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  1. Top player lists

    It doesn't seem quite right to me to have ranking based on the day/month/year someone happens to stumble on EL. New players should be welcomed and encouraged to level rather than always promised a place at the bottom of the list.
  2. Poll for PKI back in game

    Only 49 people have voted. Considering the numbers that most polls get, this is very low, which indicated that either 1. People don't care enough about pki to read the thread and bother to vote, or 2. They have read the thread, but aren't voting because they don't PK. I'd trust the numbers on this one. Personally, I didn't vote because pki is completely irrelevent to the PK server. I just like to read. Edit: quoted the wrong quote 2nd Edit: Then again, I though this poll was put up yesterday, so give it time.
  3. PK Server Invasion Documentation

    One invasion that I really liked was the one in TG magic school that took 3? 4? days to clear. All of those creatures hidden in various rooms took a lot of cooperation just to find them, let alone kill them. Those fluffies in the maze was hysterical. Those creatures were all various strengths as well. One unique aspect of that invasion was that there was a very large room full of goblins that was left alone by the stronger players so others could join as well. Since it was a larger room, they were able to escape (or flee?) after a while and still leave plenty for the lower leveled player who did eventually find them. That sort of consideration is a unique aspect of this server. Oh, and Bkc took down a dragon . A nice aspect of this invasion was that it was pretty hands off. MrHide set everything in place before he went to bed and let us have our fun. I guess what I'm saying is that I would love to stumble on a room full of ogres one day.
  4. Stats Pages

    Ideally, I'd like to see just a top five or ten ranking, no stats. Since radu is eliminating pki, attack and defense might just become a list of those who have reached 100, but that's cool too. Ranking among the 100s could be done with regular tournaments and winners announced. If it is a question of all or nothing, I have no problem with people seeing my stats. And you're right, this would be incentive. I know right now where the #1 slot in the potioner rank is, and dammit, segor! Don't you ever get sick?
  5. The Cost of Mules

    I agree. The price is really high, but even higher on the PK server.
  6. Training for A/D 40 and Under

    I'm interested! My fighter character is much higher on the PK server, but my main server character was reset just before I made the switch (about a year ago), and I have haven't really done anything with her since. She's pretty much in the same place she was in last time we talked about her build (meaning uselessly weak), but now without any attributes. She's a blank slate and I don't know what to do with her. If you decide to hold this, could you gossip telegram SyWren or SyAnide? Thank you! (Besides, I haven't talked to you in forever.)
  7. PK Server 1 Year Anniversary coming soon!

    OK, since I'm initiating this whole thing, I royally (yes, royally. If you want to be a princess, you start your own thread) decree that the schedule of anniversary events shall be December 26-29. I believe our official anniversary is the 28th. I'm guessing that many of us have off during these days (winter holidays and vacations), so this should work out. Also, the 27th and 28th is a weekend. Here's the schedule of events so far. Each event begins either at 0:00 or 3:00 game time. Saturday's events will begin at the first 0:00 game time when most of us are on. I know, that's tricky, but if someone wants to do the calculations, I'll be thrilled. I can't do the math that far ahead. Friday, December 26th: PK contest on the Main server Prize is a PK character (Cancelled unless another host can be found) Saturday December 27th: 0:00 Kick off the anniversary celebration with a Summoning Party in IP (OK, there's a back story to this. Those of us who were here the day of the character wipe basically sat around Beam for about 6 hours waiting for the server to restart. Since we all had bear stones, there were quite a few creatures who joined us). Those interested in polishing off their summoning skills may use this opportunity to show off get experience, others may work on att/def by slaughtering what they can, and others can sit around and giggle every time one of Requiem's Armed Orcs kills someone (or remote heal, your choice). 3:00 CotM Hyperbag Race (Hosted by CotM guild) 0:00 Other event 3:00 Other event Most of us will be sleeping.... Sunday December 28th: 0:00 Event 3:00 Event 0:00 Team Mob Hunt: (hosted by SyWren or Segor, or both) Entrance fee is 200 gc per character. Join one of two teams, and see which team can get the most loot in 1 hour. Winning team gets the gc (and the loot!) Best loot is given to Kaldoon for the next event. 3:00 Kill Kaldoon (Hosted by Bkc) 0:00 Event 3:00 Event Monday December 29th 0:00 Event 3:00 Event 0:00 Event 0:00 Find ReMuS! (Hosted by Handyman) Any and all times can and will change. Updated version can be found here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=47515
  8. PK Server 1 Year Anniversary coming soon!

    \o/ Thank you, DHT!
  9. PK Server 1 Year Anniversary coming soon!

