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  1. If we bring this in, why not radically:


    bronze, silver, gold, platinum coins


    exchange rate is a good thing, +/- 10% seems fair to me


    10 bronze coins equals roughly 1 silver coin

    100 silver coins equals roughly 1 gold coin

    1000 gold coins equal roughly 1 platinum coin


    Now the lowest plants can be sold for a few bronze coins each.

    For example 5 bronze coins per chrysanthemum

    selling 175 chrys's = 875 bronze coins

    The flowershop will give that as: 87 silver coins and 5 bronze coins


    If you want to exchange from bronze to silver at a shop it is:

    11 bronze for 1 silver (or 1 silver coin gives 9 bronze ones)

    110 silver for 1 gold (or 1 gold gives 90 silver)

    1100 gold for 1 platinum (or 1 platinum gives 900 gold)


    this way we can make a far better scale for all the products and finally the flowers can be the lowest money making product (as they should be!)


    my 2 cents :)


    I would love to see this happen; one kind of currency is so boring and ordinary. One thing, though: a THOUSAND bronze coins for a single gc?! Not gonna happen. Even a clump of dirt would be worth one gc; what's the point of a thousand of them? But what I would like to see would be this:


    100 gc now is worth 1 gc later. Let's call the later ones fgc (future gc)


    10 bronze ~ 1 silver


    10 silver ~ 1 gold


    10 gold ~ 1 platinum


    So 1 bronze is what 1 gc is right now.


    Now I understand that this is a rather far-fetched idea and is unlikely to be accepted, but it's the suggestions forum.

  2. Yeah Americans have really screwed up the languages :S j/k but yeah lu has a point :)


    I actually know some people (Americans for generations, all of 'em) who like British English better than American English. Actually, I do like the way some of the words are spelled ('centre' looks waaay better than 'center') although I am a little estranged by the accent.

  3. I don't mean to be offtopic, but I have been wondering how the new client is working out for Mac users, especially those with OSs 10.3 and back. Have you had any problems, and if yes, did you fix them? Anything one could do to change a Tiger app into a Panther-compatible one?

    From various reports, OS 10.3 (Panther) users cannot run the current version of EL. In EL 1.4, it was spotty whether-or-not EL worked for Panther users. Basically, I do not have reliable access to a 10.3.9 system in order to program for it.


    Grrr. I suppose I'll just have to learn programming or something. Or I could try to make friends with a programmer and have them figure it out for me. Guess I'll just have to trust in luck..

  4. 0ctane, did you post your new client somewhere yet?

    Yes. See this thread http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38676

    Bad news..I opened the disk image, which looked promising enough, but then the program just quit when I opened it. Maybe it has to do with having an old OS, but that never stopped it before. What to do?

    The point of having that forum topic was to post bugs there regarding my build. What OS do you have? Windows 95? What hardware do you have? Palm Pilot? You have to give me a little more to work with.


    Only OS X 10.4 and greater are supported. If EL version 1.4 worked for you under OS 10.3, well, consider yourself lucky. All other questions regarding my build should be directed to the quoted thread.


    Apologies for that. I am running 10.3.9 on a non-Intel machine. Sorry I didn't make that clear, I just have been a bit worried in the last few days that I would not be able to run EL again for technical reasons.

  5. I voted for Right, but I am sort of both. It kept switching back and forth, a bit like me, as I am right-handed (left brain) but it is easier for me to dribble basketballs and such with my left hand. Never really knew why..


    I find it rather interesting that EL seems to attract more right-brained people than left-brainies. Maybe it's because a lot of out-of-the-box thinkers prefer a classless game to one that sets a more rigid structure for character formation.

  6. How does Bob the Gob try to catch fish?

    He drowns them!


    lol i actually laughed with this one :P


    The French have a funny idiom, which, when translated literally, means, "to drown the fish". It actually means "to complicate the matter".


    Oh, and I loved


    One small step for an Orchan,

    Is one giant leap for a gnome.

