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  1. PK Event

    If we want it to go really fast, I could just hand you a handful of essences and potions. That's all I'm saying. How about if we have a couple rounds? First round your way in votd, then we move it into KF? Sundays tend to be good days for events. Edit: typo
  2. PK Event

    ??? Events are fun? The maps are huge? It's nice to all get together even just to watch? The majority of PK on this server consists of your harvester getting beat up by whomever wanders by. This suggestion is for an event that is real PK. Edit: Why am I even explaining this to you?
  3. PK Event

    Sounds fun. I'm in. When should we do it? I don't really agree with the armor rule, though. If I promise not to pull the cutty, I'd like to at least wear part of the tit set. Would KF bring more participants?
  4. I know, I know, there are a million suggestions for how we can carry more stuff: mules (hurrah!), backpacks, stacking stones (suggested by Radu on ch. 6 yesterday), etc... But I did the search and I didn't see the idea for a stack-ability perk (which I actually find odd since there have been so many similar ideas). Quite simple: With this perk, anything the player puts in the first slot in inventory is stacked. Benefits: happy bot owners, less trips to Trik, fighters can carry more potions, etc... Possible part 2 of this idea: With this perk, anything in your first slot is immune to a rosto (including rostos). If you have the perk, but don't need to stack anything, you could always move your stuff out of this slot.
  5. Random bag positioning

    Just thought of this, too: There might actually be less bag spamming because you couldn't spell stuff out. No more "HAPPY B-DAY" in roses.
  6. PK'ing in PK maps is not a crime

    I was just going to say that. I think the PK server would be VERY popular if we could carry our players between servers. Most 120+ a/d fighters don't want to start out on IP. The idea of the PK server is still sound, as is Robotbob's point. We do bitch about some people killing low level players, but you almost never hear anyone above 30s complain about deaths. We might PM a friend and let him/her know where it happened and then go hunting, but that's just fun, and everyone expects it anyway. Edit: dammit! I need to type faster.
  7. Random bag positioning

    Actually, I think not having the bag drop directly down from my ass would be nice. Having it drop next to my foot is visually nicer, more realistic, and less, er... suggestive?
  8. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    That made me laugh.
  9. Stackable Box Perk

    It would make hydro easier, but that's easily solved by making it heavier.
  10. A very good friend of mine is about to publish a book, but the publisher wanted him to get a website up and get a fan base before the book is released. His artform is rather unique and he's afraid not everyone always "gets it." I've dubbed it "reality internet." Basically he writes rather absurd Craigslist ads and gets very amusing responses. If you're an avid reading of youtube comments, this site is for you. Oh, and please leave comments! http://www.bigsuperwinner.com This is my favorite section: http://www.bigsuperwinner.com/index.php?op...7&Itemid=27
  11. I am quitting EL

    Handy, It was a great day, and a great year. I will miss you! I wish you the best in real life. You deserve the best. Take care. SyWren Edit: Z said it best; you are a PK legend!
  12. My last day in Eternal lands

    I'm leaving for the weekend, but I should be back in time. See you Sunday!
  13. Kill the post above

    killed reading books.
  14. Gypsum Harvester.

    Irony: I want mule glyphs for harvesting gypsum.
  15. Removing TS effect

    The drops on armed orcs are not the problems i think. i believe they drop battle hammers and what nots too. which can be sold for gc's at trik.. this adds up after plenty of time training. No, ogres drop the good "whatnots" for Trik. Orcs drop leather pants and steel helms and that's about it.
  16. Removing TS effect

    Armed Orcs don't drop squat and by the time you get to them, you're past aggro. I know, I know, it's not an "afk" game, but after a while, armed orcs feel like bunny click fests. EVTR is great for magic training with orcs, but clops drop better and the fights last longer. Armed Orcs are still moot: By the time you get there using the usual EL training methods (low p/c, minimum gear), you've spent weeks on ogres. WEEKS! Seriously! It was like a month, even with TS and two free spawns in a small room. So, yes, I think another bridge creature would be good, but I don't see the point in get rid of TS. I can see the "loophole" aspect, and yes, training in EL is a bit counter intuitive, but TS is just part of the strategy. Taking away an element or option for how to train is limiting. EL is about choices and coming up with your own strategies.
  17. Instance

    Just wondering how this was going. Do we have to get the update on the PK server for it to work, or is it ok now? (Handyman is leaving soon, so I'm hoping we can do it before he goes.)
  18. PK server now has Dragon Blade

    That is fantastic! Congratulations, Handy! \o/
  19. What makes Eternal Lands unique?

    There are as many ways to play this game as there are people playing it. More actually, if we consider multiple characters. So many mmorpgs out there are either far too quest or too combat focused. Both are too limiting for me. A trained monkey could wander around and finish a bunch of tasks to get the banana. I'll make my own to-do list, thank you very much. And maybe when I'm done, I want an apple! You can keep your stinking banana. Of course, it helps that once I get my apple, my orange, and the rest of the fruit bowl that Ent introduces vegetables. It's a complete meal, replete with dessert. I may be taking this metaphor too far, but the people who are joining me at the table are the best. You can't start a thread like this without every other person mentioning the community. How many of us read Korrode's post and had the same reaction Ent did? You don't have to play the game for very long to stop seeing players as characters or pixels and start seeing them as people. I am much closer to many players in this game than I am with the people I see at work every day. Yes, I realize that if I didn't move around every six months that I would know them better, but I've never found a place in RL that feels as much like home as EL. Edit: I wish I could keep a stable internet connection! I only get one more week before Handy leaves, and I'm missing it!
  20. Find Joker!

    So here's the thought: Let's have a little competition to find Joker. If you find him, post the screenshot below. In one month, we'll see who has found him the most. The idea is to get people to wander around and encourage a bit more pk. Prize: 10K gc (Smokeyd is welcome to start us off by posting tonight's find)
  21. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    My initials are Sy, and it's been my nickname among various groups of friends. All of online tags go back to it. Way back when the internet was young (and so were we), I went by SyGirl. After a while I started finding that everyone was using it and I had to get more creative. That and, well, it's a dumb name. SyWren is my mainstay. It is pronounced "siren," which is in fact where it comes from. I was a poet when I first started using it, so a woman who lures men with "song" combined with a small songbird made sense. It makes less sense now that I haven't written anything in a couple years and I can't carry a note. SyAnide was thought up by people on channel 4 when I need a good fighter name. boy doesn't count. He's not really "me," he's just a slave. SyBoy would be stupid. Sy'sBoy maybe, but you can't use apostrophes. Besides, what better name for someone who just "fetches" stuff all the time? (Ok, Muleanything is a good name, but works far better as Kickany1's slave.) I used to have the name sygon, but that's always my starter character (as in Sy is gone). The only other name I use (other than variations on SyWren such as SyWr3n when it's taken) is SyBeet, which is a nod toward Tom Robbin's novel Jitterbug Perfume.
  22. My last day in Eternal lands

    See, now that's what I'm talking about! If you're going to go, go BIG! Of course, the problem now is that I'm conflicted. + = To quote an old move "laughter through tears is my favorite emotion."
  23. He's been doing this for years. I've posted a few myself. One I titled "I Too am Yet Another One of Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy" (obviously it was a few years ago) and the entire description of myself was about what shoes I own and what shoes I actually wear. One guy simply responded, "Bitch." Priceless.
  24. I am quitting EL

    Well, this is the second time I've read this thread, and I'm still in a little shock. You will be missed! Hopefully you'll pop onto forums every now and then. -SyWren