    It's been been a looooong time since I've held one of those over there, but you're right. It's about time and it would be great to get some new folks in just before we have some other events. In the distant past we ran some "PK for a PK character" contests. They're a lot of fun and great advertising. Here's the link to last year's: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40605 I would need a couple donated characters (the more the merrier!) and an equal number of main characters to hide in PK locations on the main server. We can decide on a time within the next two weeks. Once we have the donations and people willing to be PKed, I'll get it on the calendar (Roja usually needs two or three days advance notice) and into the events forum. The day of the event, hiders go to their favorite PK spot and wait for the killing to begin. It's best to get your character into place and then log on when the event starts. Once you are killed, you get the person's name and give them their prize, a PK character! All levels are welcome. I will volunteer to donate a new character and be one of the hiders. Can we get a few more? Idea #2: PK server "Radio Call in Show" (or some other dumb name) The idea is to allow people to ask questions about the PK server. We can hold it a couple times before the PK character contest and then during. All we have to do is get a few of us over on main in a well-publicized channel (event forum notice? pretty blue spam?) for a few hours to allow people to come over and talk to us about the server. We may be able to find a friendly mod to help us out. Thoughts? Volunteers?
  10. the price of experience

    This only works if you've already put in the time to become rich. The way I see it, it's still about the same amount of time. Your energy is just focused differently.
  11. Spawned Invasions

    I love that rule. For that hour or so everyone came together in fun, or at least to get good experience individually without worrying about the guy next to them. Then we had an incident and all hell broke out on this rule after that. One person killed someone else. A stronger guild member killed the original PKer. That PKer and his (or her, not naming names, but let's just say it was neither Kit nor I) started picking off all the weaker members of the guild. Prohibited is right in that sense: invasions declined, changed, and ceased to be as great as they were before. In order for the rule to work, it has to be agreed on by everyone in the server. If there is one guild member who decides that PK is more fun than invasion (not a judgement on that choice, it is the PK server after all), the cycle continues. Ideally, the rule stands and from here on out, no matter who hates whom or who is red-tagged, or who wants vengeance, each person sucks it up for that hour or so and focuses more on 1.) getting more experience for themselves (UW offers none), and 2.) allowing others their fun for the sake of the server. Realistically, this isn't going to happen. Even I recognize that and I'm always the great optimist.
  12. Invisable rats

    That was what I thought, too. Not playing main means there's a lot I don't know about with the updates from the last year, especially when it comes to invasions and tokens and all that. I would have made this same mistake.
  13. GIWS idea

    Now that GIWS is up and running, we need to keep it that way. Unfortunately, if we keep it the status quo, that means the bulk of responsibility will lie with just a few, well, responsible players. So my idea is this. Should we divide the upcoming months up by guilds and put the responsibility on them? This way I figure there will be more responsibility given to each member on the server to support it. And if they don't, well, we all know what happens when the server gets mad at you. Example schedule (guild leaders will need to agree to this idea first, of course) December: Thor January: CotM February: PAL March: ^v^ April: EG, Vero, egow, and lvl^ So, guild leaders? Thoughts?
  14. Invisable rats

    Can't wait!
  15. But that isn't the point. IMO that is exactly the point -- does some piece of software really care about me walking by, or finding something while harvesting whether it is 12 gc or a human nexus removal stone? No.If it's just a mindless line triggered by a simple event (like coming into bot's sight or hitting a blessing), it doesn't fill me with warmth at all. (Or in other words: IMO it doesn't add much to the RPG part of the game, or to the "personality" of the bot.) I requested to disable Gossip greeting me for exactly that reason; Gossip: I'm pleased to see you looking so well, Marc! gets old very fast, especially when you hear it every other time you leave the underworld (!) or approach PV storage. I like the AI approach, but even until then, some of us are still happy with simple script. I have my computer (I call her Vicky) set to greet me verbally every morning when I wake up and whenever I get IMs or other notifications. The majority of what she says, I scripted. That doesn't change the fact that I still like her to say "Good morning, SyWren." I created the playlist of music she plays after she greeted me. I've heard the songs many times. I still like it. I have the same conversation with the guy at 7-11 every time I buy a Butterfinger Loaded. I change up Vicky's script more often than he does. I still like that, too (and Gossip has far personality than that guy. Vicky too for that matter). I'm not insane. I realize that Gossip and Vicky don't really care about me. Hell, if I dropped off the planet, I doubt the guy at 7-11 would notice. Nonetheless, I get a simple pleasure from each of these exchanges and I would hate to see any of them end. And you have to admit that the vending machine analogy is good.
  16. Update coming