  7. Yes, we should definitely have a use for platinum coins. Things grand, expensive, or pretty should be purchasable with them. And just so it's out there, why not be able to melt them down into platinum? It could be used to line other items, or even be the main ingredient. Another idea is...not on topic.

  8. The spell is actually a few spells, one for a different element/damage bonus

    Heat (FE)

    Cold (WE)

    Magic (ME)

    Radiation (MtE)

    Regular Damage (AE)

    Thermal (heat+cold, 2FE+2WE)


    on top of these, there could be more unique versions of the spell


    Necromancer spell (2 DE) - adds additional damage for every summon you currently have alive, req magic 30 and summoning 20

    Piercing Blow spell (3 ME) - additional damage dealt ignores armor and resistances (IE: always deals X dmg), adds less damage than the normal spells though, req magic 35

    Bloodleech spell (10 HE) - recover 25% of the damage you deal to yourself. req magic 40, alchemy 50

    Rush spell (5 ME) - You take 2 turns instead of 1 when it's your turn, base damage reduced to 60%, def-10, req magic 35, a/d 50/50

    Natural Fury (5 EE, 5 MtE) - You deal Number of flowers in inventory / 10, lasts for 5 hits and all flowers in your inventory are destroyed on cast. req magic 25, harvesting 50

    Clairvoyance (5 ME) - (magic lvl/10) added to accuracy and critical to hit during the effect, req magic lvl 30


    Very good idea. I think all of the regular spells would be feasible, though as for the other ones...I hope they are!


    A few possible changes:


    1) Convert the Air Essences in the Regular Damage spell into Earth Essences. We usually attack with metal or wooden weapons, which come from the earth, no? :o


    2) We already have Life Drain, why Bloodleech?


    3) A lot of these spells would only be useful in PK, where everyone casts Magic Immunity. Couldn't there be a way to break this spell?


    Other than that, very good idea!

  9. Unfortunately, I do not have a Paypal account and do not plan on getting one. I was looking for a way to get around that situation. :/ (As in strictly ingame gc, not cash, credit cards, ect.)


    No, there are other reasons than being a child with ebil parents. It has more to do with laziness and such other reasons.. :P

  10. The one thing a hero needs, be they one in RL, EL, or fantasy, is themselves. A hero doesn't have to be like Hercules; Rosa Parks was a great hero. She only had herself and her will, and she became a hero. And even if you go by the fantasy novels and such, you'll still find that many heroes were just normal people who decided to take a stand (or a seat, in Ms. Park's case) and changed the course of history.

  11. That would only be true if there wasent a spell call magic immunity. Everybody who enters pk is casting this spell without this you will be mana draind in seconds. You cant win a fight only with magic.



    League of Groovy Gentlemen


    This is what I would like to change. We need some sort of mag immu breaker, so that the mage-warrior has a real place in the game. I know people have been pushing for this ever since that spell was created, but it's still a good idea. Another possibility is the Spell of Physical Immunity, which I consider to be a very good idea, especially the part about choosing phys imm or magic imm.

  12. Bahamut, you don't need to post every idea you have. If everyone posted every little idea they had, then he forums would become morbidly obese with useless suggestions. Using common sense and the search button should be more then enough to tell you if your suggestion is good or not. If you still aren't sure, then you could ask some moderators or experienced players in game whether or not it's a good idea. To sum it up, posting everything isn't needed, nor liked. ^^


    If that wasn't sarcasm, I'm scared. :)

  13. Isn't anybody realizing the degree to which this is turning into a flame war? Nobody's flaming, but I am seeing a lot of hatred and disgust around here. I'm no idealist, but please, can't people learn to live with opinions they don't share?! :/


    Anyway, imho, if you want a change in the game, go for it! Don't you see people talking about all the changes ingame? If you want to have a small community of fun-loving players who understand this sort of thing, then make a whole guild of them! There's really a lot of great, kind, funny people in EL, and you only need to look around to find 'em. ;)


    I play a game, but how can you discribe an internation bunch of silly folks like us a community?


    How is this not a community? It's a world we've all helped to shape, in all our own ways. We make friends, we fight, we share our stuff, we have all this in common. That's a community.