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  1. Who the hell are you?

    Ok, this thread is long overdue in my opinion. With all the name changes, buying and selling of characters, and creations of alts, I don't know who anyone is anymore! I left for a month and now I have to reorient myself. So, to get things started: I am: Main server character: SyWren Characters on PK server: SyWren, SyAnide, boy Thanks to all who choose to disclose!
  2. News from R/L

    Well, looks like I'm going to be out for a bit longer than I expected. We still haven't made any decisions about the mac and the boyfriend's pc won't run EL (still haven't solved that mystery). I'm thinking it's time to start playing lotto. If that pans out it'll be rostos for everyone! As for the container garden, I have 2 gorgeously plump tomatoes that are about to go into a lovely salad and my basil and oregano are growing faster than I can think of dishes to make with them. Oh, and I'm sewing like a mad woman. I've started making frilly 1940s aprons and everyone wants one. Maybe I should forget lotto and start my own line of useless "vintage" wear. I see lacey gloves in my future. Hope you all having fun! I'm going to go YouTube how to crochet. --Sy
  3. Important notice for young people

    WTF garbage is that? It's exactly this shit that creates most of the problems we face in this society. Every idiotic, unconstitutional new law we have is there to protect the children, or protect us from terrorists. All you do is regurgitate the hysteria the media is feeding you with. It is NOT my job, or OUR job to 'protect' OTHER PEOPLE CHILDREN from the filth of the internet and TV. I agree with you about the ridiculous laws and bullshit over-regulation that goes on in the US, but the way I see it, the best way to fight that is not to point fingers and say whose responsibilities are whose. The way to minimize legislation is through personal responsibility. If we see the kinds of regulations put on internet access in the US as there are in Australia, plan on seeing me throw a great big hissy fit on the steps of the Capitol. Regulating our kid's access to information, thoughts, and beliefs only serves to stunt their education. Because I fight to protect their rights to information, I also plan to make sure that they know how to access it safely and intelligently.
  4. Important notice for young people

    I'd like to add to the list above since kids do sometimes post photos of themselves and friends. Never post photos where your address (even just your house number) or license plate can be seen. When you save photos, don't title them with people's full names. If you always call your friend by his last name, use another nickname for him instead. As for "whose responsibility" it is, obviously it is not the direct responsibility of the game admins, but considering the the potential problems attached to this issue, I think this is a worthy thread. Parents can be great parents without being completely internet savvy.
  5. Many of us started playing because we loved the structure of the game. Many of us stuck around because of the community. There are a lot of cruel, vicious kids out there who can't bully in RL, so they choose to do it in video games. EL, however, has always had a community who stood together against these little brats. Some of those kids stuck around and have matured and are now very likable members of the community. Yes, it's a game, but it's not pacman. We are playing a game together. Help each other out ffs. "A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." --Ghandi
  6. Ok, so since I can't play EL, I've picked up my iPod again and found a couple new games I'm enjoying. If anyone plays either of these, please add my code. Vampires Live code: 3ZNU3 Undead Live: werewolf 281705855 I like the free apps, but if anyone has any great game recommendations, I'd love to hear them. I started with Kingdoms Live and really enjoyed it, but got my ass kicked until I figured out the strategy. Since I can't scrap the character and start over, I just scrapped the game and applied my newfound knowledge to the games above.
  7. Adopt a newbie program started

    I just read Nova's short story and I thought new players might find it entertaining and helpful. If you are mentoring someone who seems like a reader, I'd suggest this link: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...mp;#entry499100 I'm not personally a fan of Harry Potter, but still enjoyed the story. If your newbie likes the books or movies, then this link is a must.
  8. Personally, I like the various dichotomies throughout the story. I find that the parts I enjoy the most are the ones in which they are discussing EL. I'd love to see further interaction between Hocus and Thelia in the game. I like the idea of Brie having to help Severus in some way and Hocus having to help Thelia. Thank you for the story! I haven't had much time to read any of these the past year since I've started multiplaying on the pk server (and no longer need to afk harvest). My computer is in the shop at the moment, so this was a great diversion. Fantastic job! I'm going to go post this link in the newbie help thread.
  9. Monarchy in the PK

