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  1. Future of the mage

    hmm 10 sec freez is too long imo perhaps 5?
  2. killme -> deleteme

    not much of a use really.. i really see no point why this should be change as its not much of a problem as it is now.
  3. a/d school

    hmm aug with iron helm would rock here cuz even if you die you would only from those stuffs which would cost like 500gc? just dont get killed and itll be a free suntuz day, nice idea
  4. Selling some stuff

    10k for silver tiara
  5. Moldable Shields

    therm would be kinda useless if these sheilds were made ice tit sheild + drag set
  6. Possible New Perk?

    useless perk imo. for 6pp? just to save a little time. not worth i think if it was 1 pp people still wont take it..
  7. Selling Red Dragon Set, and other things....

    ill take rosto pm me ingame
  8. Selling

  9. selling:steel set

    selling steel set for 100k post here or pm me ingame
  10. Staff of the Mage

  11. Auctioning 10k empty vials

  12. BUYING

    BUYING: wine vials gem sanding papers water essence.
  13. KMart

    2k thread
  14. selling stuffs

    SELLING: red drag mail warlock cape Taking orders for mortar and pestles minium 100 each order
  15. SELLING: Red drag plate, cuisses and greaves Starting price: 260k Buy it now: 320k Book of tit short of magic- offer Black dragon cuisses - offer BUYING: Halberd Jagger saber Matter essence Spirit essence Energy essence Water essence
  16. red drag amour and other stuffs

    added new items
  17. new neg perk

    hehe yep free pps
  18. Imortal Hour

    so if you can dont die then what u gonna do? its like asking radu to give you 1000 p/c for an hour
  19. Selling it all

    ill take the fr cape pm me ingame.
  20. Auctioning Rapier of Death

  21. why cant there be a command to list all buddies in your buddy list so you can see who youve added and such?
  22. Should the Hydro-Nexus NPC be removed?

    What are your thoughts on this part of the suggestion, Addienne? i think firstly itll be hard to track all the nexus bought and removed etc... and if someone has bought 20 nexuses/pp wont you need to pay him 21mil gc?
  23. perks

    anti, ph, scotty died- i took them cuz they give good pps and not much disadvantage.
  24. tit short of magic book

    SELLING: tit short of magic book offers. your price must be more than 5k
  25. Invitation to Zia and EvilJoe's wedding

    what??!?!??! i seldom see you online and now u having a wedding? lol gratz btw