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  1. selling a warlock cape

    offer for the cape bid starts at 80k gc increments of 5k+ gc only pm me ingame as private or simply post here thx! will accept certain items too. there is a buy it now price at 150k gc.Goodluck! SOLD
  2. Rider's Harvesting

    how many iron ores/coal/sulphur for titanium set
  3. COL auction

    new ones can be bought from ghrae/ermabwed/molime for only 60k.so i dont think someone will go more than 60k.
  4. My Training Supplies

    opps sry tough you selling
  5. Stannard's Shop!

    pm me ingame or leave a message here.
  6. My Training Supplies

    ill buy all thread and deer fur!
  7. Stannard's Shop!

    could you get me 25k cotton?
  8. Red Dragon Helm for Sale

    not to spoil your price but a dragon helm is about 50k and 75k is way about prices even at 50k people still might not buy.
  9. Website Creating.!

    yeah i need a guild web and need someone to do it for me how much does it cost anyway?and could you let me see some of the webs you have created as a sample?PM me ingame as PriVate or just reply here thx!
  10. *** @Drakoon's@Graphic@Service@ ***

    could you make 1 for me?my ingame name is private. just put 1 word PriVate.
  11. Selling some stuff

    4.2k all invis pots
  12. guild THE is recuriting!

    PM me ingame as Private or krom99 or drujen if you like to join or simply just post it here.
  13. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    I am selling a cape of passive camouflage. The starting bid is you offer Pm me ingame or post on the forum my ingame name i PriVate.Thx! there is also a buy it now price at 90-95k!!
  14. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    SOLD.pls feel free to close it thx
  15. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    ill extend the bidding continue pls.
  16. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    Must there be a time?
  17. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    no one?
  18. Cape of Passive Camouflage

    only increase of at least 10k per bid ty