    Seriously? I don't think this post was thought out. The reason we were all in Idaloran is because woodeh, santa, and turushu killed bromber and then went to ida to get the rekill.
  10. Monarchy in the PK

    Here's the video: I think what's really pissing you all off is that you know you can't win a battle against us. No warlord (grats on the new guild, btw. May I suggest staying away from any NPC store bots?) could be king or queen. The allied guilds, on the other hand, are comprised mostly of adults who can put aside their egos and allow someone to call him or herself the king or queen of the server. I think it'd be fun to pass the title around. I had a lot of fun in this video. I'd love to have more battles like this. I am absolutely ready to stand behind anyone in the allied guids who'd like to be the first king (*cough*Segor*cough*) or queen. You can get your entire guild together and meet us for battle, but you can't win. And you know it.
  11. Attention KF PKers

    I'm not sure where this thread should go, so please move it to the appropriate place. This is just a notice to KF pkers that I've been doing some filming in there and will continue to film for about a week or so. Most people have been pretty cool about letting me sit there, but there are some who don't know what's going, so I wanted to make a little announcement. If you'd really like to up your chances of being in any clips that I choose, wear full sets of armor and sparkly swords. Lots of magic and summoning is good, too. White tigers tend to look the most dramatic. Thank you for your help!
  12. Monarchy in the PK

    Well, we did just have a battle similar to what you're talking about (and it was a lot of fun). But if that battle were the first, then Segor's giant is now king. All hail King Segor's Giant of Idaloran! Edit: I think Segor just claimed he is the king of MAD, which means that I've just abdicated my throne to Felessan the King of Thor. Does that make me a MAD princess? Let's battle.
  13. Attention KF PKers

    This is a good point, but I'm really not thinking about casting spells while I'm there. I will be mana-less, so if you see someone attempt to mana drain me, know that they've just depleted a little more of their own mana.
  14. Monarchy in the PK

    Only one small parenthetical reference the possibility of a queen? Poor proh is so against any possible discussion of roleplay...I may have to embrace this idea purely for that reason.
  15. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    I'm working on the second draft. It is going to take me a while to finish reshooting all the fight scenes, but I'll post as soon as it's ready.
  16. WE did it \o/

    YAY! This is really going to help with instances. Grats on being the first, Kit!
  17. Gatherer Medallion

    I think I'm misunderstanding the purpose of the medallion. It seems to me that this would be the perfect solution to the loss of bags while ranging. As for abuse, I can see a few possibilities. Anyone training on a multicombat map could potentially lose all bags to any asshole who decides to follow him or her around, join at the last minute, and get the bag. The thief then doesn't waste any HE or SRs and doesn't run the risk of degrading any weapons or armor. I know the argument is then "but the first guy got all the experience," but that person now has to spend his or her time between training trying to make gc, hence loss of training time and loss of experience. Don't get me wrong: I believe the benefits (such as ranging) far outweigh the potential for abuse and I'm very excited about its implementation. Had I been on the other day, I certainly would have contributed. In the statement above I'm merely playing devil's advocate.
  18. Dragon Blade

    I won't be bidding. Edit: I say that and watch; I'll lose my cutty within minutes of finishing this video and getting back to the server.
  19. I am quitting EL

    Auction within the group, please.
  20. Hyperbag Hunt

    Bromber, this is a really cool event! I'm sorry I missed it today. Have all the bags been found?
  21. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    This is an updated version from the link posted on channel 6. I have fixed the timing of the beat at the end. I am currently working on changing the DP storage scene. The next version will also fix the typo in the website address.
  22. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    It would be really nice if those who have the capability could make some videos downloadable and usable. I keep thinking the same thing. If I start making this, there will be a lot of shots of white-haired elf.
  23. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    Eye candy helps with the harvesting/mixing dilemma. There's no reason you can't show a cavern wall falling on someone's head or getting OA while mixing something up. It's visually attractive and allows potential new players to see skills other than fighting.
  24. Expensive way to PK rabbits

    Congratulations! Now go make some mule glyphs.
  25. EL Shop

    I vote no for reasons stated in the other thread. Oh, and I have my very own internet connection now! I should be back in game soon (and without grue!).