    So I've been watching some of the updates they've had the last month or so on forums, and I'm pretty excited about them. We're getting mules! \o/ So are we ready for that update? I've been making quite a few refined vegetal mixtures to get ready, and I think Segor has some in stock, but I have a couple questions: 1. Do we have crafters and summoners interested in making creature food and glyphs? 2. Once someone does become a mule, could you do it somewhere public, if only for a little while, so we can all see? Many of us don't go to main very often (if ever), so we've never even seen them other than pics on forums. So in other words, who's the PK ass going to be? Next update ftw!
  17. Update coming

    Did we get the updates? My creature food book still says "Not yet known to client".
  18. The RPG in MMORPG stands for Role Playing Game. My biggest complaint about bots in general is the non-personal aspect of them. If the bot owner wants to add a bit of character to their bot, I believe this does add to the role playing aspect. As has been pointed out, there's always #ignore. This game is based on the idea of allowing players to have choices (part of why we aren't running to NPCs for quests every ten minutes). Everyone has the choice to listen or not. This is just another aspect allowing role players to feel more at home with what would otherwise be a vending machine.
  19. Invisable rats

    While I've very sad at the way this has turned out, I understand that at this point it may simply not be recoverable. The question is: now what? MrHide's invasion were absolutely a high-point in the life of this server. Piper and I (and perhaps others) spent a lot of time talking about how to run them on this server so they would be fun (not frustrating) to the wide range of skill levels present. The maps used, and the placement of the invading monsters was not random, but carefully planned and scripted. And there was another idea or two under development. There are non PKers on the server that train simply to be able to participate in the invasions. Personally, I used a perk removal stone to get rid of ICD solely because of how much it hurt during invasions on multi-maps. I traded those PPs to be able to enjoy the invasions more. I realize the ability to run invasions is a high-level mod ability, and that trust is a huge issue in those who are selected to serve in that way. But well-run invasions are simply to important to this server. We need a replacement mod who can help us out. What is the plan to find/recruit someone who could play (or at least visit) the PK server and run a couple invasions a week plus other little mini-events (things like: there is a yeti hiding in a cave on c1)? (yea, that was a pretty bad run-on sentence) I'm more than willing to pass on all the lessons learned about PK server invasions (which are very different than those on the main server) to whomever could run them next. That would greatly reduce the learning curve. Radu, I know you're busy. I can see all of the updates and changes being made, but do you think you could run an invasion now and then? You may find that you enjoy invasions over here. It would provide you with a great opportunity to see how the server is progressing other than forums (which is often a skewed perspective). Many invasions here are the way they were a year or so ago on the main server where groups of players used strategy and cooperation. I always loved those invasions that you ran in Ida and Bethel because that was the main idea behind them. I think you also enjoyed coming up with new ideas to test our group work. Your invasions are fun. Could we try a few over here?
  20. Invisable rats

    I agree 110% with every single word. MrHide has and will continue to have my respect and deepest appreciation. Those of us who have played this server for a while now have known your alternate identity from the beginning, but it has not, to my knowledge, every been discussed or revealed in any public means. New players have asked, but the response is always "MrHide is MrHide." It is the unspoken rule of the server that has been respected out of respect for you and your player character. In my opinion, that respect has not diminished in the least.
  21. Invisable rats

    I have to say, I really hope Woodeh doesn't lose Grumpy. Like him or hate him, this is really extreme. All those stones and tokens should be removed. Certainly. But losing the character is pretty devastating. Grumpy is decently leveled and I know I would be devastated to lose a character because I was the one who found the rats. Hopefully this is just a temporary disappearance of the character while Radu sorts it out. I have my fingers crossed for you, WoodeH.
  22. Update coming

    My error. I meant potioners. I have about 200 refined vegetal mixtures ready, and I'm reading creature food. Yeah, I'm excited.
  23. Handyman and Woodeh fight to the Death

    Fun new British word! Slagging...I like it.
  24. Changes to client

    I have been using my boyfriend's laptop for the last few months, and I absolutely love my "store all" button. Now that I have my Mac back, I really miss it. Has anyone compiled this for Mac yet? Oh, and I use "drop all" all the time, so I'd hate to see it go anywhere (very convenient for mixing at harvesting site, especially with multi-play, and muling).
  25. Goodbye all

    The first song your name made me think of: And of course, your favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBZOr-5_iYM But look! I have a new one for you! Ah, satan, hanni, etc... May you always have a song. (and let's make this a short break, shall we?)