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  1. There are only a few people in NAoM at the moment, and seems rather quiet, I'm looking to recruit friends and co-workers that share the inspiration to keep doing the best they can! As the previous owner of a guild, and the member of several guilds, I believe that this time, we all can make a great guild as all the ones i've been in. EL being the great game it is, i'm sure has the people I love to be friends with ^^ New players are ALWAYS welcome so as long as you have a good attitude and willing to work a bit, and if you need help developing skills, well that's what i'm here for =) *just don't be too dependant on me* XD The only requirements are as I said, A good attitude and the will to be the best !! oh and well, the game requirement, of a skill of 20 (not OA) Sincerly, MooIIbattle. PS. if you would wish to PM me in game, that would be a GREAT way to meet you, and get to work with you in person.
  2. Experienced Player looking

    LOL, definately a He... WITH CAT EARS *meow* Yeah, i'm in EG, I forgot to post back here and say I joined EG. Wonderful guild ^_^ Thanks for all the invitations though! <3 ya all! Talk to me in game I love friendsies
  3. Experienced Player looking

    How the hell? I do fight with JUST leather armor, see me in game, at anytime, you'll see that i fight skellies with ease, and gargs any type, and even up to trolls with ease, then when i fight orcs, they're a little harder... lol This is true ^.^; BUT i do fight Skellies in there with a pickaxe ^.^ I fight lots with a pickaxe!!
  4. Experienced Player looking

    I am looking for a guild, i've played constantly with a couple interruptions here and there for 2 years. If anyone from a PKing guild offers, i must refuse, i do not approve of PKing. I'm one that does such meaningless tasks, i have nearly 400,000 titanium ore stored up in storage ... heading higher too. So here's me: My Stats are: 36 Attack 34 Defense 74 Harvest 50 Alchemy 27 Magic 21 Potion 21 Summoning 21 Manufacturing 8 Crafting 78 Overall Nexus: 0 Human 5 Animal 1 Vegetal 5 Inorganic 2 Artifical 0 Magic Attributes: 28 Physique 30 Coordination 4 Reasoning 36 Will 4 Instinct 4 Vitality
  5. Looking For A Guild

    Looking to join a Peaceful guild. If you want to recruit me, see a topic on the guild and clans page.
  6. Is it a good idea?

    Thank you everyone! I've decided with all the votes, that it's tallyed up to LoVE staying the way it was, and we'll keep the memory with us forever. LoVE is grand. We'll remember it with honor and valiance! I'll be joining another guild soon, You'll see a recruitment sign soon enough. Let LoVE live it's Glory in peace.
  7. Is it a good idea?

    LoVE was developed to be a non-pk guild, and with days of thought 2 years ago, i created the name of Laborers of Valiant Expertise, as LoVE is my inspiration from day to day. Shivar Posted Today, 10:13 AM wernt you xXx leader once ? ~~I once was the leader of LoVE, the original leader, but i left because i went on a search for a girlfriend (this is the first time i've released this into the public) Mr.Mind Posted Today, 05:33 AM Not a good idea in my opinion, as LoVE went out with most of it's original members. But this isn't my choice. ~~I am taking this into consideration before i actually accept members, this is just a preresiquite so LoVE gets it's name back out there, so that LoVE will NOT die! ~~~I'm overall seeing if i can get a positive response from creating it again, or let LoVE go out in it's glory where it was once grand!
  8. Is it a good idea?

    Gimme a vote please :-) As i'm back online as a player, it's been a while, i was gone for quite sometime. No more Offline ^.^ Back to being AFK in the Portland mines ;-)
  9. Bye Bye LoVE

    I know that LoVE is dead, for now... If no one minds, but i'm pretty sure someone will, I'm hoping to remake LoVE, it's reserved right now, but if i get a bad impression upon people, then may it be dissolved from all it's glory! and it was originally created on April 14th 2004, it was almost 2 years.
  10. LoVE guidl is hold contest, a Summoners contest

    CO /=/ LoVE i was never in CO so how is that possible XD
  11. First, we are going to hold a Beavers Summon Packet giveaway, YOU MUST SUMMON AT LEAST 10; Second, we are going to hold a Deer Summon Packet Givaway, YOU MUST SUMMON AT LEAST 8; Third, we are going to hold a Wolf summon Packet Giveaway, YOU MUST SUMMON AT LEAST 5; the Number of packs that are going to be given away, is Classified, so just wait an be on when we do it, @ 9pm August 4th (Today) Eastern Standard Time WE will be doing these quite often so just look at see us The LoVE guild is also Recruiting good outstanding members, so just PM me or L_c in game, to find out if you can join...thanks hope you all are LoVing
  12. relpy

    alrighty then, ill move it
  13. Check this out!!!

    alright, just doing my normal runs, i was making Fire Essenses then i noticed this, www.geocities.com/prettyeevee2000/coincidence.bmp now look at my Alchemy Level Experience, now look at my next Overall lvl experience left, OMG isn't that cool!?!?!??!
  14. Love Guild Wants You :)

    if u can be considerate, nice, helpful, and not PK (Unless nessassary, or forced) and if you just want a fun, easy going guild, join LoVE go to http://Loveguild.conforums3.com or http://www.geocities.com/the_love_guild_2004
  15. guild members!

    we NEED a command that allows guild leaders to see our members, past and present!!!! please vote if you agree or disagree