE + 1 Iron Sword = 3 Iron Bars 10 FE + 1 Iron Greave = 1 Steel Bar etc. What You think? Could it help economy and the situation of manufacturers or not?
  9. Map marks

    OK proper patch is ready and can be downloaded from here. Map mark window is available after pressing CTRL+r. I've added two files mapmarsk.h and mapmarks.c and I wonder that I should move all code handling map marks there?
  10. Bots that expired, or that will expire Sunday

    Hmm I supouse that we have little mistake here. You made Dzik as a bot Sat Jan 24 2009 so he shouldnt be on this list.
  11. Awards system

    It might be fun to give an award to the really unlucky persons, for example, most pickaxes broken. That is hard to cheat, because if you're harvesting stuff which doesnt require a pickaxe, you will never win be the top pickaxe destroyer award. I think that "fluffy" awards could add game some spirit. I think about these rather like title for person not an award actually (so the prize should be minor or none). Like The Piper said it would be nice to visualise such titles in game maybe even under player nick with small font. My ideas such "The Leprechaun", "The Jackass" and The Piper idea "LOTR" and similar ideas could introduce nice role playing/fun into game. For example: "LOTR" prize idea - The one ring after use: - user flee from battle (if user is fighting) - user cast invisibility - inflict mana burn on user - can be used once per EL day - disappears every time next one is given as prize(there could be only one into game!) "The Leprechaun" - story - You collected so many coins left by Leprechauns so as the punishment you has turned into leprechaun (just model change) by Mother Nature. (to next time when prize is given) "The Jackass" - is just funny - You used to many shape shifting ability and becomes donkey (just model change) (to next time when prize is given) Of course storing data for many kinds of player activities could require many more cpu power and place to store data and if so then its not necessary into game. Anyway There could be nice that any award (major or minor) would have a nice (role play) title and be visible near player nick. For example : "The Mortos blade", "The Aluwen shield", "The Knight of The Moon"... etc. . So with the "fluffy" awards we could introduce to game players titled like: "The butter finger", "The shaman", "The Cannibal"... and many more. Minor awards could have grey colour and major could have gold colour or so. Wouldn't it be nice when you could run into titled person? I think it really could add some nice spirit into game. -- Sorry for bad english OnyXa
  12. Awards system

    Few more: The Leprechaun - most gold coins found while harvesting (the prize could be to turn player model into leprechaun model) Jackass award - for person who was longest time turned into a donkey (the prize could be to turn player modle into donkey model but whithout emu increase) The Posh - for person who have most different clothes into storage Secret keeper - person who made most number of hyber bags The Invisible Man - person who was longest time invisible Druid - most quantity of harvested herbs Hawk eye - most exp gained by single shot (should be reseted every month or two weeks) The Canibal - most bones eated The trader - max(gc gained minus gc spend while trading with npcs) The Coward - most time flee from battle
  13. Awards system

    I have rather funny ideas: Butterfingers award - most ingredients lost while mixing div total item mixed Ultimate shaman/tripper - most deaths via poison (by eating toadstools) or most toadstools eaten Sleepy head award - most death while being afk Bee keeper award - most hp lost by being stung by a bee (Honey bee should be as the award )
  14. Bot marketplaces

    I've voted yes. That would make game looks nicer. Nevertheless I think that it would be better to leave a choose for bot owners. Maybe bots placed in special marketplaces should have some little advantages. For example they could talk on local chat (time limit like on trade channel) about what they sells/buys. Local chat is range limited so its shouldn't make big buzz (but I could be wrong). With nice (role play) messages (for example - "Best swords from North lands! - Titanium Long - Dwarven steel, you will not regret this.) this could give nice feeling of marketplace buzz. -- Sorry for bad English OnyXa
  15. Differ weapon attack frequence

    This is already happend. Every one use the weapon with best damage he can use (when one needs damage ofc). Im sure that there are players who wolud prefer different fight styles thats why i wrote about this idea. This will also brings adventages i wrote earlier. And yes, accuracy modifier works very similiar but when we would have two modifiers both of them could be changed (by spells/potions etc.) separtely which leads to more possibilities. Aislinn please close this topic or move it here if possible. I promise to do more searching next time.