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  1. Storage sale

    ill take the mirror cape and the matter ess catch me ingame.
  2. Selling Black Dragon Set

  3. Selling Black Dragon Set

  4. Should I do this?

    u make 400-500 ELE? u must be rich then ur really extremely lucky with alching not 400-500 eles lol he means he makes a ele in every 400-500 les made
  5. Temporary class system

    so mean when u are in tank class you can't train at all?
  6. Sell sto

    1182 Sapphire 3 Mortar & Pestle 7 Needle 12 Pickaxe 1046 Gem Sanding Paper 10 Gemstone hammer & chisel 35 Spirit Essence 18 Matter Essence 86 Potion of Feasting 116 Beaver fur 18 Deer Fur 4 Bear Fur 13k for all
  7. Should I do this?

    arti cape is crap imo
  8. New Crafter Item

    yeah this idea is better than tali's one
  9. Mage class idea

    i would just rather have spells like harm when casted on a target even though that person has magic immunity it still has a chance to work but if blocked by MI will still cost mana. So maby 80% chance of failing and 20% chance of succeeding depending on your magic lvl and the Mage perk could cost less PP like maby 5-10 and give you the advantage of having a higher chance of bypassing your opponent's MI.But even if your magic is very high like say 85 and above or something + this perk you still have a chance to fail only very minimal like say 10% chance fail 90% chance to succeed so no one in PK can be sure that harm would 100% work.But the higher your magic is in other words the more chance you can successfully bypass your opponents MI the more mana the spell would cost. #edit forgot to add some stuffs in.
  10. Mage class idea

  11. The Stockers

    1000 energy ess and 1000 matter ess for a MoL? and 4 orders of 1k wes
  12. Hellspawn Removal Stone

    Forgetting the fact you also need 10 PP to remove it, it's not really much use for what you said. u can have a extra 10 pp to use first before you get your 10 oa lvls
  13. offering NMT cape

    catch toomass ingame
  14. Human nexus removal stone

  15. Selling.

    ill take the nmt catch me ingame.
  16. perks removal stones [SOLVED]

    its a stone that remove perks?
  17. storage button

    if u ask me its useless imo because its only a simple command #sto so easy to type not worth making another button just for that purpose further more how does that button convenient us?
  18. STILL SELLING: 2 rostos and tiger stones PM me ingame or post here thx
  19. Buying & Selling

    pm me ingame
  20. Magic Immune

    well, if people want a class system, i would suggest that there be classes but that dosnt mean you cannot do other skills. So for example if you want to be a mage, then youll take that class and by doing so therell be an advantage give to you like spell effect you cast will be 20% stronger or if you take up archery as your class youll do lets say 20% more damage than other classes however that does not mean that you cannot do other skills like fighting etc.. you can still do them but therell be no advantage.(but ofcourse you can only take up one class that is )
  21. well i agree they should either be strong or cheaper but, if you are comparing the difference in price than i would say what about srs and emps? srs about 14gc each and eps about 350gc each and they heal 20 mana and 50 mana respectively so its like the ring of power and the ring of damage isint it? Further more its not the total damage add up together that you want, its the instant damage that it deals because if u use 3 rings of damage = 60 damage and theres cooldown and the person can restor in time but if you were to do 60 damage instantly without the need to wait for cooldown the guy can die.So what you are really payying for is the instant damage that it inflicts instead of the total damage added up together.
  22. auction JSOC!

    white shirt black tunic combo + tit greaves and os and CoL
  23. st00f

    tit greaves os tiger stones rare black white tunic combo!
  24. st00f

    updated the stuffs
  25. Magic Immune

    imo i dont think there should be classes, people should be able to do all skills and theres no fixed class this is what makes it less boring and more fun. if you could only havest or be a mage... how damn boring itll be. yeah and i agree its the no fix class that keeps me in the game if there were fixed class i would have been gone long ago