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  1. rebuild of Lords and Ladies of Legend

    good luck with the rebuild of LLL wuffzel
  2. EL Hardware

    lol great idea Erdie ^^ Nr.1
  3. awesome Germans !

    huhu Gampi
  4. awesome Germans !

    oh mann, echt schade, war echt nett mit euch, hoffe man sieht sich evtl. mal wieder, aber ich kann eure Reaktion gut verstehen. Machts gut LG Kommie
  5. SleepyJo guild |W|

    thanks for the Info elg3neral! SleepYo jumped our bag too from our guild projects. And sorry for your lost
  6. The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting! We are a big german speaking community, who love it to help other players or Guilds PM us for more information if you're interested, look at #guild_info {FD} Guild Fire Dragons has 96 members. The guild URL is: http://www.el-fd.eu/ General info: We are a peaceful German Guild whose members help each other. We don't accept: BagJumper, Scammer, Outlaws, Spammer etc... Joining the guild: You want to Join us? PM: KommerzGandalf, _ScareGlow_, Toedele, Cyberwulf, Frodewin or ago ingame or click Join Us on our Website. looking forward to hearing from you We also have a Mumble and a TeamSpeak Server Mumble Server: http://www.el-fd.eu/mumble.htm TeamSpeak 3 Server: http://www.el-fd.eu/teamspeak.htm Greetings Fire Dragons Guild
  7. The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!

    *push* update
  8. Easy cash! 2

  9. awesome Germans !

  10. awesome Germans !

    *gähn* moin zusammen
  11. Serping spawns

    whats the prob. again with our guild {FD}???? nobody here do serp spawns or whatever.... and stop flaming about spawns wWw's
  12. Rayla is back

    Hi, I was not muling, as I was obviously sitting right next to Rayla the whole time I was just mixing for EFES -Ena. PS you're redtagged to PkG, what's the problem? wtf? nice to hear umb and PkG Guild, im surprised, welcome to my ignore list. red tagged, ignored and welcome to my pk list naughty n00b.
  13. rayla bjed us in trassian

    banned from Cupido
  14. The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!

    still recruiting!
  15. Bloody Desire

    good luck with your guild!
  16. P2P renewal

    when does my p2p char (KommerzGandalf) expire?
  17. Enviromental sound are played mono between the speakers

    i have the same bug, i hear the enviromental sounds (forest, wind, thunder, rain etc.) sound also in mono instead stereo...
  18. The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!

    *update* we recruiting only german speaking people!
  19. {FD} TeamSpeak Server

    Hi all We have a TeamSpeak Server Who is interested Join: {FD} TeamSpeak Server: IP: el-fd.eu Enjoy it Greetings The Fire Dragons Guild
  20. {FD} TeamSpeak Server

    a english channel is now available
  21. Giving away 100kgc

    Congrats Cadoras