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  1. Thoughts on EL..

    No Sir. I have been perma banned and didin't even care to find out why...We had to many channel 4 spammers from our IP (NuggetZ, leavz, wolfrunner, pixyfrish, soulja_boy...) Korrode- I could, but I would be missing out on all of the other fun things by staying low level. Instances where the apeal before I left. Loved em. But doing the same one over and over might get dull...Gotta keep leveling. Kav- Yo you where one to ^_^ good times when we where in GODZ...
  2. Thoughts on EL..

    I'm actually banned
  3. Thoughts on EL..

    Ahh I see. I'm glad that was fixed because that was a player killer... And yes Korrode it is fun. I'm not sure if you where arround when the real heat of DPA was on but it was crazy fun. Anybody could take anybody with the right setup. Attribute caps made the arena more fun but slightly ruined a lot of other stuff
  4. Thoughts on EL..

    Just another one. Ent, when I first started playing your game I loved it. Nothing was more fun. I was 100% addicted and it whent through my mind all the time. But as time dragged on, the goal that I always thougt would make the game fun just never did and I would like to explain. I assumed that once I got better armor and weapons and levels that I would be able to to have fun killing monsters and other players and such. However, I realised that no matter how high I got my char, there was always sombody who could 2 or 3 hit me. So I whent to buying chars. This worked much better as I could work in real life for a week and use the money to buy a char that would take a year to make. With that, I thought my armor and weapons would help. So when I finally got all teh pr0est armorz n shyt and whent into KF to try em out I saw that every other player there except for sombodys alt had the same stuff. Also note that after the first year and a half, I bought all my gold. I could spend hours making gold or just buy it for a little bit of work on ChaCha lol. The next problem I had was the PK system. I still think that the most fun in this game was stupid DPA back when TS actually kept your a/d low and that this game has the best posibility for a PK system. AFAIK its the same, but here where the overall problems. I could train for 6 months, get all the best stuff and still get pwnt by a naked ebul. I could work for 6 months to make gc, get bloody good items, forget a rosto, get pwnt by an ebul and loos all my stuff. I could train for 6 months, get all the best stuff, get pwnt by a noob who worked one week and bought summoning stones. I could train for 6 months with 4 of my buddies, we all get the best stuff, multi one ebul and get pwnt. IE- it just wasn't fair.... Oh- and the long time players who alched and had no idea what they were doing in PK usually got owned right off the bat entering a pk arena. Its no fun dying. Speaking of dying, why is death in a game so hardcore ? Most games have death and none unless your playing hardcore mode just rape you of your stuff. A rosto is a good choice, but there are hardly any of them and people hoard. One of my fav problems was the mixer market. The profit made on items (big items) isn't worth the loss when you fail. Mix 10 + CoL's to make up for one failed one. Or Mix 4+ CoL's to break even with the saving stone...It's no fun. Last but not least was the small player base and huge arse maps. C1 is big enough sir...Add more C1 spawns or harvest places. Because its slightly rediculess to have all this space with hardly any players...I know you can't do much about the playerbase and I know your advertising but why not focus on why new players don't stay ? The newbies are confused. Runescape tutorial is for complete idiots yet thats why it works. When starting a new game your'e like a baby... Leveling....Grinding....Just so utterly miserable. Most games grinding is boring but to have 2k fluffy wabbits on my counter and still snagging is..for the LoF... Some genral thoughts and suggestions on what was previously said and what came to mind as I typed this: Make KF level addaptent. People in their leage fight each other..Rope part of it off for FFA! Stop trying to fix problems by increasing player frustration. Stuff breaking, events etc. We wan't (or wanted) fun. No more armor or weapons. Downgrade if anything.... Ban C2. Fix the tutorial again. Make it stupid easy. (Yeh I know you don't want stupid people in you're game but at least its a player.) Make rare ingredients (efe, rosto etc) easier to find and cheaper to buy online. I will add to this becasue I know I have more to say...Im posting this here and on the unno foz in fear of my post being deleted...I am not flaming this game just giving my suggestion and opinion. Move it if needed.
  5. it is Ents fault

    I forgot to list this! Ha I lol'd at your story A lot of people tend to mis understand their music ^^ And I am going to listen to Rime of the Ancient Mariner now (never heard it =( )
  6. it is Ents fault

    I can't get over Iron Maiden. He showed me one song and now I am hooked. I'm waiting for when they finally return to west coast USA so I can see them live. If anyone cares enough, post a link to your fav song by them. Personal favs- Hallowed be Thy Name, Dance of Death, Aces High, The Longest Day, Fear of the Dark and last but not least, Brave New World (Live version..Studio one blows) This thread needed to be made like a year ago. Thx Ent
  7. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    And yet no one seems to be taking it seriously. Check this: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...50751&st=20 Hey Shuj o/ Go Quim "You'v been hit by, you'v been struck by, a smooth criminal"
  8. pk fun

    true but its not outdated ;p
  9. pk fun

    korrude ur siggy is kinda outdated :>
  10. Shishio/Cathuga/wulfgar

    So are you Forever ;-)
  11. Bronze sword adjustments

    So let me see if i have this right... You're against changes that will make players happier, but you only want to start playing again if the game "picks up"... Seriously, if i ever hear "Leave it as it is because no one will every be happy" on a certain other game development related forum i'm an admin of, i'm going to ban whoever said it. These types of people contribute nothing and are worthless to have involved in the development. I'm for what ever changes get more players Korrode.
  12. Bronze sword adjustments

    Hey, if the game picks up I might start playing again But I think you can agree I am right
  13. Bronze sword adjustments

    Just leave it as it is. Nobody will ever be happy no matter what you do to it. It works well for PvE and better for PvP. Sombody will always complain
  14. Unofficial EL Forums.

    Those unno forumz r rated X :>
  15. Making EL better

    chr0nik- cuz i dont wana start another crusade But you don't trade a/d to much do ya :> Ur idea 'ing The_Piper right now